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doc ´ You Dont Know JS Paperback » [Epub] ❧ You Dont Know JS By Kyle Simpson – Best ePub You Dont Know JS Author Kyle Simpson This is very good and the main topic to read with book details 296 pages isbn 9781491904220 format Paperback and others Best ePub, You Dont Know JS Author Kyle Simpson This is very good Best ePub You Dont Know JS Author Kyle Simpson This is This book should have ended with chapter 4Chapters 1 4 deal with the Async stuffChapter 1 starts with a general introduction to concurrency and asynchrony and how it is managed in JavaScript via the event ueuechapter 2 describes callbacks the pre ECMAScript 6 way to manage asynchrony and focuses on its limitationsChapter 3 details every possible aspect of Promises and how they solve the limitations of callbacksChapter 4 deals with Generators another welcome new feature of ECMAScript 6 that helps in dealing with asynchrony and can be combined with Promises in useful waysSo far so good nothing to complain aboutThe next two chapters deal with the Performance part They discuss libraries that can help optimize and benchmark JavaScript code and provide suggestions on what is and is not meaningful to optimize and run benchmarks onApart from being very short and introductory this part is not very much in line with the rest of the book and the other books in the series where pure JavaScript language aspects are explained and detailed excellentlyI'm not really sure why this part is even hereThe author finally devotes Appendixes A and B almost 50 pages out of a total 280 to describe asynuence the author developed async libraryThis is also not good

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296 pages isbn 9781491904220 format Paperback and other Every book in this series is a must read for a Javascript dev This one does not fail to deliver The reason I choose to read this book is to learn about how aysnc works in JS I never really mentally grasped ASYNC with full confidence even though I've been using it for over 10 years I would need to google the best approach for addressing deadlocks or race conditionsThis book definitely helped gave me a much fuller understanding of async All the issues with callback not just callback hell why generators are good Some subtle nuances with promises I had never considered beforeYou should read this book because it is asy to read and understand It covers the fundamentals so you will understand and you can design async solutions with a lot confidence

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You Dont Know JSVery good and the main topic to read with book details I have never imagined that there are so many concerns not with callbacks but regarding promises as well Wonderful book on handling async reuests via callbacks promises and handling them via generators Kyle looks ahead a bit into ES7 asyncwait features Last two chapters cover web performance from general topics Web Workers SIMD asmjs to very specific ones benchmarking pieces of js code figuring out crucial path I will definitely take a look at