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Soft ApocalypsesLucy A Snyder proves once again that she is fearless in mapping every corner of the literary landscape Not content to be confined to any single region she guides readers through dark realms of fantasy into the churning industry of steampunk from the dizzying heights of science fiction down to the most desolate depths of horrorThe strength of the. Lucy Snyder is never going to be accused of a shortage in imagination and her creativity and originality are on full display in this collection of short storiesJust to get it out of the way there were two stories I absolutely couldn't stand Antumbra and Spare the Rod I really just don't like dark for the sake of dark And while I can handle a lot these were just too grimHowever There are some absolute stunners in this book enough for me to end up rounding the rating up to four stars Magdala Amygdala as mentioned by other reviewers is a fantastic and completely new take on zombies and vampires that just blew me away I Fuck Your Sunshine brought spectacularly swaggery Russian vampires that I really want to get to know Diamante and Strass was incredibly visual in it's storytelling and felt like Tank Girl dialled even further into the weird fun and madness and a kickass team of heroines and The Leviathan of Trincomalee was a historical Cthulhu esue tale of an extremely brave young girlFrom the woman who taught us how to best installing OS updates on our roadkill this collection is a clear sign that inventive original flat out weird fiction is still out here absolutely killing it

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Tales that make up this uiet cataclysm for example “Magdala Amygdala” winner of the Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction do not compete Instead they overlap to create a vista of ethical armageddons at once thorny and hopeful Snyder’s irresistible prose and stunning eye for detail bind together a collection that defies exp. This book has been sitting on my TBR shelf for a while years now and I just got around to reading it I have mixed feelings of disappointment and happiness Disappointed that I did not read the book sooner but happy that I have discovered another talented genre fluid author Overall I would consider this a collection of dark fantasy stories but there are elements of horror gothic and science fiction circulating through the almost flawlessly executed 15 talesThe opening story immediately sucked me in Magdala Amygdala is a creative spin on the zombie trope that definitely deserves the awards it has appeared to have won After reading it I was all in for the next 14 stories The majority of the stories are approximately 10 pages long which for me can sometimes be offputting Snyder packs a lot into those 10 pages though and every story just pulled me back in over and over again until the next thing I knew the book was over Snyder's characters and attention to detail are satisfying as is the range of horrors be it ghosts occult witches human transgressions leviathans etcDefinitely not going to wait so long to read work by Snyder I have another of her collections I am putting on deck I recommend this to fans of dark brutal and fantastical literature

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Read Soft Apocalypses ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Soft Apocalypses By Lucy A. Snyder ✐ – Lucy A Snyder proves once again that she is fearless in mapping every corner of the literary landscape Not content to be confined to any single region she guides readers through dark rEctation but delivers deep satisfactionTable of ContentsMagdala AmygdalaHowever with Gary BraunbeckSpare the RodMiz Ruthie Pays Her RespectsThe Good GirlThe Cold GalleryAbandonment OptionThe Cold Blackness BetweenI Fuck Your SunshineCarnal HarvestAntumbraDiamante and StrassTiger Girls vs the ZombiesRepent Jessie ShimmerThe Leviathan of Trincomale. Out of 15 stories only 5 were adventures featuring competent protagonists combating horror Of these Tiger Girls vs the Zombies was my favorite example In 6 stories the protagonist was the horror I did not like those and Spare the Rod was my least favorite