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The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins Doc ↠ 304 pages ☆ Dogsalonbristol ¸ [KINDLE] ✽ The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins Author Gail Shepherd – Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing aboutA history loving girl Lyndon Baines Hawkins's relentless“came home different” or why her Ma stays locked in her room for days or how come they had to sell the house Lyndie grew up in and move in with her strict grandparents And Lyndie’s grandma Lady is determined to mold Lyndie into a “nice” southern girl who knows how to keep uiet about family secrets Lyndon Baines Hawkins lives in Love's Forge Tennessee and is surrounded by history She is about to turn twelve and has a burning need to get the historical details right She takes seriously the uote by Harry Truman inside the Love's Forge History Museum that says The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know The location allows for exploration of the Civil War and the time setting 1985 expands the scope to include the Vietnam War as Lyndie and many of her friends are the children of veterans One of her favorite people is Mrs Dooley the librarian who helps her look up primary sources Since this is the 80's the research is done primarily through books and microfiche No Google searches here This book not only addresses the family strife from dealing with the fallout of serving in Vietnam but also takes on the foster system and manages to include some kickboxing knitting and baking I loved it and highly recommend itThe thing is I say desperately you can never be totally sure of the effect what you do or say will have If you're in the middle of something you can't see how it all fits together You never know until after when you look back That's the whole point of learning history Lyndon Baines Hawkins

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Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing aboutA history loving girl Lyndon Baines Hawkins's relentless search for the truth puts her in direct opposition to her fusspot grandmother’s need to keep up appearances Lyndie knows lots about history she can tell you who President Lincoln’s best With the help of her favorite librarian Lyndie B Hawkins devours Civil War history and she is starting to realize that some of the things in her history book are not exactly true And as much as she knows about the history of her home town Love's Forge Tennessee she is in the dark about what is going on with her dad She knows that he keeps drinking from the bottle he has hidden in his glove compartment that her mom spends most of the day sleeping and that they had to move in with her judge y grandmother Lady after Dad lost his job But why? Fortunately Lyndie's friend Dawn is always there for her This year though Dawn's family has taken in a boy their age DB who might be trouble and seems to be taking up Dawn's time and attention If only she could talk to Dawn about everything that is going on She can't though because prim and proper Lady insists that nobody needs to know their businessI enjoyed the growing friendship between Lyndie and DB They're smart kids and their conversations were clever I also enjoyed Dawn's loyalty to Lyndie She remained steadfast although it was not always easyLyndie's dad was a Viet Nam veteran suffering from PTSD His behavior became increasingly dangerous and self destructive While some middle grade readers need to see their experiences reflected in literature others might be upset by these scenes

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The True History of Lyndie B HawkinsFriend was the gruesome diseases of Civil War soldiers and where her Hawkins ancestors built log houses near her home town of Love’s Forge Tennessee But when it comes to her Ma and Daddy her knowledge is full of holes Nobody talks about what happened to her veteran Daddy during the Vietnam war and why he Good gravy The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins is an incredible read Gail's prose is witty beyond belief and not in a slapstick kind of way It's of a Celeste Ng kind of wit where it gets you right in the gut and you're snort laughing and waking everyone up in the house But this book isn't just a funny tale It deals with PTSD grief alcoholism family and friendship in a heart wrenching look at everything from war to foster care and the many and varied ways we can all hurt and heal one another Honestly I am recommending this book to every single parent I know With snapshots of Lyndie's real history it provides an unflinching look at life when family isn't perfect and enough heartache VELVET and laughter The Holyrollercoaster in ScriptureLand I was screaming to help anyone get through