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Doc ¸ A Magnificent Crime Agency of Burglary Theft #2 386 pages Download Ü Dogsalonbristol ☆ ❅ [KINDLE] ✾ A Magnificent Crime Agency of Burglary Theft #2 By Kim Foster ➞ – Cat Montgomery is a natural born thief with a special taleTo swipe the elusive Hope Diamond If Magnificent Crime Agency of Burglary eBook #8608 she fails the mission he'll wreak bloody havoc on her loved ones But the A Magnificent PDF or stakes are raised even higher when Cat discovers that stealing the Hope is not only an impossible task This is a fantastic addition to the Agency of Burglary Theft series Cat a thief finds herself in two complicated situations stealing the Hope Diamond and sorting out her relationship with her boyfriend and her friend Ethan To make matters worse her boyfriend works for the FBI Full of humor and action this is a caper in a laidback styleI received an e galley from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Crime Agency eBook #10003 Cat Montgomery is a natural born thief with a special talent for stealth or at least she thought so Years ago she stole from the diamond hording businessman Albert Faulkner III but he somehow figured out she was responsible Now he wants revenge and dares her Rating 45 starsCat Montgomery is a thief; she embraces her lifestyle and leaves guilt and judgement at the door Lately however she's suffering from panic attacks Not the best reaction in the thick of thievingTo make matters which she's facing her biggest challenge yet as she's being blackmailed to do a dangerous job The penalty for refusing is an age old punishment for stealing For even complication her boyfriend Jack is an FBI agent They've agreed to look the other way about each other's lives but how long can it lastI love it when a book two exceeds my expectations Although I enjoyed A Beautiful Heist book one this book was better both in character building and intrigue Twists and turns are inevitable with crime and mystery but there are so many layers to this story several thieves wanting in on the action blackmail lives hanging in the balance Everything is heightened because the target is the Hope Diamond on loan to the Louvre This isn't small time crime and the adventure is intricately woven together Of course I can't give details and ruin the fun but it's uite the roller coaster ride Trust meAlso there's something captivating about Cat She's unapologetic for her choice of career but she has job struggles just like everyone else It's refreshing to read about a criminal who's not the bad guy The author does an excellent job of making Cat likable and flawed especially with Cat struggling to figure out why she's panicking when she didn't before Plus Jack is not a clear cut good guy Their heat is unmistakable but they can only dig so deep trust will always be a factor I can't wait to read installments in this series and hope there will be There's so much amazing material to further explore with Cat's personal struggles and her relationship uncertainty there might be than one love interest just saying even if she never stole again Can love be enough Oooh I am looking forward to finding out If you are a reader who enjoys an entertaining but multi dimensional thrill ride look no further A real coup Note I received a complimentary copy for review purposes A positive review was not reuested or guaranteed; the opinions expressed are my own


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A Magnificent Crime Agency of Burglary Theft #2It's a cursed oneMeanwhile Cat's boyfriend FBI agent Jack Barlow is tracking a fierce criminal known as the Gargoyle running into Interpol and resistance among his agency As he follows the trail to Paris where Cat is their missions entwine in ways neither of them would have suspected Check out the full review on Bookaholics Not So AnonymousA Magnificent Crime is the second novel in the ABT series by Kim Foster and picks up some time after the events of the first novel Cat Montgomery and Jack Barlow have re started their relationship and are now living together Being on opposite sides of the law can be difficult but they'd rather be together than apart Ethan Jones is another country needing to get his head on straight after everything that happened with Cat and the still missing Fabergé egg containing the Gifts of the Magi When Cat has no choice but to go after the Hope Diamond after being threatened by a former mark she heads to Paris and finds an unexpected ally in Ethan Jack ends up going to Paris too but for a completely different reasonor maybe not so different after allTo say that Cat's life is complex is an understatement There's no doubt that she's than good at her job as a thief but she puts herself in situations that endanger her life and the lives of those closest or have some connection to her Then there's the whole situation she finds herself in with Jack and Ethan She spends time with Ethan in this seuel compared to amount of time she spent with him previously and you could definitely see that there was indeed some chemistry between them My loyalty however remained firmly with Team Jack not just because of the chemistry but because of the history and far interesting dynamic between the two I do get the difficulty though of having to choose between the two are multi layered and it's than a case of the law abiding guy versus the law breaking guy after one girl's heart The Gargoyle the Hope Diamond and the Fabergé egg made this an even intense book and the mystery and suspense mixed in with the humor and drama have become trademarks of this series This was an enjoyable albeit lengthy read and you can't help but become invested in the main characters and the love triangle that takes center stage For anyone looking for a good romantic suspense novel to check out this weekend A Magnificent Crime may do just the trick It certainly didn't disappoint me and I'm curious to see as to where Cat's decision in the end of this book will lead to in the third book in the series This gets four stars ♥