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Download Blood By Elsa Day ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF] ✅ Blood By Elsa Day – It's now or neverThere's no one and nowhere left for Lilly to run to Trapped by Tarantula MC President Venom Lilly only has two choices Betray her love and the Dark Riders MC Or DieLilly is willing to It'sBut will she be able to get what she wantsLilly's plan goes horribly wrong and bullets fly Will her story end in happiness Or will there be nothing but tear. FROM KOBO There was lots of action in this final part of the series I did find some confusing parts or I should really say not believable However when you have a hot biker who has loved his woman since he was a pre teen you can’t go wrong You can forgive a lot for that Loved Asher

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It's now or neverThere's no one and nowhere left for Lilly to run to Trapped by Tarantula MC President Venom Lilly only has two choices Betray her love and. What The FudgeOk where do I begin with this seriesughhhhwas there a story here because I didn't get itLilly is in college and comes home due to her mom having cancerok I get that partdutiful daughter wants to help momon her way thereshe gets into an accidentcar hits poleshe walks out of car and sits on hoodhmmmm okshe hears bikers and is scaredbut when one of them sees hershe doesn't run she stands there like a ditzagain ok it's a storyI'll keep readingthe guy is on his bikeDoesn't get offbut can grab her by the waist and haul her to the back of the bikeHOW IS THAT POSSIBLEagainbenefit of the doubt BOTDdid someone edit this seriesshe states that she gets on bike with pantsbut I guess it's a magic bikebecause when she gets offHER SKIRT flows around her like a flowerhmmmmagain BOTDthe guy Asher takes her on a ridehe takes her to her old schoolagainst a tree he feels her upkisses herpulls down her braher books are outand then he tells her TO LEAVEWhat The Fudgehe rides off while she stays at the tree still with her clothes half onhmmmmokmoving onshe finds out who he isok maybe the story will get bettershe stays with her mom for a few hours before she goes to see Asherhe feels her up and goes down on hershe gets shyand says no to sexuhmmmmokbad biker guys comekidnap herooohhhh yeahstory may just get betterthey lock her up for a weekno food or watershe still livesnot just livesbut still has strength to scream for foodthey bring her greasy foodher body is ok with thathmmmmBOTDshe gets to leave kidnapper twiceand Nothingshe sees Asherkisses him gets info that is needed for the bad bikerAsher without batting an eyelash gives her said infoREALLY words wordstrying to be a story without succeedingGood bikers get into gun shooting war with Bad bikersGood guys wincops come and nothing is doneYou guys may have to reread what I wroteLilly was KIDNAPPED FOR A WEEKMom never called the copsWTFLilly comes back home with a concussion and brought in by copshmmmmas a parentdoes that sound ok with youat least make the story believableLilly wakes up and Mom wants to go shoppingthen her Mom proceeds to tell het that she knows she is in loveWTFdaughter missing for a weekand you think it's lovemy mom would be whipping my butt for being gone so longand wasn't she supposed to be there for her Mombecause she had cancerwhat happen to that story linestory was poorly executedI was left with huge UGGHHafter every book in this seriesI would have paid good money for this book to be a novel and not a silly trilogyand better executedput effort to the storyit was rushedUGGGHHHH2 stars due to cover

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Blood By Elsa DThe Dark Riders MC Or DieLilly is willing to give up for life for Asher She wants justice She wants revenge And she'll do anything to make sure that happens. Again disappointingI'm still surprised I stuck with this series until the end but that's the thing with books like these they get you hooked which is why I generally try to avoid them but the annoying thing is I wasn't hooked in a good way I didn't like any of these books The story wasn't enough to be spread over 3 books that was just crazy I mean there's hardly enough for one The series was also littered with mistakes silly ones like she gets on a bike wearing pants but then while riding her skirt is blowing around she's kidnapped for a week and her mother doesn't call the cops there's loads of them it felt like a rough draft of a book but the main problem for me was Lilly talk about too stupid to liveI know a lot of the reviews are really good and I wanted to like it a lot than I did since I love MC books but I just couldn't