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EPUB ☆ MOBI Falling by Kassanna · FREE ☆ ➵ [Read] ➱ Falling By Kassanna ➿ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Bobby Jack believed in anarchy He was taught keep the races separate and let the best man survive Fresh out of jail he searches for his son born while he was locked up The journey takes Bobby Jack to BN his mama was arrested She has her own troubles but couldn't stomach watching the little fella be taken away by Child Protective Services Given her circumstances she does the best she can with what she has He's a monster whose hate runs deep and she's a woman doing the best she can to keep from l I don't generally like giving poor reviews but in this case I feel compelled to do so I usually love this author's work but this book was not up to the author's normal level This book had so much potential but it definitely fell flatThis book contained racial remarks that were expected from the book blurb The characters were not really believable or relatable to me The hero of this story shows slight growth but his racist ways are not truly changed The heroine comes off as needy and desperate The ending of this book is rushed and nothing is resolvedThe secondary characters added some comic relief in spots but all in all they didn't really add anything to this storyThis book didn't really have any depth to me but I will still support this author because she is truly one of my favorites SPOILERS BELOW If I could suggest anything to help make this book better I would tell the author to Show true change for Bobby Jack He should do than see the heroine changed from colored to black in his eyes I feel that if he was truly redeemed he would see that the color of ones skin does not determine your worthiness I see where you were trying to go but you missed the mark Whitney should have stood up to the hero and she should not have stood idly by and allowed him to call someone a nr in her presence She accepted him without any change How could she make love to someone with the only good nr is a dead one tattooed on his neck? How did his tattoos make her feel? Show what happens with Jessi? Does she have a change of heart? Does she get better? Does she find out about Whitney and Bobby Jack? A few times in the book Whitney is referred to as Whitey I know that this was a typo but especially in this book it's a little distracting The ending is rather abrupt An epilogue would allow closure to this book by showing a peek into their lives at a later time

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Etting life break her An unexpected turn of events sets these two people on a collision course and no one will walk away unscathed Sometimes you can't stop from falling Warning There is explicit use of derogatory racist names used in this book you will find offensive Graphic violence and sex scene This was a good story with realistic relateable characters I would've liked to see of a conclusion to the story It felt a little open ended Perhaps another installment is in the works?


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Falling by KassanBobby Jack believed in anarchy He was taught keep the races separate and let the best man survive Fresh out of jail he searches for his son born while he was locked up The journey takes Bobby Jack to dark places ultimately leading him to an eye opening truth Whit stepped in to take the toddler whe 25 because I do believe this author is talented All the components of a great story were there; the execution just needed work What this story needed was an editor a good one The typos start on page 1 second paragraph and the content is choppy at timesLet me start by saying that I'm not a militant black woman; I've actually had friends joke about revoking my black card once or thrice I believe everyone should be with whomever they please regardless of race religion class or any other factor I believe that people deserve a second chance ex cons white supremacists whomever AND I'm also a fan of this new trope ex Supremacistblack woman so none of these things were my issue with this book Having said all that this book stirred a lot of strong emotions in me none of them good As free loving as I am this book made me feel like I marched with Martin read with Malcolm sat on the bus next to Rosa and dined with Marcus Garvey It just hit all the wrong notes and left me feeling this is exactly NOT the way to write this tropeWhit and Bobby Jack meet because Jessi Whit's neighbor is arrested and begs Whit to take care of her son Isaac Bobby Jack is Isaac's father who Jessi believes is still incarcerated but who has made parole Whit and BJ see each other across the way when he first gets off the bus from prison but of course at that point they don't know each other They meet again in front of the prison where Jessi is doing her time and exchange words but still aren't aware of their common link this is ridiculous as I'll later point out then Whit is attacked by her racist boss and as she crawls to the road broken and bleeding BJ drives by They recognize each other he takes her home and at that point realizes that this is the 'Whit' taking care of the son he's been looking forRight Let's start with Whit I am yet to read one of these white supremacistblack woman books where the woman isn't somewhat stupid They were all varying degrees of stupid kinda dumb hella stupid too stupid to live and then there's Whitney who trumped them all and crossed into 'you cannot be serious' I respected her for getting herself off the streets getting an apt and job taking care of Isaac and getting her education but when it came to Bobby Jack her actions just defied logic Yes she waited to have sex with him; yes she was mouthy but when she made not a mention about BJ calling a black man a 'ngger' addressing him as 'boy' and telling him he was 'too dark to be any brother of his' in her presence; when her only rebuttal after he told her she was 'the only colored person he liked' like that was a compliment was that 'no one took a crayon to her skin' and when she took his side against the black man BJ had just verbally abused and physically threatened truly TRULY all was lost The black guy thinking she was only with BJ under duress because what sane black woman would actually be with a guy like that finally realized she was taking BJ's side and asked her if she would choose white trash over him Her response was 'I'll stick with the devil I know' Yes folks YES She actually chose to walk out of there with Bobby Jack after all the things he'd just said when he was the one who was treating her like owned her after one kiss; the black dude was just trying to holler She let a white man berate a brother because he dared to talk to her a black woman and turned around and was ready to stand with BJ against his racist family over an issue that had nothing to do with her Do you want me to come with you? I'll have your back Really???? Come on now With us writing these books ourselves who needs the Klan? Seriously She was just everything that was wrong with a black woman trying to date one of these guys Dag girl can you have some pride? Can you at least stand up for your race? Can you check him when he does something crazy? Ok forget checking him can you at least acknowledge it?? At least the women in other books held the dude's feet to the fire sometimes At least they didn't let a racist talk to non white men crazy I really like this trope but I wish the women didn't all seem so desperate and weak just because the guy has a few muscles and 'oh my his ink of lynching my people is so hot'Let's talk about their first in person meeting Jessi tells Whit that Isaac's father's name is Bobby Jack and that his family is racist yet Whit speaksflirts with a man a named Bobby Jack who b has a tattoo of a noose on his neck next to the words 'The only good ngger is a dead one' whom c she overhears saying he needed to be on time to see JESSI because he needs to find out where his son ISSAC is while d standing in front of the prison where JESSI is incarcerated and it only occurs to her as she's driving off that 'it must be a coincidence' Really?? No really??? An editor was needed here And yet with every clue short of a huge neon arrow and Maury Povich jumping out going 'He IS the father' what makes her realize who he is is because she's changing the baby the next day and realizes they 'have the same eyes' Pinches nose bridge Loud sigh The stupid hurts my brain Whit dealing with a racist employer who felt she owed him sex made the likelihood that she would even remotely entertain BJ with his blatantly racist tattoos even ridiculous Yes she didn't give him her name and only spoke to him briefly but the thoughts that we were privy to betrayed her Just once I would like to see these black women make these dudes work for it Just because a racist has now deemed you worthy of his attention doesn't mean you need to swan dive into his arms What makes him worthy of yours??BJ He was ok He wasn't the most redeemed of the male supremacists I've read and the attempt to show that he started having doubts about white supremacy before he met Whit was a little clunky in the beginning He came off as confusedall over the place rather than conflicted He settled into things after that and the author did well with how realistic it was for him to go from being totally racist to portraying him giving things a go but things weren't explored longdeeply enough to flesh out his character At no point does he even acknowledge his actionsracism to Whit with any remorseagreement to change At no point do he and Whit even remotely have a serious conversation about him being a racist It's just mentioned jokingly by her a time or two in passing and by the other residents Where is our resident Aryan? Ha ha hee hee His sole attraction to Whit is based on the fact that she's a good mother to his son A bit story and just a little tightening and accountability with his character would have gone a long wayAn editor was also needed in terms of positioning of the story eg One minute BJ is all crazy trying to find his son but in the next scene he's at his dad's house hanging out waiting to talk to him I'm sitting here like ummm shouldn't you be out looking for your kid?? Then we find out he'd memorized the address wrong so he hasn't been able to find him but you've already spent three pages thinking hmmm guess his kid isn't that important EditingplacementThe build up to the 'romance' between these two is non existent I get falling in love uickly but we the readers need to be able to follow along BJ meets Whit thinks she's a nice 'colored girl' and that she's sexy Whit meanwhile is having her 'he has a noose tattooed on his neck and insults my people WHY OH WHY do all the hot ones have to be bad?' moment rolls eyes HARD The only reason that BJ even goes to her apartment the first night is because he'd had a fight with his dad it was raining and he had nowhere else to go Yet we're supposed to think with ZERO prior evidence oh wait he sat up with her while she was injured; it must be true love that 'all BJ could think about that night when there was a chance he might be arrested was that he hadn't kissed her' WHAT???? I almost fell off my bed that's how 'out of nowhere' that was That scene laid the non existent foundation for a 'relationship' that made me cringe every time they tried to get sexy I think I read their sex scenes with one eye closed praying for them to be over uick o'clockThe secondary characters while entertaining also kind of rubbed me the wrong way I loved Ms Mays at least she threatened BJ and meant it even though she was willing to accept him with open arms so easily; really is no one concerned about the horrible tats? I also loved the ueens Maurice was the only person who wasn't rolling out the welcome mat With the exception of Maurice everyone was too happy to shove Whit into the arms of this guy This brings me to the fact that the only black men in the book are the one Whit spurned for BJ and two drag ueens That kind of didn't sit well with me I loved that Maurice was bad ass and no nonsense but we could have at least made the drag ueen couple interracial or something It just felt weird that the three black males in the book were either a jilted love interest or comic relief Ugh The scene with the black guy at the courts was even distasteful because it almost sends the message that even a white racist ex con gets respect and loyalty from a black woman than a hard working black man in a suit Just sad And again I'm so not militant But some of these messages are so blatant whether it is the author's intent or notSigh so why 25 stars and not one? The author has a clear writing style that I liked and the characters are funny Like I said all the ingredients were there for a five star read; the story was just badly executed Because I like this trope you really start out ahead of the game with me and then have to really mess up to bring the stars down This is my first book by this author I'm going to press on and read Riley's book and I hope I like it better than this one Because he walked away from the family on his own he's already starting out in a better position than BJ did