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Focus on the Family's The Truth Project is a powerful Christian worldview curriculum specifically designed and licensed for use in home based small groups This DVD set provides th This is my favorite study I've done it 3 or 4 times atleast Instead of watching whatever popular show thats on now I pop this in instead a much better way to spend the time The Lord has given me Absolutely Excellent content This dvd study gives you the basic rundown of Christianity Highly recommended for all new beleivers who are eager to learn This is a lecture series so if you want something light and fluffy to make you feel good dont get it This series makes you think I have seen many leave this study because it was to much like work But it is worth the effort

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Truth Project DVD SetE presentation element of the curriculum in 12 video lessons recommended to be viewed and discussed by a trained small group leader over 13 consecutive weeks Each tour is taught b I am an evangelical Christian I can tell you with complete peace that this series is at best a wholesale indoctrination into poorly researched history and science At its worst it is outright deceitfulAnother reviewer has made some very good points about the historical fallacies about specific founding fathers being Christian as opposed to being Deists so I'll restrict this review to Lesson 5 ScienceI find it fascinating that people can walk out of the Truth Project and somehow think that it supports a literal or correct interpretation of the BibleDr Michael Behe is a senior researcher at the Discovery Institute the evolution denying organization that was portrayed in the movie ExpelledNo Intelligence Allowed The Truth Project's science lesson spends some time talking about Dr Behe's idea of irreducible complexity which is to say that there are structures in living things which could not have come about by evolution For example the bacterial flagellum What they don't bother to tell you is that Dr Behe FULLY ACCEPTS the common descent of man and all other life on this planet Microbes to man or goo to you as some would disdainfully say Read his books Look it up for yourself As early as p5 of his Darwin's Black Box 1997 he CONCEDES common descent What he disputes is the mechanism of natural selection In his recent book The Edge of Evolution 2007 he goes to great lengths to talk about the strength of the evidence for common descent and then spends the remainder of the book nitpicking natural selectionUsing Behe's theory or anti theory to somehow support a literal Biblical understanding of the world is disingenuous at best Why don't they mention this? I am truly amazed when people come out of the Truth Project and say you've got to see this refutation of evolution and somehow think that it supports any of the claims that creation science has been telling us about a literal reading of Genesis What on earth is this chapter doing in a purportedly evangelical Christian documentary? How does this possibly provide apologetic material for Bible based teaching?IT DOESN'TThe truth is Behe is completely off whack in his statistical analysis of natural selection and yet The Truth Project sees fit to parrot this very specific part of his argument against evolution as some grand revelation of the truth about all of evolutionary theoryEvolution is real Stop using these half baked theories in Christian apologetics In the end it's only hurting our Christian witness


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Truth Project DVD Set Reader ✓ 8 pages Download » ✷ Truth Project DVD Set Epub ✺ Author Truth Project Focus On The Family – Focus on the Family's The Truth Project is a powerful Christian worldview curriculum specifically designed and licensed for use in home based small groups This DVDY Dr Del Tackett creator of The Truth Project The DVDs are intended for use by a registered group facilitator in conjunction with the included Study Guide and supplemental materia This project is the most profound enlightening experience I can recommend The group format utilizes DVDs and a workbook for individual reference After each DVD a class breaks up into small groups headed by a Truth Project prepared leader A thought provoking discussion ensues about the focus of the day's lesson Dr Del Tackett is the professor who teaches a Christian Worldview centered around God truth man and social order Every session is a journey that includes opinions from professional and lay people around the world The philosophical uestions are deep and intriguing The subjects of the 12 chapters and their ueries are 1 Veritology What is Truth? 2 Philosophy Ethics Says Who? 3 Anthropology Who is Man? 4 Theology Who is God? 5 Science What is True? 6 History Whose Story? 7Sociology The Divine Imprint 8 Unio Mystica Am I Alone? 9 The State Whose Law? 10 The American Experiment Stepping Stones 11 Labor Created to Create 12 Community Involvement God Cares Do I?The Study Guide refers to scripture used in each chapter and taken from the Holy Bible NIV I am a better man a better citizen a better family man and a better Christian at the completion of this project I apply the lessons learned to crises that befall me and I recognize in others the need for comfort found only in The Truth