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British girl Willow finally has the freedom she's been craving Now in American on a student visa the only thing she cares about learning is how to win the heart of Katrina the university's most unobtainable track star On the advice of her know it all roommate she learns the only way to get close to Katrina is by gaining access into her very tight group of friends She uickly learns these women are than good friends t. This story happened so uickly I needed time with Katrina Devon Teri and Willow Each character seemed cool in their own right but we don't get to know them well It's like getting snapshots of different moments in their lives and I wanted to be able to follow them throughout their day I like all the characters but Saura was trifling How you gonna up and leave your girl then been mad when she doesn't take you back YOU left her Not the other way round Saura was immature and unwilling to discuss her plans for the future She obviously left with no plans of coming back especially since she just left with no warning after only telling Katrina she was leaving three days before she was supposed to And to make matters worse she knew for a whole month that she was leaving but didn't tell her lady BS Oh but then there's Katrina who is not a victim but she has been done dirty by Saura So Katrina who is so in love and so hard to talk to meets Willow in London and they connect hard What I love about how they meet is that they don't instantly have sex They spend time together and have fun with each other and I thought that was so sweet The real drama doesn't start until Katrina returns to the States only to find that Saura the heifer has returned trying to get back with her This was my hell no moment What got me is that Katrina gave her the time of day I would have changed the locks on my house and told her to leave and never come back Believe it or not the story gets chaotic from there If you mix in Devon and Teri's story lines you learn about the ways that this crew of friends deals with relationships Also I really appreciated Ming and Carlos They were really sweet by honest with Teri about her life and they are obvious part of this trio's family I will keep reading Skyy's work but I really want information about the main characters I want some flashbacks and reminiscing about past relationships and jobs and families I want to be able to feel like I'm walking with them so I understand who they are and what they want from life

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Southern ComfortHey are like family a type of friendship Willow has never experienced before  Loving Katrina is her goal but Willow finds herself forging true bonds with Katrina's friends as well Devon is the sweetheart from a political family who holds than a few secrets of her own Erica a soldier recently returned home is trying to live in a world without her ex girlfriend Kai who is hell bent on winning her back Larissa is the. Good bookKinda had a rough start with the jumping to different characters stories so fast but once I got into the book it was great I’d love to see butchfem stories that aren’t socialites And strapping lolI’ve read all of her books and can’t wait for the next release

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Southern Comfort Read ó 4 ß ❰Download❯ ➽ Southern Comfort Author Skyy – British girl Willow finally has the freedom she's been craving Now in American on a student visa the only thing she cares about learning is how to win the heart of Katrina the university's most unobta British girl Willow finally has thStraight girl who might speak her mind in public but can't seem to stand up to her overbearing husband and the mother in law from hell Willow soon learns that this group of friends is a lot than just people to hang out with This group is so close that nothing can break them apart Or can it When faced with extreme tests that would rock anyone to the core will this group survive or will there be some major causalities. HmmmThis was a uick and fun book to read They should make a web series out of of one of her books