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Little Peach Summary ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Little Peach Author Peggy Kern – What do you do if you're in troubleWhen Michelle runs away from her drug addicted mother she has just enough money to make it to New York City where she hopes to move in with a friend But once she arr E he becomes her “Daddy” and she his “Little Peach” It is a world of impossible choices where the line between love and abuse captor and savior is blurred beyond recognition This hauntingly vivid story illustrates the human spirit’s indomitable search for home and one girl’s struggle to surviv. This is a short book but damn does it pack a lot of punchAnd feelsI've always known forced prostitution was and is a rampant problem Not only does it happen in third world countries where the poor are tricked and lured into this degrading and disgusting trade but even women and children in first world societies like the USA also find themselves unwillingly used for sex as well We see it in the news everyday in our environment and in journals and studies But even then while the majority of people are sympathetic they see them as simply a number or a statistic for the simple fact that they are detached from the stories of these victims They are bystanders They are looking from their comfortable places where the grief sadness and fear do not touch them Little Peach aims to change that This is an intimate first hand account of a 14 year old named Michelle later nicknamed Little Peach who runs away from home to a strange land called New York who is later befriended by a seemingly kind guy who buys her clothes and gives her food to eat and a roof to sleep in only to later be pushed into a crazy dark world of sex drugs and moneyAnd my god does this book hurt It really really doesYou really feel for Peach here You will get hurt sad angry and scared as she does It really felt like being in her shoes and I remember flinching many times throughout the book as she kept encountering hurdles and problems I remember feeling a defeat so great when she resigned to her fate I remember tasting disgust and horror in my mouth as I read awful men after men drunk old pedophiles nasty creatures using her degrading her seeing her beneath human; feeling my heart break into two as her pimp kept on selling her and other women and children who were in the same predicamentHaunting heart rending and beautiful in its own way Little Peach definitely made such stories that we see in the news closer to home making you see them than just victims of unfortunate circumstances It absolutely makes you wonder why these things happen and what could be done to stop it from victimising others again The damage that can be done to a person is just so deep that I felt it as I read Peach's narrative Yes Peach was a fictional character but her story and the pain she felt mirror people who are experiencing the same situation and it is through realizing that the whole picture really hits you like a pick up truckThis is a dark book that sheds light on a matter many of us are aware of but shy away from The Young Adult genre needs books like this because it is through seeing it in someone's eyes fictional or not that we become informed and emotionally involved because how else will we be encouraged to help and make a difference if we do not know how they are going though

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What do you do if you're in troubleWhen Michelle runs away from her drug addicted mother she has just enough money to make it to New York City where she hopes to move in with a friend But once she arrives at the bustling Port Authority she is confronted with the terrifying truth she is alone and out of op. ‘‘Someday Peach We’ll be outta here Off to somewhere beautiful’’ he says ‘‘The most beautiful place you’ve ever seen’’ You might not know it but you need this book in your life I know the world can be a horrifyingly scary place and that it will never even come close to being perfect I know there are people out there with so much less luck than we have and with awfully poor conditions and situations Yet I have read very few stories with ‘‘hard’’ themes such as prostitution and that by choice Because reading has always been something I do out of pleasure and no way is this the kind of book I could ever ‘‘enjoy’’But hell was it impossible to separate myself from itThis was for me a different exceptionally absorbing emotional and even powerful read Every character was highly flawed made decisions you might not agree with but can come to understand will make you feel a thousand distinct sentiments and most important of all they may modify your view on prostitution At least it changed mine I had no idea how it could wreck one person For sure I didn’t think it to be easy for the prostitutes but I learned while reading that not everyone does it for the same reason or has the same reaction to it And having three different characters – Little Peach Baby and Kat – that were all trapped in this horrible world of prostitution and reading about their daily life inside it made everything look simultaneously real authentic and heartfeltWhat I loved most about this short novel was that it was both a realistic story and uite an informative one since it has been inspired by real life people and places The author didn’t just invent or write what she thought prostitution to be She made a lot of research on it and it showedIt is not a book I will re read but surely one I will remember

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Little PeachTions Then she meets Devon a good looking well dressed guy who emerges from the crowd armed with a kind smile a place for her to stay and eyes that seem to understand exactly how she feels But Devon is not what he seems to be and soon Michelle finds herself engulfed in the world of child prostitution wher. 45 stars Incredibly powerful and important From page one hopelessness seized my throat because the truth is I can't imagine I can't understand I don't come from money but at every moment of my life I had someone I could count on To think that there are people out there who have to face awful times alone breaks my heart And these fucking words overused and torn seem void of meaning What do you do if you're in troubleI wait for the answer to come to me But there's only darkness and Calvin's voice and my own heart pounding like feet on the pavement running away running away running away Michelle's voice is wonderful in her simplicity She rings true and never does Peggy Kern allow her writing to sound fake and ornamental This is realistic fiction done right when the characters seem genuine and true to life when the heavy issues dealt with aren't sugar coated or hidden under a blanket of romance For all of the young adult contemporaries I read Little Peach is the first tackling the oh so excruciating subject of child prostitution or prostitution for that matter Why is that Why with all the books released every week important issues like this one aren't covered Of course harsh it is Of course you're going to want to throw up and cry and wail Of course we all need to escape reality sometimes and fluffy rainbows serve their purposes But as much as I hate this world sometimes I live in it You do too I can't imagine going through life with blinders constantly on and there's so much atrocity in the news everyday that I know that most of us want to forget it and really it's human Yet I genuinely think that sometimes we need to take an unblinking look at our world even if it disturbs our bubble Perhaps it won't change anything but we can't be sure now can we For things to change we need to open our eyes about these subjects we need to be aware and I'm really glad that talented and dedicated authors like Peggy Kern offer teenagers some ways to do it► All in all here's a thought inducing eyes opening page turner with well crafted and strong characters for whom I cared immensely Strongly recommended For of my reviews please visit