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Y the broader tensions between Islam and the West this personal story distills this friction into the context of a family relationship a journey all the fascinatingUndivided is a tremendously important book for our time  Will Patricia be able to fully trust in the Christ who “holds all things together”  Will Alana find new hope or new understanding as the conversation gets deeper between them  And can they answer the uestion that both want desperately to experience which is “Can we make our torn family whole again”. It was difficult for me to finish this book I tried but I just gave up I read about half I believe that it is difficult for mothers when their daughters' take another path It is not only a matter of religion However I found it painful to read in every chapter Patricia's the Mom's uest to accept her daughter's adult decision It did not seem genuine Her a daughter's decision is not a failure on her part; yet she takes it so so personal Her daughter seems to have grown up to be a caring and responsible mother wife and daughter I understand her disappointment in her religious choice but it seems a little over the top But it is what she feels so I need to respect that; I just did not enjoy reading it

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Undivided“Mom I have something I need to tell you” They didn’t talk  Not for ten years  Not about faith anyway  Instead a mother and daughter tiptoed with pain around the deepest gulf in their lives – the daughter’s choice to leave the church convert to Islam and become a practicing Muslim  Undivided is a real time story of healing and understanding with alternating narratives from each as they struggle to learn how to love each other in a whole new wayAlthough this is certainly a book for mothers and daughters struggli. I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI was really really excited about this book when I first heard about it Finally I thought A real book about a Christian mom and her Muslim convert daughter and how they got past the hurdles of interfaith issues It is so relevant to me being the Muslim convert in a family of Christians and I thought it might have some good tips or show how Patricia was able to resolve her struggles with her daughter choosing another faithI was wrong What I found in this book was frustration I was frustrated at Patricia's rambling nonsensical way of writing She jumped from topic to unrelated topic Maybe I'm just not accustomed to evangelical histrionics but it seemed like a lot of the drama getting in the way of their relationship at least in the last few years actually came from Patricia not Alana Allow me to give a few examplesPatricia refers to her daughter as a Christian rather than a Muslim throughout the book as if Muslim is just a phase She constantly invalidates her daughter's spiritual path by mocking it as a copy a knockoff of Christianity She also says multiple times that her daughter no longer believes a notion that Alana soundly rejects stating that she believes stronger than I ever have in my life I struggle with the frustration of conveying to her that my walk in Islam has filled my heart with so much faith and love that I no longer feel the empty void that I once felt Then after she hears this I wish she could be content and happy for me that I found a love like no other A love for GodPatricia describes Islam as her daughter's defiant choice of faith this is a verbatim uote as if Alana went to Islam to spite her mother rather than because she found spiritual fulfillment thereShe also consistently links Muslims and Islam with insanity and violence Example she says Muslims get crazy when Christians say anything about the ur'an after stating that the ur'an doesn't resonate with her as if that alone is enough to set off a firestorm in response although she and her husband also got crazy when the veracity of the Bible was uestionedPatricia talks about her fears that her daughter ifgranted a reason and platform to defend her chosen religion she'll use it as ammunition to put down her family's faith Even I feared she'd do a good job That she'd make Islam look good while I'd fail to life high the Cross That pressure I feel to make Jesus and his good deeds and perfect life and extraordinary sacrifice look phenomenal and far better than Islam weighs me down the most Ironically it's Patricia who uses her faith like ammunition who puts down her daughter's faith If she is so concerned about making Christianity look good then why doesn't she trust God to do the job Why does she make it her own personal jobPatricia intends to fix the relationship with her daughter the end goal of that repair being to get her daughter back in Christianity She dismisses the notion that belief in Islam can be just as deep and satisfying for Alana as she finds in ChristianityIn short Patricia makes Alana's conversion all about herself rather than about Alana She takes it personally She keeps wondering what did I do wrong and moaning and gnashing her teeth and crying rather than realizing that Alana choosing Islam had NOTHING to do with Patricia in any wayAlana's parts of the book however didn't ramble all over the place She actually addressed the issues at hand in a fairly straight forward manner why she became a Muslim what she sees in Islam to this day her frustrations that her mother refuses to accept that she does in fact believe in God she simply doesn't called Him by the name of Jesus Her worries that her mother will try to teach her kids Christianity after Patricia states that she wants her grandchildren to know Christ although I will give Patricia props when she actually attempts to respect her daughter's wishes and not teach things that are contrary to Islam The way she feels like she has to walk on eggshells around her mother like she can't be too Muslim around her family I'd love to uote whole pages of Alana's words she's open and honest but without the drama her mother bringsIn many cases as I read Alana's sections I felt like I was reading dialogue from my own head Things I've thought felt and said We have many of the same frustrations in dealing with our Christian families even when those families are in many cases nominal in their practice of Christianity they rarely waste time jumping up on the soapbox to preach to us of how wrong we areIn the end I wasn't convinced that there was any peace any sort of resolution in their relationship Patricia has decided to hold her tongue for now to grin and bear it but that's far from peace or acceptance and her thinking about Islam hasn't changed even a bit This book was an exercise in frustration If I'd read it in hardcopy I would likely have thrown the book at the wall I was going to give a copy of this to my mom but now that I've read it I may go with Daughters of Another Path written by a Christian mother after her daughter converted instead I wish Alana would have written this book on her own it would have turned out much better

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Undivided Read & Download ï 100 ¸ ❮Download❯ ➵ Undivided Author Patricia Raybon – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk “Mom I have something I need to tell you” They didn’t talk  Not for ten years  Not about faith anyway  Instead a mother and daughter tiptoed with pain around the deepest gulf in their lives “Mom I have someNg with interfaith tensions it is eually meaningful for mothers and daughters who feel divided by tensions in general An important work for parents whose adult children have left the family’s belief system it will help those same children as they wrestle to better understand their parentsUndivided offers an up close and personal look at the life of an Islamic convert a young American woman at a time when attitudes are mixed about Muslims and Muslim women in particular but interest in such women is high For anyone troubled b. An incredibly honest and touching story about a mother a daughter their love for each other and for there religions that threaten to pull them apart Written by a mother and daughter their raw emotions and frustrations are on every page but it's a testament to these strong women that they stay true to their faiths and love each otherunconditionally