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Read & Download º eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Tristan Gooley Turn Every Walk into a Game of Art of MOBI #237 DetectionWhen writer and navigator Tristan Gooley journeys outside he sees a natural world filled with clues The roots of a tree indicate the sun’s direction the Big Dipper tells the time a passing butterfly hint. This book is excellent in that it is full of really cool facts and you'll come away with all kinds of obscure knowledge that you can use to annoy and mystify people with hey did you know moonbows are a thing It's like a rainbow but at nightBut it's also virtually impossible to just sit down and read as it lacks almost all narrative structure and is fundamentally like the guy you've just met at a party who decides to tell you everything he knows about roots; you're bored but you sit and nod because you're trying to be polite The information is interesting in bite sized pieces but it's so choppy that it's been impossible for me to read for than 5 minutes a stretch Plus I often feel I would be better served trying to read it at a time I can actually practice what I've learnedSo maybe take this book with you on your next hike or camping trip or when you're stranded on an island; it will be really great to have in those situations If you're looking for a beach read however keep looking

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The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs Read Ñ 7 ï ❰EPUB❯ ✼ The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs Author Tristan Gooley – Turn Every Walk into a Game of DetectionWhen writer and navigator Tristan Gooley journeys outside he sees a natural world filled with clues The roots of a tree indi S at the weather a sand dune reveals prevailing wind the scent of cinnamon suggests altitude a budding flower points south To help you understand nature as he does Gooley shares than The Lost PDF or tips for forecasting tracking and gathered from decades spent w. A delightful easy reading guide to reading one's surroundings The book won't ualify you as Ferdinand Magellan or Vasco da Gama but will make walks around the countryside and even towns interesting The interspersion of the author's trips to the wilds of Borneo were also interesting especially how some techniues were adaptable whereas others were not used by indigenous peopleFortunate to have been taught map reading and survival techniues when a young man there was still much I learnt here and many things that will make family walks fun; even if my need to take a map and Kendal mint cake is still a part of my prepOverall there's something for everyone here whether you're city slicker beach comber or hiker

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The Lost Art of Reading Nature's SignsAlking the landscape around his home and around the world Whether you’re walking in the country or city along a coastline or by night this is the ultimate resource on what the land sun moon stars plants animals and clouds can reveal if you only know how to loo. For me this book was amazing For years I have been trying to improve my observation of the world around me with limited success This book has bumped me to the next level as it has tied in with prior reading indeed the author's previous book was one piece of this reading but it wasn't that prior book that led me to grok it and some observational and tracking training I have had and just helped it all gel Don't get me wrong I still have a huge distance to go with this but this book has pushed me a good way forward and just made the world a interesting place for meIf you are receptive and ready for it I think this book can literally open your eyes to things in the world that you may have been missing everyday It teaches you to really look at the environment you are in and truly notice it to spot the clues all about you make connections from them and extrapolate something that was there to be found but was hidden You can use these techniues to find direction or to discern the habits of things around you or see into the past of the place you are in You will truly notice the blowing of the wind the movement of clouds the way the grass has bent in a paddock how certain trees look like they have been lifting weights or how another tree is tall when it should be short You will hear the different calls of birds see how moss has grown in some places but not others notice how one part of a street is just a little worn than the the rest wonder and answer what ivy and other vines are reaching for and many other things You will start to notice where water has puddled ants have made their nest and perhaps perceive some of what has shaped the land you walk upon Tracks and trails will start to jump out at you You may even realise where it would be best to go to get a photograph of a rainbow at sunset Better still you will notice all this and begin to perceive what story it is telling you about the place you are in It is all uite marvelousSome people can already do all that I know four people who can do this sort of thing as easily as breathing but I couldn't I couldn't even begin to do it Now It's not like breathing not even close but I am a lot better than I was Maybe I can begin nowTo be helpful let me suggest to you some traps I have noticed and that you can perhaps avoid if I point them out for this to work you must walk with an open and uestioning mind seeing all there is to see and all the clues offered You must take it all in and not tunnel your attention or observation for very longeg trying to find direction from the clouds or even trying to find direction from multiple sources lest you miss other clues The trick is not to seek direction but discover it if it is there to be foundYou must also never seek something to support an assumption you have or you will find it but it will likely be wrong but must see what is really there You must also notice when things change Do not rest upon your laurels This kind of information is usually highly situational and the clues will change as you move and you must notice them change as they do Lastly and this is the hardest thing you must keep practicing every day because as soon as you forget and allow your attention to turn only inwards then your eyes will close and your mind go to sleep and you will once again start to miss the world around youPS It's not a trap but FYI this book is written for the northern hemisphere specifically for the UK walker and some specific facts and scenarios listed in the book do not apply elsewhere but a variation may well apply if you think it through Do not try to rote learn signs and clues