SUMMARY Ë Of Beetles and Angels A Boy's Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard

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SUMMARY Ë Of Beetles and Angels A Boy's Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard Ñ [Reading] ➿ Of Beetles and Angels A Boy's Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard Author Mawi Asgedom – LAS INOLVIDABLES MEMORIAS DE MAWI COMPARTEN SU JORNALAS INOLVIDABLES MEMORIAS and Angels PDF #203 DE MAWI COMPARTEN SU JORNADA desde un campo de refugiados hasta la Universidad. True power comes from focusing on what we can give not just on what we can take This memoir based on the experiences of Mawi Asgedom an immigrant from Sudan Africa captures the spirit of what community should be all about whether it be the city in which you live the school community or whatever group you find yourself in Although he came to this country poor and unable to speak the language he overcame these hurdles and went on to graduate with a full ride scholarship to Harvard This is a story about overcoming being invisible to your classmates and through discipline and determination becoming an educated thinking feeling person who thinks about others I especially loved the chapter on Eyeing the Mountaintop As Mawi enters high school he knew what he needed to do in order to reach his goals His plan was deliberate and disciplinedThere is much to offer readers in this book an understanding of another culture turning hardship into motivation being an angel instead of a beetle in your community OhMawi grew up in Wheaton Ill a stones throw away from Yorkville He attended Wheaton North HS

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De Harvard De Escarabajos y Ángeles ha inspirado a incontables estudiantes alrededor del mundo y ganado premios de The Ame. To me the power of this book is that it gets the reader THINKING about hisher own life actions We should ditch preconceived notions and accept all humans to at least give them a chance We should put aside popularity and status to make all people feel like angels instead of beetles We should not only worry about ourselves and our own family and friends but also think about the world as a whole outside of our own bubble This book is life changing in that it makes me feel eternally thankful for my blessings and challenges me to do better all at the same time I'm appreciative of this shared community read

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Of Beetles and Angels A Boy's Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to HarvardRican Library Association The Social Studies Council of America y Of Beetles Epubmuchas otras asociaciones para la educació. Of Beetles and Angels stood out to me when on the shelf because of the interesting title I had no idea what it meant but I wanted to find out It is an autobiography by Selamawi Asgedom mostly talking about his move to America and his experiences here After reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park I have enjoyed reading about people's past travels especially how it effected them as a kid I also love reading about other places in the world and Of Beetles and Angels talked about Ethiopia a lotOf Beetles and Angels is about Selamawi Asgedom journey from Ethiopia to Chicago It is an inspiring story about Selamawi his brother Tewolde his mom and his dad escaping from the war going on in Ethiopia His dad was a great man and acted as a doctor for many injured people He was separtated from his family but joined them again in a refugee camp in Sudan Moving to Chicago his dad would not let Selamawi and Tewolde slack off He believed that hard work can get you anywhere and he was right Selamawi talks about all the struggles they went through as refugees but him and his brother always had great motives from their dad They move on to have great lives but a few tragedies got in the wayI liked how the book was very easy to read and was very clear about what was happening so I never got lost Everyone has the ability to read this book and won't regret it Selamawi has a very interesting and inspiring life story that everyone should know about In some ways it made me grateful for what I have and made me look at things in a different perspective I liked the author's realistic and casual tone Reading the book I felt like I was getting to know Selamawi because it felt like he was just telling me about his life There was really nothing about this book that turned me away I didn't like Some parts of the book were boring but I kept reading and it turned out very good Overall I loved this book and would love to read like it In the future I will look towards autobiographies and world traveling type of books Hopefully one day I can travel the world and maybe visit refugee camps in Africa But for now I can only visit these places through books