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Free read ☆ The Pocket Wife 104 ¾ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ The Pocket Wife Author Susan H. Crawford – An amazing talent makes her debut with this stylish psychological thriller—with the compelling intrigue of The Silent Wife and Turn of Mind and the white knuckle pacing of Before I Go to Sleep—in An amazinN she was the last person to see her neighbor Celia alive Suffering from a devastating mania a result of her bipolar disorder Dana finds that there are troubling holes in her memory including what happened on the afternoon of Celia's death As evidence starts to point in her direction Dana struggles to clear her name before her own demons win outIs murder o. This was a surprisingly good read I know some have compared it to Girl on the Train Although there are some comparatives here I don't think I can relate it to that book This was far than man vs woman and everything in betweenSusan H Crawford does a fine job with getting into the head of the main character Dana I felt like the marbles were rolling around inside my own head as well as I read about the actions and reactions of Dana Dana suspects her husband Peter of machine gun style cheating but she has a difficult time sorting through what is real and what is not Our girl Dana has had a previous breakdown and well you know that kinda puts a damper on whether her memories and recall are factualWhen Dana's neighbor is murdered Dana even suspects herself and the possibility that it may have been her who did the evil deed Then we're introduced to the police detective Jack Moss who has a whole gamut of backlogged personal issues He brings a human element to the story as he sifts through the mounting clues This case may touch him personallyBut here's what most of us agree onit's the writingreally good writing I'm looking forward to the next book by Susan H Crawford She can write nursery rhymes and I'm in

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N her mind or is it all in her head The closer she comes to piecing together shards of her broken memory the Dana falls apart Is there a murderer lurking inside her or is there one out there in the shadows of reality waiting to strike again A story of marriage murder and madness The Pocket Wife explores the world through the foggy lens of a woman on the ed. I haven't really been that hooked on any psychological thrillers since Gone Girl and the Silent Wife So I really wanted to like this But I found the writing went into too much detail about the physical surroundings and not enough on character development At one point it was raining every day in the protagonist's hometown as if the reader didn't get the message that the weather represented the woman's mental state of mind I also didn't really connect with any of the characters not even the detective who was written to be likeable There was no empathy built for the victim as she remained a two dimensional character throughout the book Right before the climax I already knew who the killer was and I scanned the rest of the book after that point Overall I think I'm done with this emerging genre of psychological thrillers as they all seem to be following the same cliches Unstable housewife Cheating jerk of a husband Veteran detective May be time to broaden my horizon when it comes to books

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The Pocket WifeAn amazing talent makes her debut with this stylish psychological thriller with the compelling intrigue of The Silent Wife and Turn of Mind and the white knuckle pacing of Before I The Pocket ePUB #8608 Go to Sleep in which a woman suffering from bipolar disorder cannot remember if she murdered her friend during a breakdownDana Catrell is horrified to lear. This was a bit of a funny one for me I went into it knowing most of my trusted friends rated this very much in the middle of the road I liked the characters disliked some and was happy with the story line Which of course is normal and goodThe story just did not grab me enough at every step of the way I enjoyed the writing style the themes we saw here – mental illness fractured families and the like I just was not drawn in enough by the pacing It wasn’t exciting enough and I guess the best way to describe my feelings about this is it left me feeling ‘lacking’ I could see the mystery being solved but it was screaming out for excitement but none came Much the same as my experience – I wanted it to happen but it didn’t Even as the whodunnit part resolved itself there was no fight put up by the perp this seemed odd to me and I wonder if others read it feel the sameI really enjoyed the storyline between Dana and Moss also his son Kyle and abhorred the nasty man called Peter Again as with some of my prior reads liked not loved this one