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read Old Soldiers Never Die kindle í Hardcover Ä [BOOKS] ⚣ Old Soldiers Never Die ⚡ Frank Richards – Frank Richards was born in 1883 in Monmouthshire Orphaned at nine years old he was brought up by his aunt and uncle in the industrial Blaina area and went on to work as a coal miner throughoutFrank Richards was born in 1883 in Monmouthshire Orphaned at nine years old he was brought up by his aunt and uncle in the industrial Blaina area and went Excellent readA basic account of life in the trenches by a normal everyday soldier who managed amazingly to survive the full four years at the frontline and his subseuent and rightfully his disgust at the non distinction between survivors of the trenches and those who never put themselves in danger and still picked up the same or even better war pensions than him

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Ut the Western Front he wrote his seminal account of the Great War from the standpoint of the common soldier Old Soldiers Never Die in 1933 He died in 1961 Most of the memoirs of the First World War are written by officers and are often people who were not exposed to the complete totality of that dreadful war Frank Richards was different in that he was already a time served private soldier at the outbreak of the war and that he served throughout the whole four years Indeed we have to thank another war author Robert Graves for helping the largely uneducated Frank Richards to put this book together some 30 years after the events describedI am no fan of military service memoirs although Undertones of War by Edmund Blunden sits on my shelf demanding to be read because of my love of his poetryBut Richards book was appealing as it is the tale of the common man and also because he lived in Blaina not 8 miles from where I liveIt is an extraordinary book because of the rugged and non nonsense style of prose and because you come to realise that survival was very much a matter of chance Standing in trench the man next to him is killed by the weight of a falling bomb that fails to explode Time and time again events conspire to spare Richrads life when all around there is such terrible carnage That people would shoot themselves in the foot to get relief from the trenches demonstrates the level of desperationThere is some of that dark humour that is associated with such desperate times and there are tales of life set well behind the frontIt is well worth a read to gain a real insight into the lives of ordinary soldiers often civilians propelled into the carnage of war A tremendous read

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Old Soldiers Never DieOn to work as a coal miner throughout the 1890s before joining the Royal Welch Fusiliers in 1901 A veteran soldier who served in British India and througho This is my second foray into the wild with Mr Richards the first being Old Soldier Sahib a freewheeling memoir about his time serving with the British army in occupied IndiaOld Soldiers Never Die is a graver book than the former for the obvious reason that life in the trenches was a lot less merry than that in the colonies That said it is heartening to see that the Old Soldier's resolve and sense of humor remaining still intact through some of the most grisly moments in the Great War to which he was both witness and participant Old Soldiers differs from most memoirs inasmuch as its narrator was already a lifer as we say in the Army meaning he had committed to a career with the Royal Forces before the outbreak of hostilities which he gets wind of naturally while drinking in a pub with fellow veterans Mr Richards was in the Signal Corps and his profession affected his writing style as Robert Graves pointed out somewhere The prose is rendered in clean precise language with no ostentation than what one would expect to find in a military dispatch and the emotion it arouses tends to occur organically and almost in reluctant counterpoint to Richards' unsparing and unsentimental description of daily life in the trenches He reports on the deaths of men draft animals pets close friends and his own many brushes with shrapnel and bayonets and gas without ever going windy as he might have had it He reports on men committing suicide or going mad and stripping naked in the same even tone he describes a change in weather Old Soldiers Never Die is an improvement on Old Soldier Sahib which wasn't bad and functions as a worthy compliment to that book or a good standalone testament to the feats and integrity of a man who is statistically speaking probably 1 in 25000 He should have been killed many times over and the fact that he wasn't makes this book both an essential historical record and an experience the reader owes it to the dead to read Too many in the rear echelon collected ribbons and medals while those in the trenches collected shrapnel and psychic scars with only a pension of a few shillings to show for their agony if they were lucky enough to live Frank Richards conveys the hard reality of life on the front line and what it was like to be an ageing enlisted man who was directed by well fed generals located safely to the rear But he also doles out credit to those brave officers in the brass who merited laurels I believe the Sassoon he makes reference to repeatedly in the book is none other than Siegfried Sassoon the famed English war poet Recommended in any event for those curious about the Great War or about an age that produced men of iron in contrast to our era of millenial meringue manlets