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Pearance of Northwest Smith the uick drawing outlaw of the spaceways who would become a science fiction archetype Here for the first time ever all thirteen of Northwest Smith's adventures have been compiled into one rowdy thrill ride as sure to inspire readers today as it was seventy years agoIn a time when women were marginalized in genre fiction Catherine Moor This is a collection of short stories and it is because of that I actually finished If it had been a novel I would have given up because I would have known it would never improve The style was just too slow for me yes things happened but it was very slow 379 pages could have been 250 if not 200 I did not like most of the plots they did nothing for me Once you had read a couple you had an idea what was going to happenReally regret struggling on with it Not for me

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Northwest of Earth The Complete Northwest SmithE stepped forward and opened the door for generations of female science fiction and fantasy authors Earning praise from contemporaries like HP Lovecraft and Fritz Leiber as well as modern authors from Greg Bear to Michael Moorcock CL Moore remains a giant in the genre and the stories in this compilation comprise an essential addition to any science fiction libra Northwest of Earth is an interesting study in 1930s pulp science fiction despite the fact that I did not particularly like the parts of the collection that I read For all intents and purposes the stories barely ualify as science fiction Instead they are typical Poe and Lovecraft style supernatural tales with a thin practically translucent sci fi shell In Shambleau the most famous of the Northwest Smith shorts the protagonist encounters Medusa But it happens to be on Mars Likewise in the story Black Thirst Northwest encounters an age old vampire But it happens to be on Venus You get the driftWhat makes the stories marginally interesting is when one considers their background Northwest Smith is not a particularly strong character and I would disagree with anyone who suggests that he is an archetype for say Han Solo Northwest can barely take care of himself and wouldn't survive his various scrapes without crucial assistance from his Venusian sidekick Yarol or the various beautiful women he encounters One wonders how Northwest has stayed alive so long at all since he seems particularly susceptible to getting into trouble and rarely able to get out of itSo what is Moore trying to say? As one of the first female sci fi writers and certainly a pioneer for women in speculative fiction was she suggesting that the male protagonists of the pulp era should not have been as strong and independent as they were typically portrayed? And if so why are Moore's female characters not stronger the woman who saves Northwest in Black Thirst after all dies a particularly pitiful death? Northwest of Earth certainly provides plenty of food for thought even if the stories are carbon copies of one anotherFinished on page 99 after reading Shambleau The Black Thirst and part of Scarlet Dream


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Northwest of Earth The Complete Northwest Smith kindle Á Paperback read ✓ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Northwest of Earth The Complete Northwest Smith By C.L. Moore ✸ – First published in Weird Tales in 1933 Catherine Lucille Moore exploded onto the pulp scene to become oFirst published in Weird Tales in 1933 Catherine Lucille Moore exploded onto the pulp scene to become one of the most important science fiction and fantasy authors of all time In her first story 'Shambleu' Moore revealed a vast imagination beautifully descriptive prose and a throbbing sensuality rarely matched by her male counterparts It also marked the first ap Catherine Lucille Moore or CL Moore was a contemporary of HP Lovecraft and Fritz Leiber praised by Michael Moorcock and Greg Bear my collection has a introduction by CJ Cherryh who says This is an important book Read it Make sure your kids and grandkids read it It's timeless and it's that good It reminds me fondly of Andre Norton's Time TradersSolar ueen series and perhaps a bit of the show Firefly but the prose is emotional and colorful and at the end of it all there is still a mystery about who Northwest Smith of Earth is Shambleau On Mars takes the old cliche of saving a damsel in distress and turns it on it's head when Northwest Smith encounters the aliens which gave life to the myths of the Gorgon Medusa luckily Smith does not travel alone for when he goes missing Yarol seeks him out in turn Black Thirst On Venus Northwest encounters a Minga maid Vaudir who invites him into the depths and nameless danger of the Minga in a vampiric shadow of the Alendar Scarlet Dream On Mars the purchase of a shawl bring strange scarlet dreams from which NW might not wake Dust of Gods On Mars poor and drinking the last of their segir whisky Yarol and Northwest are approached with a job for fifty thousand Earth dollars and all he has to do is give the dust of Black Pharol to a man who might be mad Julhi On Venus Northwest finds himself taken to the ruins of Vonng where the girl Apri tells of Julhi something between sorceress and goddess who twists with her one eye real and unreal time and place and sweet sensation Nymph of Darkness with Forrest J Ackerman It is dangerous to venture into night on Venus as meeting Nyusa proves even to Northwest The Cold Gray God On Mars Smith agrees to get something for Judai a stolen box of a patron of Mhici's place Spaceman's Rest for a price of his naming but the cost of taking of it is not worth the prize Yvala On Mars Yarol and Northwest Smith take a job that takes them face to face with Yvala something like sirens and the sorceress Circe out of old Earth mythLost Paradise On Earth Yarol and Northwest stumble upon the sight of a Seles and Northwest glimpses the Secret of their race The Tree of Life On Mars Northwest stumbles into the ruins of Illar but he is not alone and Thag is not merely a Treeuest of the Starstone with her husband Henry Kuttner Yarol and Smith encounter Jirel of Joiry seeking Starstone for reasons which seem to twist all time and place Werewoman Fleeing from battle Northwest Smith joins the wild hunt of a werewoman's wolf pack but to run free is not to be freeSong in a Minor Key Northwest Smith comes to Earth and his fleeting feeling and memories offer but a glimpse of who he was but who he is is now unchanging