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Suppressed Arelia LaRue #5 kindle ✓ eBook Free ✓ dogsalonbristol ✓ [Read] ➻ Suppressed Arelia LaRue #5 ➸ Kira Saito – After facing her tragic past and remembering who she really is Arelia LaRue is back and stronger than ever However with great power thAfter facing her tragic past and remembering who she really is Arelia LaRue is back and stronger than ever However with great power there also comes Kira has absolutely outdone herself with book 5 of the Arelia LaRue series I waited so patiently well I wouldn't say so patiently but as best as I could for this books release and now that I've read it I'm not disappointed When Arelia comes back it's like a race against the clock the time of confrontation draws nearer secrets are held and wolves wear sheeps' clothing My favorite characters are back and they're evolving and changing because it's what's needed With several plot twists I didn't see coming I was holding onto my kindle turning every page and holding my breath waiting for the next thing to pop up When it did I was blown away Kira did such an amazing job throwing you off the trail that when I got to the end I was speechless and I had to sit for a few moments and reflect on it before even trying to write this review I remember picking up my first book in this series and then buying the next ones then I went insane waiting for the rest Kira's writing has the ability to alway give the reader the craving for I need to get my hands on book 6

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C Suppressed Arelia MOBI #8608 love story that spans over a century betrayal heartache revenge and delicious food Arelia’s world will spirit you aw While the premise of this book is a uniue blend of voodoo and history I felt like the story deviated away from the original storyline making it hard to enjoy My main issue with this story is that it began to feel like it stretched on too long and lost what was intriguing about the original story I do not want to spoil any of this or the other books in the series so I will be brief It felt like Arelia's voice was lost in the history and secondary characters in the story I think this story would be best read in continuation without any time between the books as most including Suppressed end with a cliffhanger and the pick up right where the last book left off I want to read the next book to see how it all will end but if the next book is not the end I do not think I will continue with this series

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Suppressed Arelia LaRue #5Even greater responsibility Arelia faces new challenges as she learns that being a true Voodoo ueen is a full time job Filled with new spirits an epi I really enjoy these books but the one thing that is bothering me throughout all of them is the typos and spelling mistakes that are often found in kindle e books Other then that the story is great