Room for Just a Little Bit More Cranberry Inn #25 Review ✓ 7

Review Room for Just a Little Bit More Cranberry Inn #25

Room for Just a Little Bit More Cranberry Inn #25 Review ✓ 7 ↠ ➵ [Reading] ➷ Room for Just a Little Bit More Cranberry Inn #25 By Beth Ehemann ➪ – Single mom Kacie Jensen must be dreaming She’s finally found the love of her life in gorgeous hockey star Brody Murphy Who are delighted and begins planning the wedding of a lifetimeBut when Kacie Room for MOBI #8608 receives a letter from her dad who walked out on her and her mother fifteen years ago the happy for Just a Little Bit Epubwhirlwind comes to a halt He says he wants to meet her for lunch and catch up Bu. This novella was a cute and sweet ending to Kacie and Brody's story I'm hoping they'll appear in Viper's and Andy's books I really enjoyed myself even though I didn't think there was any need for this novella since Room For More ended on a high note Everything that happened in Room For A Little Bit More was as I expected They got their wedding and then some This was all about the characters and also reason why I had to read it They are incredible and the true definition of family3 BadAssDirtyHappyEverAfterStars

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Single Just a Little Bit Kindle mom Kacie Jensen Just a MOBI #240 must be dreaming She’s finally found the love of her life in gorgeous hockey star Brody Murphy and he’s just asked her to marry him Still glowing from his romantic marriage proposal Kacie shares the news with her twin daughters. 5 Happy Stars I’m going to be very brief because this was just a sweet novella long epilogueIf you’ve read the previous two books you probably fell in love with Brody the sexy funny and sweet hockey player just as I did And you also fell in love with Kacie and the Twinkies This happens right after the end of the second book and takes place after the proposal This book show us the life between the engagement and the wedding and a little I love romance I love the beginnings of the relationships I love the chase I love the butterflies But what I love the most The happily ever after and the opportunity of seeing a little bit of the lives the characters I fell in love with That’s why I love epilogues and the longer the better This is exactly what this book was Thank you for this Beth I will like you forever

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Room for Just a Little Bit More Cranberry Inn #25T does he truly want to be a part of her life after all these years Or is he only for Just a ePUB #10003 interested in her new fiancé’s moneyA heartwarming novel of romance family and lasting love Room for Just a Little Bit More is the sweet winning conclusion to the charming Cranberry Inn series. For two whole novels and a novella I've been trying to pinpoint what exactly has made this series so damn fantastic for me It's hard to attribute it to one single reason because everything from the writing to the character development to the sharp witty dialogue has wholly impressed me But I think it just clicked for me and it's really so simpleThe Cranberry Inn series is a story about a single mom and the superstar celebrity hockey player that inadvertently finds himself on the doorstep of her family owned inn during a storm The books follow the blossoming romance between that hockey player and that single mom through their normal day to day routine as they get to know each other and fall in love It follows them through the most mundane things the simplest moments like making breakfast walking down a pier jumping in puddles and going to work There's no shortage of drama though the resurfacing of her ex the traversing of a relationship where one person has to leave often for work the day to day of raising kids while trying to find private moments for romance the emotional toll their respective family problems have on them It's all in there So why was this storyline such a big deal for me Because Beth Ehemann made Kacie and Brody real people Regardless of his job regardless of her difficult history I can't remember the last time I read a story about normal people relatable likable authentic humans They just live They go to work They parent They love They deal with their share of troubles but those troubles aren't the stereotypical over the top plot twists that we see in most romances They're like us They're real There is an honesty and an authenticity that exists in this series that simply doesn't exist in most fictional romancesYes readers look to romance for an escape a break from reality That's wonderful and necessary and it absolutely can be found here in Ehemann's series I got lost in this series Consumed But sometimes the over the top escapades the redundant tropes the 'fantasy' of romance just gets to be too much Sometimes a reader like me just wants something real The Cranberry Inn series is a refreshing change of paceThis novella was the perfect epilogue for this series It's the culmination of everything that lead up to it it's the happily ever after we've waited for it's a reminder of all the reasons I love this series in the first place It's rife with humor and passion and joy and I wish it would never end I'm so completely invested in these characters I wish I could follow their story forever