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read What a Lady Demands The Eton Boys Trilogy #2 reader ✓ ebook ì dogsalonbristol ✓ ➵ [Reading] ➷ What a Lady Demands The Eton Boys Trilogy #2 By Ashlyn Macnamara ➪ – Readers of Julia uinn Eloisa James and Sabrina Jeffries will loveCandal of her own Cecelia soon finds herself caring for both the child and the man The viscount is brittle and even abrupt at times yet she cannot deny the attraction that stirs her body in his presence Moved by the deep sense of abandonment that tortures his soul Cecelia aches to fully awaken Lind’s heart from its rancorous slumber if she can just keep their pasts from destroying a second chance at lo What a Lady Demands by Ashlyn Macnamara This is the second book in the Eton boys trilogy I recently read What a Lady Craves so it was easy to pick up with the characters and the story line although this book can be read as a standalone The story centres on Cecelia and Linenhurst linked by Cecelia’s brother Alexander Lindenhurst Sandford and Battencliffe were best friends years ago at school only to have the friendships strained and broken years laterCecelia arrives at Lindenhurst’s estate to take on the position of governess to his young son Jeremy At first I really disliked Lindenhurst He seemed like the typical arrogant British Lord He doesn’t treat his staff very well is demanding and curt He lacks common courtesy It made me wonder how on earth the author was going to transform him into a believable love interestWe learn that he is a bitter man living in regret for the loss of his wife the war his wounded leg and the disabilities of his son But somehow even after learning all of this I still didn’t forgive him for his highhanded behaviour and self righteousness I only began to soften to him when he showed signs of changing When he began to listen to Cecelia and take an interest in his son Cecelia has taken the position and clings to it for a variety of reasons She is not interested in staying with her brother and his family nearby as he is newly married and she had a falling out with him detailed in the previous book She is also hiding from a villainous man who robbed her of her youth and abused her sexually Eversham is tracking her believing that she has an article of stolen jewellery he took from another man to hide his true sexual nature It’s all very sordid and the fact that Lindenhurst involves himself as her protector made me start to admire himCecelia and Lindenhurst are both broken people They have deep wounds that start to heal when they develop a relationship outside of employer and employee They have great sexual chemistry Things are very graphic and since Cecelia is an experienced woman there are no maidenly senses to soothe Their sexual relationship helps them to begin one of the heart Cecelia’s trust and calming presence gives Lindenhurst the strength to let go of the past and truly begin a futureThe story is complex as each character has a tragedy or past that they must overcome From little Jeremy who suffered brain damage to the Eton men who can’t let go of past behaviour to Cecelia who has a victim’s mentality about the role she played in evil Eversham’s gamesI enjoyed this book I was really worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to get past stuffy rigid and mean Lindenhurst But once he lets his guard down and embraces Cecelia the pages got smoking hot This is a story of new beginnings but it takes the length of the novel for this to come to fruitionThe next story will be about Battencliffe He has disgraced himself is near bankrupt and his morals are hanging by a thread I really look forward to seeing how he redeems himself and the lady that will steal his heart and his bedReviewed for wwwkiltsandswordscom I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Om the Napoleonic wars broken in body and soul and longing a Lady Demands PDF #201 for his wife’s embrace only to find her changed Before they could reconcile an accident struck their son and claimed her life Now enter Cecelia with her soft curves and sharp tongue a tempting distraction a Lady Demands The Eton PDFEPUB or it is true but not a welcome one   Past the usual marrying age and haunted by a s This romance is all about revenge how it rots your soul as you try to get PAYBACK but as the wise Indian Satya says KARMA IS A BEOTCHRichard Blackwell Viscount Lindenhurst is a deeply scarred man inside out from the brutal war from the not so loving hands of his wife Lydia When he was wounded almost lost his leg it took forever get home but Lydia believed he was dead completely betrayed him After the birth of Jeremy Lind tried to put it behind him but always kept his heart sealed in concrete During a frozen winter day Lydia Jeremy were in an accident were only Jeremy survived Now Lind lives on his estate as a bitter hermit holding his home as a Lydia's shrine drowns his pain with alcohol ignores Jeremy hires fires governesses is craving a path of cold hard REVENGE against the only betrayer still alive his old Eton pal Rowe BattencliffeCecilia Sanford is the sister of Lind's other Eton pal Alexander she has always had a huge CRUSH on him plus at 15 she saw him all his wet firm tantalizing NEKKID glory Now as an adult she is a scandal walking with an evil nemesis wanting REVENGE a betroth she walk away from the aunt who allowed her nieces to be kidnapped fleeing her pissed off brother's home but where to go except to the governess job at Lind's estate Cecilia hopes she is hired because she has no where else to hide from her scandal her stalking nemesisCecilia take believe this anger bitter cold man is the same yummy Lind but she listens as he grills her about her life why she wants to be a governess lies thru her teeth Lind is reluctant to hire tempting Cecilia but he needs help keeping Jeremy away from him he hires her but demands 4 things obedience loyalty sparklingly mortals NEVER going anywhere near the pond Cecilia doesn't do obedience lost her mortals long ago the path to the pond is overgrown but she can be loyal to her charge Jeremy try like HADES to stay out of Lind's bed or against his large desk or even a wall Jeremy is a uiet lonely boy who never connects to anyone because of his revolving governesses but Cecilia does notice his love of things military rolls with it but during the servants weekly reports while Lind dines on yummy looking food he forbids it Cecilia begins to learn all about Jeremy's physical limits uses military teases soon Jeremy strives to learn does struggle but with her loving encouragement he blossoms as does Lind's relationship with the child with Cecilia DEMANDING an adorable pony soon the boys shared common ground Lind can't take this sassy seductress delectable bum wiggling this way that she pushes his enticing buttons he gorges himself on her mouth the wall large desk are put to pleasurable usage soon it's open flame MEET a puddle of kerosene IGNITION But a dark nemesis is stalking Cecilia a brother DEMANDS marriage Lydia's pedestal shrine are C4ed an ard heart cracks wide open REVENGE on 2 fronts backfires a life threatening kidnapping soon KARMA COMES KKNOCKING Will Lind realized that Jeremy is the child of his heart Can Cecilia except 12 of Lind's heart When will Lind realize all he needs is Cecilia REVANGE be damned How will Cecilia show Lind that he deserves her love Does KARMA BEOCTH SLAP BACKThis is the 2nd book of Ms Macnamara Eton Boys Trilogy so far this series is all about mysterious pasts evil nemesis stalking REVENGE unexpected Fairy Godfolks super pot holed ridden paths of true love but I have LOVED IT I love strong heroines Cecilia is a complete LEAP than LOOK kinda girl but love rules her many good bombed ideas she always EXCEPTS the end result Lind had scars over scars allowed REVENGE to eat away his soul had a level 10 forcefield around his heart turns his away from any love I personal don't think he hated his son but was punishing himself by out embracing Jeremy Ms Macnamara added a 3rd scarred character in this tale Jeremy it would of been less of a tale without him Jeremy wormed his way into my heart I can totally relate to his whole tripping falling over having absolutely no balance with my disabling Meniere's Disease Jeremy may of be challenged but he was my Fairy Goddude in training sprinkling his PIXIE DUST spinning spreading love in his wake Now my peeps let's chat about the sparks Ms Macnamara teases tantalized built all the tension up when these 2 did get to making happy vajayjay moves screaming happy endings she gave me the full body uivers the delicious shivers from my head to my curling toes She also showed that open pleasure can healing when it's enriched with true love Also just a uick note of the YUMMY HOTNESS of this my recently named inner Cover HO LOLA HAPPY DANCE WORTHY cover completely ensnared my eyes other girlie parts There was an evil villain a reluctant UNEXPECTED hero a wound Fairy Goddude a hero with nothing to live for except REVENGE until in walks a wanton seductress extraordinaire a woman who was the forgiving glue between a dad his son I can't forget the PULL THE FIRE ALARM sexiness So it gives me my own shivers uivers pleasure to give Ms Macnamara my top score of 5 fingers up 10 toes once again but I have to WARN her that you have a lot of work cut out for her to make me LOVE Rowe BattencliffeNetGalley ARC given for my honest review

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What a Lady Demands The Eton Boys Trilogy #2Readers of Julia uinn Eloisa James and Lady Demands PDFEPUB #193 Sabrina Jeffries will love Ashlyn Macnamara’s novel about a smoldering new love that is threatened by past betrayals   Viscount Lindenhurst cannot seem to find a What a PDF or governess who meets his impossible standards until Cecelia Sanford becomes the first woman to interrupt the widower’s brooding in years Lind had returned home fr It’s always a refreshing surprise to stumble across an historical romance heroine who knows her own mind and is sexually empowered Add a wounded hero and it’s double bonus points for me This story is book two in the Eton Boys Trilogy but I didn’t read book one and I thought this held up just fine as a standaloneCecelia is trying to build a new life for herself free of her brother’s censure and away from the looming scandal that could drop on her head at any moment So she seeks refuge with a position as governess to the son of her brother’s childhood best friend She knows Lindhurst is a widower and badly damaged by the war and she figures she can trade on his history with her family to get her foot in the door It has absolutely nothing to do with the girlhood crush on him she nursed for years No reallyShe finds out uickly that Lindhurst carries than just physical scars He was irrevocably damaged by the death of his wife He’s demanding and abrupt And he doesn’t seem to care even remotely for his young son Cecelia however takes to the boy right away determined to help him overcome his disabilities She challenges Lind like no one else does But can the promise of her affection help him put away his uest for vengeance against the man he blames for ruining his lifeIt’s a pretty good tale as the secrets of both Cecelia and Lind are slowly uncovered I like that there was to each of them than what we saw at face value Cecelia’s backstory surprised me than Lind’s I won’t spoil the details but I really appreciated how she rose above it and set a path for herself to retake control of her life I also really liked her as a character; how she spoke her mind and refused to be cowed; how she was willing to put herself out there and own her own desiresLind I had a little bit tougher of a time with It’s hard to get 100% on board with a hero who was so unwilling to let go of his late wife’s ghost I sort of understand why but when you add that to how he treated little Jeremy for much of the book well I didn’t love him Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed watching him get together with Cecelia but there were times I felt like he didn’t deserve her It kept me from totally connecting with the romanceOverall though I thought it was well done I am interested to see how the author will redeem Battencliffe in book 3 because I really didn’t like him hereRating B ARC Provided by publisher for review