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Charming innocent and empathetic Rancourt passes the reader a gift the ability to experience and see a venal adult life through the forgiving blameless and easily wounded eyes of a child Chris Ware from his introductionIn 1980 Sylvie Rancourt and her boyfriend moved to Montreal from rural Northern uebec With limited formal education or training they had a hard time finding employment so Rancourt began dancing in strip clubs These experiences formed the backbone of the first Canadian autobiographical comic book Melody whic Chris Ware's introduction frames Melody a compilation of Sylvie Rancourt's self published autobiographical comics as innocent the venal adult world seen through childlike eyes From a technical standpoint you can see what he's getting at but as a take on the content of this book it's well off the mark Look past the untutored drawing style and this is not a childlike book it's the venal adult world presented the way most people who aren't highly acclaimed artists experience it matter of fact and one day at a timeEach of Melody's adventures is introduced the same way This is not the beginning or the end but somewhere in the middle Melody is not a sex comic and it's not an explicitly political one it's a comic about work Yes the fact that the specific job is stripping matters capturing the texture of the job the specific hopes hassles and headaches is the point of any comic about work But there's no hint of the sensational Melody's own character isn't innocent so much as stoically optimistic without being naive a difficult and subtle line to draw and one Rancourt does wellYou could speculate on how much the material production of Melody affected the approach and content the comics were originally drawn and printed by Rancourt as things to sell in the bars she danced at which may be why the depiction of the strip club crowds treads slyly between indulgence and pity But she's happy to show an asshole as an asshole and there are plenty of examples in the seven stories here The main such of course is Melody's unspeakable boyfriend Nick a lecher failed hustler petty crook and layabout Melody's failure to kick Nick to the curb has infuriated many readers and some have criticised her as passiveBut I think this is a misunderstanding of what Rancourt is doing Because of the apparently artless drawing it's easy to see Melody as plainly and straightforwardly autobiographical But Rancourt is a storyteller and so Nick is also a literary creation his terminal fecklessness is a thematic counterpoint to Melody's work ethic however grudging that is and he's a lightning rod for all the criticisms the comic wants to make about male privilege and chauvinism His idiotic schemes also tend to push the plot along which when you're writing a comic about the largely unchanging everyday is sometimes necessary If you read the other Rancourt Melody stories published in the 80s by Kitchen Sink with a different artist it's obvious that she isn't some kind of comics idiot savant The difference between them is a stylistic and generic difference between autobiographical comic and memoir the Kitchen Sink run is a sex comic it knows its market but is also an evocation of the lost world of 70s post hippie rural Montreal free love generous benefits and massive exploitation of both those things by self entitled menRancourt uit comics at the end of the 1980s but her work here feels contemporary than it can possibly have done at the time The untutored style which Ware found hard to place has echoes all across the world of minicomics and webcomics the autobiographical approach doubly so and the subject matter sex work and sex work couldn't be modish The price will put a lot of people off but Melody deserves a new audience

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Mélody By Sylvie RancouIences dancing for an audience or sharing moments from her life at home her storytelling is straightforward and never sensationalized With a knowing wink at the reader Rancourt shares a world that in someone else's hands might be scandalous or seedy but in hers is fully realized real and often funny The Drawn uarterly edition of Melody Story of a Nude Dancer featuring an introduction by Chris Ware Building Stories places this masterpiece of early autobiographical comics in its rightful place at the heart of the comics can Fascinating hard to put down graphic collection originally published in Canada in 1985 The main character melody is uite sympathetic and I was disappointed that the book ended as I was willing to keep reading episodesChris Ware provides an interesting introduction


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PDF ¿ BOOK Mélody By Sylvie Rancourt FREE ¹ SYLVIE RANCOURT ☆ ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Mélody Author Sylvie Rancourt – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Charming innocent and empathetic Rancourt passes the reader a gift the ability to experience and see a venal adult life through the forgiving blameless aH Rancourt wrote drew and distributed starting in 1985 Later she collaborated with the artist Jacues Boivin who translated and drew a new series of Melody comics for the American market the comics were an instant cult classic Until now the Rancourt drawn and written comics have never been published in English These stories are compelling without ever being voyeuristic or self pitying and her drawings are formally innovative while maintaining a refreshingly frank and engaging clarity Whether she's divulging her first exper one of the best comics memoirs i want to emphasize that the art is indeed gorgeous not childish or elementary