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SevenevesWhat would happen if the world were endingA catastrophic event renders the earth a ticking time bomb In a feverish race against the inevitable nations around the globe band together to devise an ambitious plan to ensure the. Amazing stand alone sci fi highly recommended I guess Neal Stephenson is a legend for a reason

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Seveneves review ¾ 3 Å ❰Download❯ ✤ Seveneves Author Neal Stephenson – What would happen if the world were endingA catastrophic event renders the earth a ticking time bomb In a feverish race against the inevitable nations around the globe band together to devise an ambit What would happen if the world were endiSurvival of humanity far beyond our atmosphere in outer spaceBut the complexities and unpredictability of human nature coupled with unforeseen challenges and dangers threaten the intrepid pioneers until only a handful of s. “We're not hunter gatherers any We're all living like patients in the intensive care unit of a hospital What keeps us alive isn't bravery or athleticism or any of those other skills that were valuable in a caveman society It's our ability to master complex technological skills It is our ability to be nerds We need to breed nerds” Nerd Alert Be nice to the nerds in your life They might save your ass somedayNerds realized a long time ago in the United States that they needed to become rich if they ever expected to marry the super model have 25 kids and be able to afford all those expensive technological toys The guy who was completely undateable in high school suddenly becomes Tom Cruise when he has a couple of million bucks in his pocket Several years ago I read an article that discussed the fact that over the past several thousand years Jewish people have progressively become smarter because Jewish women are attracted to men primarily for their brains rather than their brawn while Catholics and Protestants have maybe become progressively better looking because CP women are attracted to athletic men and CP men are attracted to pretty women If you are a man who doesn’t do well on the athletic field then you have to counter your lack of physical coordination by being very very successful Your ability to pass on your genes for future generations is counting on that Of course a nerd is not so much worried about reproducing as he is about getting laid but the end result is the same Now let’s say you wake up one morning and ”THE MOON BLEW UP WITHOUT WARNING AND FOR NO APPARENT REASON”It is shattered into seven big pieces and many many smaller fragments I always have new possibilities to mentally explore whenever I read a Neal Stephenson book It has never crossed my mind that the moon would ever blow up I’ve thought about the Earth shattering or falling into the sun or splitting in half all of course due in some way to human stupidity but I’d never considered the ramifications of the moonexploding My first thought would be “Wow I’m so glad whatever hit the moon didn’t hit us” I’m an optimist right so I’d be thinking about how lucky we were for the near miss The moon is goneThe moon is goneThe moon is gone Wait what does this mean for Earth Astronomers name the pieces of the moon and watch as they dance around each other occasionally colliding Life goes on with little changeuntil one astronomer determines that those collisions are going to send debris toward the earth in the form of fiery bolides The earth is going to burn He tags the phenomenon #HARD RAIN #Kiss your ass goodbyePredictive models give the Earth as we know it about two years Sex anyone “The human race might be about to disappear but not before putting on a two year frenzy of recreational sex” Nerds are now in the driver’s seat Those brawny warriors of the gridiron would have been better served hitting the books instead of catching footballs or hitting baseballs or smacking pucks or launching basketballs at small round hoops Those skills once lauded are now obsolete Same goes for those preening pretty girls who may have only aspired to make themselves beautiful They too will need much than long eyelashes and long legs to see that their offspring be part of the future of humanity Overnight the human race will be reduced from seven billion down to a few thousand Every country is asked to select their best and brightest young people and send them for training Of course only a fraction

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Urvivors remainFive thousand years later their progeny seven distinct races now three billion strong embark on yet another audacious journey into the unknown to an alien world utterly transformed by cataclysm and time Earth. Seveneves 600 pages of infodumping leaves little room for plot developmentOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureI must be developing an immunity to the Kool Aid that Neal Stephenson serves his fans Snow Crash and Crytonomicon are two of my favorite books but I was lukewarm towards The Diamond Age and then hit a wall with Anathem So when I heard he was coming out with Seveneves and that the plot was much like traditional “hard” SF than his earlier cyberpunk steampunk nanotech cryptography technothriller works I wasn’t sure I’d like it But really there’s only one way to know if you like a book or not – you have to read it for yourselfBasically when you have over 900 pages to work with you can dedicate hundreds of pages to detailed world building and still have plenty of time for complex characterizations and a very extensive plot You’d think that was enough for any author but we’re talking about Neal Stephenson here His infodumps can bring even the most dedicated geeks to their knees and that is what his die hard fans are looking for I didn’t mind his infodumps in Cryptonomicon since they were interesting in their own right but I was completely defeated by the esoteric mathematic and philosophical discussions of Anathem which I found extremely tedious In Seveneves the infodumps essentially constitute the first 500 600 pages Once we know that the moon has been destroyed and then surface of the Earth will be inundated with meteorites in the first paragraph Stephenson then decides that the best way to further the story is to describe in painstaking detail every single technological and engineering difficulty that humanity will face The amount of research he has done is stupendous and he clearly admires Neil de Grasse Tyson who appears in barely fictional form He throws a bunch of scientists and astronauts into the unwanted role of being humanity’s only hope of survival Despite the book length he doesn’t devote any time to the fate of the seven billion members of humanity who have been handed a death sentence Instead we are treated to chapter after chapter dedicated to problems of geosynchronous orbits propellant limitations tiny meteor strikes artificial habitats etc etcFor me the first two thirds of the book were really heavy going Even thought Stephenson introduces a long list of characters it’s hard to get into their innermost thoughts despite the dire situation facing them As crisis follows crisis the odds get and insurmountable There are plenty of fascinating details but the pace of progress is really slow Finally humanity finds itself down to just seven women or “seveneves” With extinction looming these women must make a momentous decision on how to survive Their council sets the stage for the creation of seven races of humans that evolve from themFast forwarding 5000 years the story finally brings us to the part that I was actually interested in the resettling and terraforming of the Earth after the meteorite storm And when he does start to describe the new races of humanity each descended from the original Seveneves the scenario is well described and such a contrast to the dire straights of the first two thirds of the book Here Stephenson is again in his element giving us a well constructed future society with complex interactions There is a huge amount of potential here for a multi volume far future epic about terraforming the Earth along the lines of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy The big problem is that we have already had to sl