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The Werewolf Pack Brackett Hollister #1 Read ☆ 5 ñ ★ The Werewolf Pack Brackett Hollister #1 PDF / Epub ✪ Author Quentin Wallace – Brackett Hollister Gunslinger Magician When his family was slain by a supernatural creature Brackett dedicated his life to protecting the world from the forces Med with both his guns and his magic Brackett fights to make the dark safe When werewolves begin to gather in the old west Brackett and his comrade in the battle against all things malevolent Af. There must have been a million ways to die in the Old West As it turns out being torn to shreds by a werewolf was one of themThis is the first adventure of Brackett Hollister a gunslinger who packs silver bullets Teamed up with an African warrior cum witch doctor named Chula Hollister travels the world sending supernaturalbugaboos back to Hell in a blaze of gunfireThese heroes have considerable experience dealing with various monsters and sorcery revealed to the reader in Hollister's lengthy backstory in Chapter Three But it's all dumped on us at once rather than revealed naturally It would read better and less intrusive if it were delivered piecemeal or in dialog with Mary the woman he savesThe series is named the character of Brackett Hollister but he's only one half of the team His eually formidable partner is an African warrior and amateur sorcerer named Chula He is perhaps better versed in the occult than Hollister and often takes the lead in the novelI like the character of Chula but the way people react to him seems unlikely In the Old West of the 1870s or 80s a black man setting his hand on a white woman's would be than sufficient cause for a lynching Hollister even introduces him as 'a black man' despite that being a derogatory term in the late 1800s And if Chula is Hollister's eual why is his name not on the book I'd almost prefer a book about Chula alone and another about Hollister alone and only have them crossover in a series after each was an established character Sometimes it seems like this is the second book in the series not the firstI read an early draft of the book with a few misspelled words but Wallace assures me they have been corrected in the final version Still there's unnecessary repetition in a few places “The horses were coming closer and closer to Chula who was watching them calmly and seemed to have no intention of moving from their path As the horses drew nearer and nearer showing no signs of slowing down Mary started to yell out to Chula” Those two sentences say the same thingWallace freuently uses the passive voice like saying “They were going up the hill” instead of the dramatic “They went up the hill” Too much of that and the writing really slows downBut on the whole despite these technical errors “The Werewolf Pack” has its heart in the right place It's told solidly for a first time author The story has lots of action and plot twists and the mythos of the American West fits well with that of the supernatural It's a great idea for a bookHollister and Chula find themselves in a town full of werewolves just as the moon rises and they have to shoot their way out It's a great scene but there's no explanation of why the werewolves are meeting in a town and not in the wild like wild animals would Since werewolves are mythical creatures it's impossible to judge how they act or what they can do or not do Still it seems unlikely that a creature with a wolf's amazing sense of smell would be unable to tell an ordinary human from another werewolf Wallace says that a silver bullet will kill a werewolf no matter where the creature is shot but a silver knife must deal a death blow OKHistorical fiction takes us to another time another world While it's primary purpose is to entertain it nonetheless educates the reader One of the ways such novels show us how people lived in the past is through language People talked differently in the past“The Werewolf Pack” captures some of that but it makes some mistakes as well Referring to the leader of a wolf pack as the “alpha” is an invention of the later 20th Century not the 19th Log cab

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Brackett Hollister Pack Brackett Epub #218 Gunslinger Magician When his family was slain by a supernatural creature Brackett dedicated his life to protecting the world from the forces of evil Ar. I really liked this story It was an action packed smorgasbord don't know if I spelled that right haha of paranormal and supernatural fun Would have read straight through if I could have Never a dull moment I loved the characters Brackett and Chula but I have to say my favorites were Fire and Stranger If you like werewolf tales with a twist definitely pick up a copy I will certainly be reading next in the series as it is made availableahem whenever that ishttpswwwgoodreadscomtopicshow

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The Werewolf Pack Brackett Hollister #1Rican Warrior Chula move to stop the wolves from overrunning all civilization But the werewolves have a new leader and he may The Werewolf MOBI #8608 prove to be than Brackett and Chula can hand. I have to admit I love vampires and shifter stories I have an addiction I tell myself there are worse things to be addicted to Right However I have begun to be a little selective in my choices The premise of werewolves in the old west was enough of a uirk to get me to read this book The storyline was believable and had enough action to keep me interested Well writen characters and plot Fun read