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Driving In Neutral Read & Download Ü 5 ✓ [EPUB] ✰ Driving In Neutral Author Sandra Antonelli – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk A new uick–witted uip–heavy romance for grown–ups from Sandra Antonelli about facing your fears – because love is the greatest risk of all Levelheaded Olivia Regen walks away from her car–ra A new uickControl calm and the good friends that she adores But her first task on her very first day involves getting up close and too Driving In PDF or personal with her claustrophobic boss alone in a broken elevator Her unconventional solution for restoring his euilibrium shocks them both and leaves Olivia shaken Determined to stick to her p. DNF The head hopping was bad enough new perspective every three paragraphs but when I hit the poorly rendered dialect I had to stop A word on dialect First don't But if you have to it can't be I one sentence and Ah the next You can't have doing and weddin' in the same paragraph I'm sad because I really liked the older characters and snappy dialogue but this book is a craft trainwreck

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Lan Olivia drives headlong into work and planning her best friend's wedding leaving no room for kissing elevators or workplace relationships But Emerson is not one to be out–manoeuvred Can he convince Olivia that her fear of falling in love again is just another kind of claustrophobia – one that is destined to leave them both lone. A hero and heroine over 40 I'm in I like that the relationship between them developed but while I could see how he would fall in love with her the feeling I got was that she was only attracted to him physically The story was cleverly written and the MCs fleshed out There was a couple of things I didn't uite understand though such as the accent of the heroine's best friendthe bride to beAnd why oh why was the reader left to imagine what the ending would be like Is this not a romance Where is the HEAHFN then

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Driving In NeutralA new uick–witted uip–heavy romance for grown–ups from Sandra Antonelli about facing your fears – because love is the greatest risk of all Levelheaded Olivia Regen walks away from her car–racing career and the wreckage of a bad marriage to take on new work that's far removed from the twists of racetrack Her new life is about. DRIVING IN NEUTRAL was a great little read and had me laughing out loud on than one occasion The bridezilla whose wedding was central to the story was something to behold – although I probably would have walked out and left her rather than pampering to her bad behaviour – Olivia was either demented or a saint for putting up with her It did take me a while to settle into the stories as there were a few characters that all seemed to be introduced at once after the elevator scene and it took me a while to work out which characters I should be concentrating on It also verged onto farcical rather than funny once or twice which again had me wanting to slap the characters concerned the two bridesmaids come to mind here The romance between Emerson and Olivia was very gradual and I liked that they weren’t in bed with each other from page one – the kiss in the elevator doesn’t count as that was medicinal I also liked the conflict that needed to be overcome although I felt that what Olivia did to Emerson was very wicked and was a little mollified to see that she was remorseful for her action; still she should not have done that it was spiteful and cruel and actually let the story down for me that she even did it Of course you’ll have to read the book to find out what I am referring to and judge for yourself; in fact pour yourself a glass of bubbly and settle in for a wonderful wedding weekend with some really uirky characters and some serious life issue lessons learned Overall I recommend DRIVING IN NEUTRAL as a perfect weekend read 3 stars – Above average Was very readable and I really liked it but was easily able to put it down and walk away for a while With thanks to Escape Publishing and the author via Netgalley for my copy to read and review