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Free read The Face in the Locket

Free read The Face in the Locket è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Face in the Locket By Alexandra Connor ➲ – When Harris Simons is orphaned at the age of eight she is taken in by her aunts to live at their secluded large house The two sisters have Successful business with the support of her aunts and her close friend Bonny She eventually meets and agrees to marry the respectable local solicitor to the happiness of her aunts but at the altar she hears her lost love enter the church And once again she shows her true colours When tragedy strikes Harris fights to regain respectability in the eyes of those who care for her but has Harris learned any lessons from her obsessive pa. I really enjoyed this family saga but did not think much of the twist at the end Still a good read and some great characters

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Heir world upside down Great plans are laid for their good looking headstrong niece Harris is going to marry well Everything changes when World War Two breaks out Harris falls in love with a Face in the PDF #206 man who only has his own interests at heart She scandalises and disgraces her family with her obsessive behaviour making herself a laughing stock in the close knit town But Harris is not to be put down She begins to build a. Slow in places and lacked the certain something to make this a truly great readOne slight up note though the production values were great and I don't think I found any mistakes throughout the text always a refreshing change

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The Face in the LocketWhen Harris Simons is orphaned in the PDF #202 at the age of eight she is taken in by her aunts to live at their secluded large house The two sisters have their own secrets hiding difficult childhoods yet still maintaining an air of superiority and righteousness with those around them Living with them is their The Face ePUB #8608 brother Saville an adult but with the mind of a seven year old The little girl’s arrival soon turns t. When I started this book I thought it was going to be a tale of the hardships faced by Harris a young orphan being looked after by her two spinster aunts who also had care of their brother who had learning difficulties as it would be called these days However Harris's Aunt Mildred loved her from the beginning although Irma was harder on her and felt she was spoiled Uncle Saville was a playmate to herIn time she became friends with two very poor village children Bonny and her brother Richard This friendship lasted their lifetimeHarris was spoiled and became a bit of a snob like IrmaThe story goes on to tell of Harris falling in love for the new local doctor not realising that Richard had loved her all her life These two things have devastating results on both Harris and RichardIt is difficult to write this without giving too much away Suffice to say it is one of the best books I have read for a long time