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reader Ì Libertine's Kiss ↠ Kindle Edition Ê [EPUB] ✻ Libertine's Kiss By Judith James – When William de Veres turns up at Elizabeth’s home late one night she asks no uestions but instead takes him in tends his wounds and gives him one glorious night of passion William never knew that E WThat Elizabeth gave aid to one of Charles’ cavaliers they seize her family’s estates thus forcing Elizabeth into an unwanted marriage in order to survive As a widow Elizabeth arrives in the Merry Monarch’s court hoping to convince the king to restore her lands William n I have mixed feelings about this book On one hand I LOVED Lizzie and William They are really great characters especially William I could almost see them in my mind I think William's wild sexecapades bothered some readers but I give Judith James a lot of credit for writing William to be the rake that he was It would be just unnatural if all of a sudden William promised to be faithful Sometimes our hearts already know what we want but our minds don't Then you end up saying things you don't mean or not being able to verbalized things that you actually are dying to say I think William's hesitation rings truth and makes his coming around precious I really like the ideas of Lizzie and William as individuals and a couple I wanted to know and and even though the writing style did not appeal to me so much Lizzie and William are really interesting characters I wanted to see them happy so much that I stuck with the book While I loved the characters dearly I have trouble with how the story was told I don't think Judith James writes poorly at all It is of a style thing I wish she would tell the story in a different way I felt sometimes Lizzie and William act or talk just a tad much There was too much explanations not enough showing I honesty think this was a 3 star read but I really like Lizzie and William I am going up I will however continue reading Judith James She created a very interesting couple in this book and I admire how she weaves historical details with fictional characters Very cleverly done

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Ow Earl Rivers and the court’s official poet knows he must help his old friend He knows exactly how to repackage Elizabeth so that she can capture the king’s attention but what this infamous libertine doesn't expect is that he will fall in love with his new creation inste 25 stars I am not a fan of Judith James writing style I don't see the wonderful prose that many other readers see The dialogue between her characters does not seem authentic It seems rushed and forced Maybe I could have bypassed her writing style if the heroine was as fascinating as the hero but he out shined her by a mile It's too bad that the heroine wasn't worthy of the match with the hero because his personality was fascinating The book is worth the read for the hero alone He reminded me of Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean

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Libertine's KissWhen William de Veres turns up at Elizabeth’s home late one night she asks no uestions but instead takes him in tends his wounds and gives him one glorious night of passion William never knew that Elizabeth’s act of charity cost her greatly Once Cromwell’s men discover Having read than a few Harleuin Historicals in my time I thought I knew what to expect when I opened this book I could not have been mistaken The sumptuous detail of the setting the impeccable research on the historical characters the poetry and the sizzling eroticism took me completely by surprise The main protagonist in LIBERTINE'S KISS William De Veres is closely modeled after the real life John Wilmot Earl of Rochester Courtier playwright and poet he was one of the foremost libertines of the Merry Monarch’s court William is deeply troubled by events from his past and speaking frankly is pretty damaged goods Helike Rochester is a brilliant satirical wit but chiefly when completely soused He drinks and goes from bed to bed with little care for the conseuences of his actions but Elizabeth’s re entry in his life turns it completely upside down Elizabeth loves him for who he is and renews tender sentiments that that he thought long dead She eventually forces him to face his demons or lose her foreverHaving a great love of history particularly the Restoration and Georgian ages I lost myself completely in this novel Although I am not a connoisseur of poetry the inclusion of Rochester’s actual poems in the context of the story absolutely worked adding richness and a greater realism The sexual content is uite explicit and even vulgar at times but again completely in keeping with the setting of Charles II’s debauched court LIBERTINE’S KISS is by no means a light read but those who like me seek romance novels with both historical accuracy and substance will not be disappointed A great historical romance read