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Orhan's Inheritance kindle ☆ Hardcover É dogsalonbristol ¶ ➱ Orhan's Inheritance Read ➹ Author Aline Ohanesian – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk In her extraordinary debut Aline Ohanesian has created two remarkable characters—a young man ignorant of his family’s and his country’s past and an oldIn her extraordinary debut Aline Ohanesian has created two remarkable characters a young man ignorant of his family’s and his country’s past and an old woman haunted by the toll the past has taken on her life When Orhan’s brilliant and eccentric grandfather Kemal a man who built a dynasty out of making kilim rugs is found dead submerged in a vat of dye Orhan inherits the decades old business But Kemal’s will raises uestions than it answers He has left the family estate to a stranger thousands of miles away an aging woman in an Armenian retireme THEY FOUND HIM inside one of seventeen cauldrons in the courtyard steeping in an indigo dye two shades darker than the summer skyWith one of the most startling opening lines I think I've ever read this debut novel by Aline Ohanesian immediately captured my attention and managed to maintain it through a story of the Armenian genocide to the endIn the present day Orhan Türkoğlu the young Turkish manager of his grandfather's successful kilim business goes to the USA to find out why his grandfather has left the family home to a stranger in his will The stranger is Seda Melkonian an intellectually sharp but reticent woman seeing out her twilight years in a care facility for aged Armenians from where the past is impossible to escape While Seda is only too willing to sign over her rights to the property she is much less forthcoming in giving Orhan the answers to his uestionsOhanesian takes us back to WWI where the childhood friendship between Kemal and Lucine is beginning to turn into something before they are separated by the Armenian 'deportations' from Turkey into the Syrian desert The circumstances of the deportees become increasingly desperate and the narrative necessarily graphic as the journey progresses One passage that stopped me in my tracks concerned a woman giving birth by the side of the road with the Turkish gendarmes impatiently urging her to get on with it They soon tire of waiting and take action to resolve the matter and get the deportees marching againThis is a novel of love loss and family secrets It taught me a lot about the Armenian genocide Towards the end I felt it ran out of steam with the big secret revealed in just a few paragraphs and not really very explicitly so I probably would have preferred it to be a bit longer ORHAN MAKES HIS way back to the sea of mauve and green that is the reception area Sitting down he sinks so deep into one of the couches that he swears he can suddenly feel the weight of a century’s worth of deception and longing bearing down on his shouldersThat's kind of how I felt at the end too but in a good informed way

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Nt home in Los Angeles Her existence and secrecy about her past only deepen the mystery of why Orhan’s grandfather willed his home in Turkey to an unknown woman rather than to his own son or grandson Left with only Kemal’s ancient sketchbook and intent on righting this injustice Orhan boards a plane to Los Angeles There he will not only unearth the story that eighty seven year old Seda so closely guards but discover that Seda’s past now threatens to unravel his future Her story if told has the power to undo the legacy upon which his family has be A nice debut novel based on the true stories of the author’s grandmother and the survivors of the deportation and ethnic purging of the Armenian minority occurred in 1915 under the Ottoman governmentIt’s a sad story about a time period and place Anatolia a region of Turkey which I wanted to know about This novel prompted me to research the Armenian genocide which Turkish government refuses to acknowledge to this day What happened to the Ottoman Armenians just over 100 years ago is a controversial topic a precursor of the holocaust in WWII but while the latter is widely known and talked about the Armenian pogrom is uietly swept under the carpet of historyIn this novel I appreciated how the emphasis of the story was on the women and the children Fatma LucineSeda Bedros Aram Ahmet in any conflict they are the ones who and pay the highest price and bear the most35 starsFav uote What your grandfather didn’t understand is that strength comes in different disguises It does not always ride a mighty horse or wield a shiny sword Sometimes we have to be like a riverbank twisting and turning along with the earth withstanding swells and currents Enduringfrom the author’s note For me the hidden stories of people families and places exotic or familiar aren’t meant to be entombed in silence When uncovered and shared they make the world just a little bit better


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Orhan's InheritanceEn built  Moving back and forth in time between the last years of the Ottoman Empire and the s Orhan’s Inheritance is a story of passionate love unspeakable horrors incredible resilience and the hidden stories that can haunt a family for generations “Aline Ohanesian draws from her family’s own dark history to create a tender powerful story of love and reclamation Orhan’s Inheritance is a breathtaking and expansive work of historical fiction and proof that the past can sometimes rewrite the future” Christina Baker Kline author of Orphan Trai 💔💔💔Watch my full review