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Download Dying For Christmas Reader è 400 pages Î ✤ [Download] ➼ Dying For Christmas By Tammy Cohen ➶ – I am missing Held captive by a blue eyed stranger To mark the twelve days of Christmas he gives me a gift every day each horrible than the last The twelfth day is getting closer AfStmas cheer for me No mince pies no carols No way outBut I have a secret No one has guessed it Will you? While out Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve Jessica Gould meets an intriguing man Dominic Lacey and ends up agreeing to go home with him for a drink As soon as Jessica is alone with Dominic she immediately regrets her decision and begins to fear for what she has gotten herself into Jessica finds herself locked in Dominic's apartment with no means of escape as she slowly comes to realize that he has no plans of letting her go Over the course of the next twelve days Jessica learns just what a sick and twisted game Dominic has planned But Jessica has plans of her own that just may help her make it out alive What can I say about Dying for Christmas? This was one sick and twisted psychological thriller from start to finish that I just didn't want to put down The book will surprise readers and keep them on their toes throughout because as soon as you think you know what is going to happen in this one it never fails to surprise Without giving away any spoilers I hope I will say there are two parts to this story Just as one ends it's like beginning a whole new book with a different plot and grabs your attention right back into the read with even twists to keep the pages turning Overall dark and disturbing situations with a twisted plot but one heck of a ride from start to finish I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley For reviews please visit

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I am missing Held captive by a blue eyed stranger To mark the twelve days of Christmas he gives me a gif There was something about the blurb for this book that grabbed my attention Maybe it was that I had never read a Christmas thriller before or it could be that it sounded so intriguing Either way it turns out it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped forThe opening was strong I was captivated Excited Curious What could possibly make a woman go home with a man she just met especially when she has a boyfriend at home? Granted the man resembled Bradley Cooper and made the reuisite declaration “I’m not some crazed axe murder I promise” but still What did she think was going to happen when she agreed to go back to his place for a drink? I guess maybe there was a teeny tiny part of me that could accept this odd duck hunting for a little excitement in her life Even in the face of stranger danger “What I was after was an experience a memory I could store in tissue paper and take out every now and then in years to come when no one was around” What she ended up with was way than a glass of wine but wasn’t that kind of obvious? Or was it? What appears to be a captive woman forced to spend twelve days of Christmas with a crazed stranger morphs into something else entirely It’s an unexpected twist; I’ll give the author that but my attention had kind of waned by that point I just wasn’t feeling it if I’m being honest Somewhere among the gift giving and the pseudo psycho pillow talk I got lost Lost in the monotony and humdrum tone of the story It was flat and kind of unexciting; my mind was wandering and the page countdown had begun I struggled to find a connection with any of the characters Jessica Dominic or even Kim While I won’t say this was horrible or totally unenjoyable I can’t say that it was spectacular either It was somewhere smack in the middle for me Thank you to Pegasus Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review


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Dying For ChristmasT every day each horrible than the last The twelfth day is getting closer After that there'll be no Chri 5 Words Christmas kidnap deceit revenge tortureWow This bookTalk about an unreliable narratorI loved Jessica I loved how when I got to the end of part one I could have happily put the book down But that second half? It blew my mindNow I love Christmas And I love crime But I've never really read a good mix of the two despite a year on year search That was until I picked up this gem Honestly? I didn't even read the blurb If I had though I would still have picked it up because this book is right up my street I only picked it up because of the mix of genres and the stunning coverThis is a book that makes you stop and think It messes with your head As much as Dominic messes with Jessica in the first half of the book Tammy Cohen messes with yours all through the second half And it's brilliantI'd love to read about Kim she might not have been the main character but I love love LOVED her story and really want to know how it all ended for herThis isn't a book about the warm fuzzy Christmas feels But it is still a book about family and relationships and how they are particularly poignant and tense during the festive season