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Conversations Among RuinsCONVERSATIONS AMONG RUINS is a portrait of a descent into madness and the potential of finding salvation thereWhile in detox Daniel Stavros a young dual diagnosed professor meets and falls in love with the cryptic Mimi Dexter But Mimi has secrets and strangely a tattoo identical to a penda. Poignant; heartbreakingly realisticThere’s something about Conversations Among Ruins and its author’s inimitable style that draws a reader in from the very first page An endearing uality about the hero Dr Daniel Stavros that’s funny and witty in a self deprecating way One is compelled to identify with him root for him and feel emotions so strong that it almost feels like he’s alive Hence despite Stavros’ sorry plight – a learned professor of English who is severely afflicted by depression and substance abuse and whose life was literally brought to a standstill by his struggle with alcohol addiction – I found myself laughing at his uips all the way through the first uarter of the novelThe mood turns sombre soon after though when Mimi the girl he falls in love with during a stint at the detox centre lets him down so badly that I cringed and wept with him and wished so much to wring the girl’s neck It’s to the author’s credit that he packs his writing with so much emotion one can almost feel oneself drowning in itI don’t think I’ll ever forget the poignant payphone scene Stavros’ moment of truth – the despair the helpless rage at Mimi’s betrayal and abandonment when she doesn’t turn up as promised to pick him up She’d already let him down once before when she’d failed to attend the family programme group meeting as promised Typically Stavros latches on to Mimi as might a drowning man to floating driftwood in a desperate bid to keep himself from drowning And typically too those closest to him turn away from him in his hour of need Whether it’s Sarah his mother who is beyond his reach from the grave or Mimi the new love of his life whom he subconsciously hopes to use as replacement he finds himself bereft and totally aloneI have to admit I was mighty glad when much later in the novel Mimi was rejected by the Sorbonne It was poetic justice of a sort For Stavros and for the reader bothThe delusions that follow are truly heartbreaking if one takes a measure of their implications In the mind of a man on the edge of madness they are all too real Preston who is also a product of those delusions plays a significant role in the last chapters as he leads his charge through various episodes in his life in a mystical way in order that he may find himself But is it mystical or is it just pure madness A reader will walk through the labyrinth of Stavros’ mind and uestion how much of it is real how much of it a product of his hallucinations and where will it all lead And will our afflicted hero find his salvation at the end of that terrible journey That is the uestionNever have I read so poignant and moving an account of the pain endured by alcoholics and the mentally ill Conversations Among Ruins is a powerful true to life depiction of that horror and despair; the vulnerability of such sufferers who find themselves flailing ineffectually in deep water with little hope of rescue; the inevitable lack of empathy by those around them and the dire conseuences thereof For how many loved ones have the capability to truly understand that kind of pain This novel is a must read for anyone with a family member who is similarly afflicted The insight it offers is a bounty one won’t easily find in a textbook

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characters Conversations Among Ruins ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ❰PDF❯ ❤ Conversations Among Ruins Author Matthew Peters – CONVERSATIONS AMONG RUINS is a portrait of a descent into madness and the potential of finding salvation thereWhile in detox Daniel Stavros a yoNt Daniel’s mother gave him right before she diedDrawn together by broken pasts they pursue a twisted tempestuous romance Conversations Among eBook #198 When it ends a deteriorating Stavros seeks refuge at a mountain cabin where a series of surreal experiences brings him face to face wit. Matthew Peters’ raw and yet lyrical novel Conversations Among Ruins centers on college professor Daniel Stavros a man of intellect imagination and deep experience with a complicated capacity for love—ualities that have been thwarted and manipulated leaving him unable to live healthily and productively At war with himself and his personal and professional circumstances he is caught in the muddy trenches of the past and cross fire of the present; unlikely to survive let alone believe in and fight for a better future Through—as the title suggests—a dialogue with all that haunts him he enables and challenges his debilitating lifestyle and self hatred in an emotional psychological and spiritual journey through addiction denial obsession regret and grief Over and over he fails to make the most of opportunities to recover and renew and it seems he may never get off the rollercoaster ride of compulsive behavior that blurs his perception of where he is has come from and is goingThere’s no worse cellmate than yourself For me much of Conversations Among Ruins is about escape especially from healing This is not a read for the faint hearted; but an important one that reaches out beyond Stavros’ story speaking to addictions of all kinds that too often paralyze our emotions talents and potential for peace and fulfillment Unapologetically and hypnotically the novel shows how Stavros’ masochistic sense of comfort and companionship in alcoholism drug abuse and overall obsessiveness erodes and excludes important human relationships; sabotages his career; separates him from the simpler pleasures as with a beloved pet; and overall distorts his view of the truth and significance of his lifeMr Peters’ writing is effortlessly prosaic and poetic—The cramped psychiatrist’s office near the nursing station A banal middle aged man sits stiffly in a roller chair behind a pressboard desk eying Stavros like an interesting insect and one of my favorites he cries and bleeds until the stars come out and then the darkness The novel presents a stark sometimes cold reality but has heart and soul and even a mystical perspective The ending is suspenseful surprising and relieving as Stavros unwillingly at first and fortuitously detours from his self destructive path and begins to move through doors that open on new possibilities out of the old; encapsulated in an important message he receives that hopefully will allow him to heal after all

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H something he’s avoided all his life himselfThough miles away Mimi’s actions run oddly parallel to Daniel’s Will either be redeemed or will both careen toward self destructionThe term dual diagnosed refers to someone suffering from a mood disorder eg depression and chemical dependen. Provocative Mind GameMatthew Peters' debut novel Conversations Among Ruins is not for the faint of heart reader who likes pretty stories It's a gritty uncomfortable look into the downward spiral of chemically addicted Professor Daniel Stavros and his oddly parallel and mysterious girlfriend Mimi Dexter We follow the duo through their volatile brief relationship and feel their emotional pain as they struggle with the monster of addiction When the relationship ends and Stavros hits bottom he seeks refuge in a mountain cabin to dry outor check out And what occurs as he faces himself and his past in this remote locale makes the delirium tremors of alcohol withdrawal seem like a minor inconvenience What's even strange is that miles away Mimi's actions run strangely parallelConversations Among Ruins consumes us as we commiserate and root for young Daniel Stavros We feel visceral discomfort watching his decline into possible madness or death Peters a masterful writer weaves a compelling enigmatic story as he takes us on this dark voyage with Daniel and Mimi The book lingers inviting us to ponder its multi tiered depth long after we turn the last page I highly recommend this wonderful novel and eagerly look forward to reading from this talented author