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characters ¶ Djinn AUTHOR Sam West à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➽ Djinn ➶ Author Sam West – Pam Wilkins hates her life She doesn’t have much going for her Her boyfriend beats her she looks like the back end of a bus and she’s skint To top it alE soon discovers that the price she must pay is far higher than she ever imagined WARNING FROM THE AUTHOR This book is offensive It is not intended for readers of a sensitive disposition It is hardcore splatterpunk with lashings of violence sex and gore. Not for the sensitive stomach LOL Enjoy

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Inn appears in a puff of smoke and grants her six wishes All she has to do make her dreams come true is commit the most heinous atrocious acts imaginable Six wishes for six atrocities It’s a no brainer Pam will do ANYTHING to get what she wants But sh. Full review can be found at What would you do if you lived a miserable life and was suddenly offered six wishes to make all your dreams come true You could have beauty and money than you could ever dream of You could finally walk away from your loser boyfriend who only uses you for a hole and a punching bag You could walk away from having to work several jobs just to keep said loser boyfriend in beer and snacks You could have it all Would you do it Even if the chance to do so involved doing things so horrific that they would make the worst horrorslasher film seem like a Disney movie Or would you give up the chance to have all your dreams come true and stay with the dead end jobs and boyfriend who gets off on beating you Pam Wilkins was given that choice Perform six tasks and receive six wishes The tasks So horrific that most would immediately say no regardless of what completing those tasks would offer in the long run Not Pam She was willing to do anything and everything regardless of what it entailedI have to stress that this book is EXTREMELY disturbing and will not be for anyone who is even remotely sensitive Some of the tasks are so bad that I who can read pretty much anything got grossed out than once If you go to read it heed the warnings in the blurb and make sure this is the type of book you can handle Overall a very good book Disturbing yes but extremely well written I will definitely be reading by this author This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

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Djinn AUTHOR Sam WePam Wilkins hates her life She doesn’t have much going for her Her boyfriend beats her she looks like the back end of a bus and she’s skint To top it all off she cleans up other people's sht for a living While she’s at work scrubbing a toilet a Dj. “I can make you happy I can make you beautiful I can make you rich Whatever you want” Imagine getting the opportunity to have everything your heart desires How much is it worth Your soul Your dignity Pam Wilkins' life is pretty deplorable She's neither attractive nor financially secure Her boyfriend assaults her constantly both physically and sexually She hates her job cleaning up other people's crap literally Naturally when a djinn appears before her one day and offers six wishes she jumps at the chance to transform her life All she has to do is perform a number of tasks These tasks are tough though But so is Pam She's willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants She's not about to let anything stand in her way And her life is about to change in ways she can't begin to imagineI love extreme horror In my opinion the horrifically depraved the better I've read a lot of stories that most people would find offensive I don't shy away from gore and I don't cringe when it comes to material the average person would deem repulsiveKudos to West for being one in a handful of authors who have ever made me gag over their brilliantly warped depictions of human indecency and debauchery The scenes within this book are seriously foul vile sick and twisted The pages ooze stomach churning nastiness In other words this is one awesome book I think it's great when authors aren't afraid to pull readers out of their comfort zone This book will surely test even those with steel constitutions The story is well written and imaginative Pam is a mess definitely not a very likeable character but you can't help but sympathize She's just desperate and trying to improve her life It's a great engrossing story that will make you stop and think about just how far you'd go to attain the perfect life The twist at the end was great too