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Stephen King Films FA Free download ↠ 104 Ë ❴EPUB❵ ✼ Stephen King Films FA Author Scott Von Doviak – Over the past four decades the Stephen King movie has become a genre unto itself 'Stephen King Films FA' is a comprehensive overview of this body of work encompassing well known hits as welAssing well known hits as well as forgotten obscurities critical darlings and reviled flops films that influenced Stephen King PDF or King as well as those that. There is no name synonymous with horror than Stephen King Whether or not you like his books there is no denying that no one person is better known when it comes to bringing the scares to a global audience His countless works have spawned over one hundred film adaptations including TV mini series and episodes from shorts to full length features and from indie to Hollywood produced Scott Von Doviak attempts to tackle those films in his latest book Stephen King Films FA All That's Left to Know About the King of Horror on FilmI have to admit before cracking this book open if you had told me there were over a hundred titles based on the work of King I would have scoffed But when you sit down and think about it you've probably seen many of them or maybe even some of their seuels that most likely weren't endorsed by the horror king – no pun intended Hell there may even be some titles in this book that would surprise the casual horror fanYou can read Steve's full review at Horror DNA by clicking here

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Over the past four decades the Stephen King movie has become a genre unto itself 'Stephen King Films FA' is a comprehensive overview of this body of work encomp. Available March from Applause Books Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing GroupThank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via netgalleyAuthor Scott Von Doviak provides background information analysis and trivia regarding the various films and television productions including “Bloodlines” sections on related works and “Deep Cuts” sections collecting additional odd facts and ephemera All you ever wanted to know about the king of horror onscreen can be found hereNow we all know what a Stephen King fanatic I am so this book was an absolute must read for me as I do watch every adaptation going and was definitely interested in finding out hearing other opinions and seeing if there were any that I had missedThis held a plethora of information within its pages and I found it extremely interesting I dipped in and out of it managed to get a little list out of it of adaptations I had missed and generally had a lot of fun with it As someone who knows Mr King's books inside out and upside down but didnt know UITE so much about how some of these stories came to screen it was fascinating readingMr Von Doviak's writing is terrific sometimes this sort of reference material can be very dry even if you are interested in the subject matter but in this case I found it to be extremely involving humerous in places and certainly well researched I doubt there is much to be said on the subject of King adaptations and as soon as the paperback is available I shall be getting a copy for my Stephen King shelf Its something I will go back to again and againAll in all a must have for any Stephen King fan and an enjoyable read for anyoneHappy Reading Folks

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Stephen King Films FAHave followed in his footsteps upcoming and unmade projects and selected works in other media including comic books radio dramas and the infamous 'Carrie' musica. Originally posted here The Steadfast Reader King's March Stephen King Films FAWhen I picked up this book I expected a glossy coffee table book that would be a lot of pretty or gruesome pictures and a few fun facts Wrong Let me re emphasize This is not a coffee table book While this book is billed to be about the Stephen King genre of horror it starts out as a history of horror films themselves The first few chapters chronicle the earliest silent horror films through Universal Studios 'creature features' which we know inspired the young King It's an extraordinary look into the history of cinema I really enjoyed these chapters despite them not being strictly about Stephen King filmsOnce Von Doviak delves into the King 'genre' there's really no turning back This book is four hundred pages and it is dense There are photographs and pictures but not as liberally as expected He tries to keep the films in chronological order within sub categories So all of the theatrical releases take up a chapter followed by made for TV movies right into the mini series The scope of Stephen King filmmaking is breathtaking he's been nearly as prolific in movies has he has been as an author and that's really saying somethingVon Doviak brings up King movies that I didn't even know existed If nothing else this volume is thorough I found it to be an extremely enjoyable read but then I'm a hard core Stephen King fan Still how did I not know that Rob Reiner directed Misery Each movie is summarized with no regard for spoilers analyzed and then the reader is given some history behind the making of the film The author also covers Stephen King in other media including comic books musicals and yet to be produced films and TV projects On a personal note I have always enjoyed the ABC mini series of The Stand please please please if this is made into a movie let it be a trilogy this book was able to articulate what exactly was unsatisfying about it I always felt something was a little 'off' with the mini series and Van Doviak posits that it's the actor cast as Randall Flagg YES NOW I KNOW I'd recommend this book to serious Stephen King fans and serious horror movie buffs Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review