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Yonnondio From the Thirties Download Ý 104 õ ❴Reading❵ ➶ Yonnondio From the Thirties Author Tillie Olsen – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Yonnondio follows the heartbreaking path of the Holbrook family in the late 1920s and the Great Depression as they move from the coal mines of Wyoming to a tenant farm in western NebraYonnondio follows the heartbreaking path of the Holbrook family in the late s and the Great Yonnondio From ePUB #8608 Depression as they move from the coal mines of Wyoming to a tenant farm in western Nebraska ending up finally on the kill floor. During the beginning of this work I thought of The Grapes of Wrath I wondered if Olsen had been able to complete this if it might’ve been even better than the Steinbeck Alas it is unfinished started when Olsen author of the wonderful I Stand Here Ironing” was only nineteen She worked on it intermittently over the next four or five years then stopped writing altogether—for twenty years—due to her raising and supporting her four children If her life was anything like her protagonist’s it’s no wonder her writing ceased there would’ve been no time for writing in the struggle for survivalThe story starts in a coal mining town Hoping for better the family moves to a tenant farm a too brief idyll for the children one that colors their attitude toward the next move to a meatpacking city The description of the city and the children’s bewilderment reminded me of the innovative language of John Dos Passos’ Manhattan TransferEven unfinished this work is a testament of the USA in the 1930s; a witness to the lives outer and inner of a family and communities stuck in a poverty trap; and to their heartbreaking attempts to find both without and within bits of beauty

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Children be educated and Jim's wish for a life lived out in the open away from the darkness and danger of the mines At every turn in their journey however their dreams are frustrated and the family is jeopardized by cruel and indifferent systems. I read this book way back in high school As I recall we were given a list of books to choose from I chose The Great Gatsby got bored switched to Yonnondio and loved it In my 20's I reread The Great Gatsby and absolutely adored it Now in my 30's I'm curious how I would compare the two booksAll I can remember about Yonnondio uite honestly is that it reminded me of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn though reviews suggest it's even darker than that I've lost tolerance for dark having lived uite enough of it Likewise I've lost some affinity with Gatsby's idealism Oh how very subjective it all is

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Yonnondio From the ThirtiesS of the slaughterhouses and in the wretched neighborhoods of the poor in Omaha Nebraska Mazie the oldest daughter in the growing family of Jim and Anna Holbrook tells the story of the family's desire for a better life – Anna's dream that her. Some may be a bit wary of starting a novel they know to be unfinished In this case though the process definitely matters than the missing endingBeautifully and poetically written in a narrative that shifts between bouts of stream of consciousness and a regular omnipotent narration Yonnondio is a highly evocative little gift to the readerBoth set and written during the 1930s it gives insights into poverty during the depression in a way that is untainted by the brushing over and sentimentalism that sometimes accompanies memoryPartly because the focalization often goes through Mazie who is 8 or 9 years old the book opens up a child's perspective that makes it about emotional experience than reasoned analysis of what happens to the characters Nevertheless it remains unsentimental and clearly critical of the conditions endured by workersI would recommend this to anyone interested in the 1930s emotion in narrative childhood as a field of study as well as the obvious socialist and gender themes that come with the plot