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Penelope Wilton narrates BBC Radio s epic dramatization of the treasured family sagaElizabeth Jane Howard s five book chronicle of the upper middle class Cazalet family begins in as siblings Hugh Edward Ruper and Rachel join together for another family holiday at Home Place their house in the Sussex countrysi. I read the five volumes of the Cazalet series decades ago and didn’t remember much about it When I saw that the BBC had produced an audio dramatization of the series I thought it would be an entertaining listen It sure is and it’s pretty wild in ways that I can’t believe I didn’t rememberThe book starts out as a straightforward potboiler y WW2 era family drama of the sort you might expect to see on Masterpiece Theater but then the crazy jumps up on the stage view spoilerThe pubescent Louisa is felt up and french kissed by her own father She fears that her mother Villy who has never shown her normal maternal warmth will not support her if she tells her about her father So this happens a couple of times before Louise fights him off and screams at him that she hates him However just a few years later when Louise is grown up all that incestuous pedo stuff is apparently forgotten and she gets along just fine with her father In fact although in the wake of her adolescent problems with her father she develops a much better relationship with Villy that also seems to be forgotten once she’s grown up She tells Villy about going off on vacation with her father and his new wife callously ignoring how that would make Villy feel It’s never explained why Louise’s feelings toward her parents change Maybe that comes out in the books but I’d still find it very hard to understand how a young woman can just go back to a loving relationship with her father after obviously rightly hating him for being all pervy with herIt’s a miracle that Louise’s father Edward has time for attempted incest considering his very busy personal sideline in adultery with women outside the family complete with impregnating one of his mistresses There are actually unintended pregnancies all over the place by the way thankfully not all by Edward Louisa marries young to Michael an upper class artist uite a bit older who shortly after the wedding has to join the armed forces Michael is creepily close to his mother who is overbearing to Louisa When Louisa has a baby almost immediately she has postpartum depression though of course it isn’t called that at the time Her mother in law tells her to snap out of it hurry up and have another child and if Louisa doesn’t that she will gladly stab Louisa to death As long as we’re going to be that crazy I want to hear about it but we never do hide spoiler

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The CazaletsY Sarah Daniels and Lin Coghlan and with a large cast of actors across all five books this remarkable radio event adds a new dimension to Elizabeth Jane Howard s extraordinary chronicles The first four Cazalet novels sold over a million copies with the fifth being published in shortly before the author s deat. Enjoyable tho I kept wondering what I was missing in listening to the condensed dramatized version Also kept wishing I had world enough and time to read this in tandem with Woolf's The Years

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Free download The Cazalets æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Ebook] ➮ The Cazalets ➭ Elizabeth Jane Howard – Penelope Wilton narrates BBC Radio 4 s epic dramatization of the treasured family sagaElizabeth Jane Howard s five book chronicle of the upper middle class Cazalet familDeDuring the course of The Light Years Marking Time Confusion Casting Off and All Change the progress of their lives and those of their children will be charted As their stories unfold we gain a vivid insight into the lives hopes and loves of three generations during the Second Word War and beyondDramatized b. I was a delight to spend time with the Cazalet family and a good refresher to now read the fifth book in the series This audio play is very well done