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read reader î Sanctuary The Freaks MC #2 ↠ Kindle Edition ☆ sarah osborne º [Download] ➾ Sanctuary The Freaks MC #2 ➹ Sarah Osborne – Unlike his brothers who had regular jobs wives kids a place to call their own all Samson had was his bike tHe'd never be his old lady That wasn't a life for her She loved to ride with him and was under no illusion about the club and his role in it but she was too much of a free spirit to tie herself down that way And even I think I preferred book one of this series Although I did enjoy this one it took me a long time to warm up to the heroine and I just felt like Samson deserved better She was so snooty and judgmental which didn't suit the laid back hippie personality we were being told she was supposed to be That leads me to another point I really didn't feel the love between Samson and Emma We were told how they met five years ago which was nothing special at all and then that they had been sleeping together ever since But they don't really know each other at all Also neither of them ever seemed to want we were told how they felt Told they wanted to be together But the most important thing was we weren't shown Not really Even once they finally decided to be together properly and Emma gave up her life to move and be with Samson I still just wasn't feeling it Samson was a much better character He's still so honest loving and caring I adored him It was so great to see Beth and TinyJoe again I am just relieved that things are still going well for them even if Joe is definitely still an overbearing prick Haha I really hated how things have gone for Barney too I liked his character in the previous book so much seeing him turn into someone else was awful So overall I did enjoy reading this book But there were definitely a lot of holes Thanks to Jen for the Buddy Read It's always great reading with you D

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Unlike his brothers who had regular jobs wives kids a place to call their own all Samson had was his bike the road and the club It was enough but sometimes when he needed to escape all the crazy he came here He knew s I don't have the kind of special way with words my Buddy Read partners do so I'll just make it short and sweetI devoured this book I really enjoyed A Family Man but I absolutely LOVED Sanctuary because besides Samson and Emma we got to see a shit load pardon my French of Tiny and Beth as well and I just adored the relationship between the two couples Do NOT read this series out of order Major spoilers in this one for A Family Man and I mean MAJOR SPOILERS Books like 'Sanctuary' and 'A Family Man' are MY kind of books because they make me feel All kind of things Both books in this series had stuff happen that broke my heart 'A Family Man' especially but at the end of the day when reading a book I'd rather feel than not I said it before and I'll say it again I love reading MC Romance because of the simplicity of the MC culture I love that the stuff they care about is stuff worth caring about loyalty friendship brotherhood honor family I love that these flawed individuals who do 'bad' things by breaking the law and taking justice into their own hands are most often hard on themselves because they don't see themselves worthy of the women who choose to love them I love that when they love they love hard It's like a no frills kind of relationships all you get is raw feels These guys are up front and honest and sometimes it takes their women by surprise which makes for some great laugh out loud moments There were many but these are some of my favorite uotes homecoming fucks When it felt she would die if he didn't stop and would die if he didMaybe they should just ride forever Just the two of them chasing the sun for the rest of their daysYou are a Freak Tiny Freaks love hard and they love foreverI recommend this book to those who love MC books with substance CheersPS I think Spike needs his own book IMMEDIATELYTo get your copy US UK CA


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Sanctuary The Freaks MC #2If she was willing to give up her solitude what would the club make of this weird vegetarian hippie chick who spent her days growing vegetables or painting and in the evening would rather curl up with a book than part A lot gentle than the first book in the series but not without some tough situations One in particular might be an issue for some view spoiler rape but it is that is referred to and later discussed rather than descriptive at the time hide spoiler