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All hell breaks loose when Jessica The Ghost PDFEPUB #193 Parker arrives in Deadwood and finds her father brutally murdered Jessie teams up with the cantankerous ghost of Wild Bill Hickok to confront a murderous gang of outlaws in a town gone mad with gold. This is what the Weird West genre is all about Ghosts gunslingers Indian Shamans cowgirls it's got a little bit of everything The ghost of Wild Bill Hickock comes back to help a feisty female avenge her fathers murder and he wants to avenge his own while he's at it There are of course a group of bad guys standing in the way as well as a Chinese Sorceror The greatest evil however is buried at the bottom of the mine And better not spoken of hereI would recommend this to any fan of the Weird Western genre or really any western fan at all John Hamilton is a bit of an expert on the old west so you get a bit authenticity than you would with an average weird western novel Actually if you like ghosts and action this ones for you I am looking forward to the next volume of Ghost Marshal

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Ghost Marshal The Ghost Marshal Chronicles #1Zarre conspiracy that takes them to the very gates of hell itself From prairie wildflower to badass gunslinger Jessie Parker Marshal The Ghost ePUB #9734 is destined to become a rip snortin’ hero of the Weird West if she lives long enough to tell the tal. Ghost MarshalBy John C HamiltonRavenfire Media of Eden Prairie MNISBN 978 0 9828459 5 0310 PagesThe western genre contains shoot em ups bad guys good guys gold mines saloons and horses Here in GHOST MARSHAL add some spectral features a la Stephen King and a good touch of Asian folklore and you get a new thrilling angle on the western genre Drop the whole package in the middle of the era of Gold Fever in the Black Hills of South Dakota and oh what a tale for the readerStoryteller John Hamilton knits a yarn with all these elements to give the reader a fun innovative story set in the Old West Meet Jessie whose father is murdered over a gold mine No shy wallflower this lady She can handle herself well among the nearly all male population of Deadwood as she confronts an unsavory sheriff a judge of uestionable morality and the usual suad of bad guys Her confidence is multiplied by a uniue friendship with Wild Bill Hickok who has just found himself in the form of a ghost thanks to an attack from behind during a poker game The two of them assist each other in surprising ways as they chase down their foes bickering with each other all the wayThe bad guys In addition to those already mentioned there’s the leader of the Chinese population of the town who derives certain talents from the dark side There’s the henchmen who are willing and very able to take down whoever they are ordered to take down All of them are uite nefarious – some downright fully evil Add in some other characters a down on her luck lady of the evening and a mostly blind storekeeper for example for some pathos and comedyAuthor John C Hamilton blends all these characters in a story that keeps the reader active Don’t expect much down time between episodes of action – confrontations in rainy cemeteries and smoke filled saloons ambushes in the dark streets of Deadwood and the deep caves of the gold mines – they’re all there carefully and cleverly worded to give the reader the sensation that he is right in the middle of the fracasPick up John C Hamilton’s book GHOST MARSHAL for a creative scary funny creepy gallop through a story in the Old West It’ll make you wish you were sitting in a saloon beer at the ready keeping your eye on the drunk at the end of the bar and wondering about the eerie sounds coming from who knows where

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DOWNLOAD ↠ Ghost Marshal The Ghost Marshal Chronicles #1 õ [Read] ➮ Ghost Marshal The Ghost Marshal Chronicles #1 By John Hamilton – All hell breaks loose when Jessica Parker arrives in 1876 Deadwood and finds her father brutally murdered Jessie teams up with the cantankerous ghost of WilFever They soon find themselves knee deep in Ghost Marshal PDF mayhem with gunfights Chinese sorcery barroom brawls pleasures of the flesh giant demon owls forbidden romance and a heaping dose of frontier justice Along the way Jessie and Bill uncover a bi. What a fun bookIf you like westerns; ghost stories; good vs evil; Wild Bill Hickok; Deadwod; St Peter; nasty evil villains; and strong intelligent heroines and heroes you should try this book In addition to the various elements involved Mr Hamilton is an engaging writer and story teller I hope for a seuel in the near futureI downloaded this book via Kindle Unlimited