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FREE READ ó A Meditation on Murder  ❴Reading❵ ➸ A Meditation on Murder Author Robert Thorogood – Aslan Kennedy has an idyllic life Leader of a Spiritual Retreat for wealthy holidaymakers on one of the Caribbean's most unspoilt islands Saint Marie Until he's murdered that is The case seems open an Aslan Kennedy has an idyllic life Leader of a Spiritual Retreat for wealthy holidaymakers on one of the Caribbean's most unspoilt islands Saint Marie Until he's murdered that is The case seems open and shut when Aslan was A Meditation Epubkilled he was inside a locked. I enjoyed this cozy mystery a lot It's a typical closed circle whodunnit murder mystery but set in a Caribbean island The tropical setting drips through the pages and it's so delightful for a summer fan like me This series also turned into a BBC tv series and I'll definitely will be watching that too In this one Aslan Kennedy gets killed by stabbing with a knife in a small Japanese tea house while he was doing a meditation session with his clients It's a little room where only 5 people were inside so whodunnit then Aslan is the co owner of a luxury Retreat hotel in a small island in Caribbean managing it with his wife Our detective is Richard who's actually British moving to the island after an incident he was investigating there He actually hates tropical weather and has sand phobia These details made the book really funny and I loved Richard as a character As a classic whodunnit some clues reveal themselves to our detective team slowly and we try to solve it through the book I had a lot of fun solving it and reading about all these characters I only wish it was a tad shorter so the pace was a bit better at some times Nevertheless it's a fun book to fly through and enjoy a cozy mystery Definitely recommended I will surely continue this series

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Room with only five other people one of whom has already confessed to the murder Detective Inspector Richard Poole is hot bothered and fed up with talking to witnesses who'd rather discuss his 'aura' than their whereabouts at the time of the murder But he also knows th. In our there is a TV series we watched from day one as it kinda sounded too good to be true An English Policeman get sent to a Caribbean Island to solve the murder of the chief detective and he gets kinda stuck there and he somewhat like a fish out of the water except this policeman is deadly afraid of water It is a comedy mystery and always an ending in which the detective and his staff gather all suspects around and explains the murder and who did it Very Agatha Christie actually This is one tv show that I actually advise anybody even if we have by bow arrived at the third English detective in Saint Marie and of the original crew only Dwayne and the Chief of Police remainThis book takes us back to the beginning when DI Richard Poole has been on the tropical island for close to a year and has some issues with a small green lizard sharing his beachfront property watch the show for the wit in that description At an hotel a guru like figure gets lethally stabbed in a closed room with only 5 possible suspects and during the story we find out that almost all of them have a very strong reason to see this man dead His second in command Camille Bordey a beautiful woman with the intelligence to match that is always annoyed by her so uintessential English boss who at tropical temperatures still wears his woolen suit and who is so incredibly smart and a fickler for details Then there is the agent Dwayne Myers who is the essential islander that has ways and sources that are perhaps less police style but always deliver the goods And last not least is officer sergeant Fidel Best who is a smart and bright officer that will soon outgrow this little police force but at this time is still learning form the talents of his co workers Selwyn Patterson the commissioner who kinda wheeled and dealed the talents of DI Poole to his tropical paradise as lead investigator does play no real role in this book but he is always around somewhere This odd group of talents always get underestimated but at the end of the case anybody still doubting their talents has probably not paid attentionThis story is about a locked room mystery and the solution is in the details It brings us the characters that have woed the many viewers around the world and this time they stay somewhat langer than 50 minutes around for you to enjoy themA great celebration of the original show as written by the original creator of the show with charcters he thought of first Weel worth your time reading have you not seen the show yet go and watch it first and after you have fallen in love with them read the book and the next two I know I want toWelcome to Saint Marie and enjoy paradise


A Meditation on MurderAt the facts of the case don't uite stack up In fact he's convinced that the person who's just confessed to the murder is the one person who couldn’t have done it Determined to track down the real killer DI Poole is soon on the trail and no stone will be left unturne. ★★★★½✩ Absolutely love this BBC series on TV so of course I had to get the book Loved it Robert Thorogood is the screenwriter for the series and he continues to bring the characters alive here in this first installment