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Reckless Wanderers #4Le Ella finds herself making a pact with the devil herself There’s a dark power rising and it’s up to Ella and her friend’s to stop it before it’s too late Can she save her friends before the darkness takes over Or will she be consumed and tempted to come over to the other si. After reading the first three books I was really excited to read the forth I couldn't wait to find out who Ella finally chose and if she could defeat JackI enjoyed the story in that she went back to school and conuered Jack and that Ella accepted her vampire rootsI love that Josue is back and Kyle I just wish Kyle would find a lovely lady so he'd stop pining for EllaI give this book 4 stars but mainly because the other three books were so good otherwise I'd teeter towards a 3 And the reason for this is because I feel frustratedFrustrated that Ella is still so self involvedFrustrated that Tristan left Ella after a few silly words from Cameron who I am still suspensions ofFrustrated that the Lucas issue is still unresolvedFrustrated that I still don't know who Ella will end up with From the hints it is clear that Tristan has sacrificed something huge I have an idea about that but I'll probably be wrong Frustrated by the end of this book Ella waking up and asking for Roman and not even considering Tristan until she thought she needed him for something I am rooting for Tristan and I hope book 5 has some answers x

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Is crazy and all of this is a dream but then reality snaps her Reckless Wanderers Kindle back Jack is gone for good this time Tristan and Roman are brothers and they both want her Ella no longer knows which way is right and which way is left and with new students stirring up troub. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Can I give this book 100 stars I'm OBSESSED with Jessica Miller's wanderers books Definitely my new favorite series It was so new and different from any of the other paranormal books I've read I fell in love with the characters almost immediately and loved how well they were developed The dialogue between characters was incredibly entertaining and once I started reading I was hooked I became really attached to Ella and her group of friends while reading the series and honestly don't know how I'm going to wait so long for the next book to be written If only I could get my hands on it sooner Book 4 in the series ended with a few cliffhangers making it an almost impossible wait for the next one I've read so many paranormal books that take place in an academy for the paranormal and none of them can even come close to how well this one was written Overall I would definitely recommend this series to lovers of paranormal adventure and romance novels I did however find that some parts of book 4 maybe got a little too hot and steamy for a YA novel One thing that I love about this series is that each next book managed to top the one before it which is extremely rare to find At first I thought book 1 couldn't be beat then books 2 and 3 managed to blow me away Book 4 of the Wanderer series was the best yet and I believe that Miller will continue to impress Again absolutely CANNOT WAIT for book 5 to come out

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review Reckless Wanderers #4 103 ê ❰Read❯ ➵ Reckless Wanderers #4 Author Jessica Miller – Bound by fatedriven by love Nah none of that applies here Life has a funny way of smacking you in the face Ella has had just about enough of surprises that turn her world upside down and sends her int Bound by fatedriven Bound by fatedriven by love Nah none of that applies here Life has a funny way of smacking you in the face Ella has had just about enough of surprises that turn her world upside down and sends her into a spiraling roller coaster of emotions Lately she’s beginning to think maybe she. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from LoP or Lovers of ParanormalIt has been such a long time since I picked up a new series and it just stopped me right in my tracks The Wanderers Series did just that Jessica Miller writes one hell of a story and definitely keeps you guessing from beginning to end Reckless was such a great addition to the series It did not disappoint Miller gives her fans exactly what they want; action adventure heartache happiness laughter and Tristan naked I enjoyed this book so much and I feel so connected to the characters I only wish I had book 5 in front of me now so I can see what happens next Talk about a cliff hanger endingElla is having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of Unforgiven She doesn't know how to deal with taking a life and not to mention which brother to choose As she starts to pull out of her depression she notices somethings not right with Roman He is acting angry then usual Darker In the mean time Ella is having visions of Jack every time she turns around Josie suspects foul play and with the help of her friends Ella needs to find who is playing games with her mind Before she can delve deeper into her search things turn for the worse with Roman He's surrounded by evil and she knows it's up to her and the Scooby gang help him Ella races against the clock to help her love find his way back to her all the while trying to fight her feelings for Tristan as well Josie knows that a war is brewing and they will need to be prepared Can Ella and her friends stop the darkness thats coming Or will it finally be to much for her to fix on her ownElla is really growing as a character She finally understands that she has a great power within her and she can use it for good She is really struggling with Tristan and Roman I am kinda getting a little tired of the triangle but only because I know she belongs with Tristan I mean come oncan he get any hotter I can NOT wait until book 5 comes out I need to see what happens next Will Ella tell Xander about Jasa Who will Ella end up with And someone please tell me what is going to happen with Cameron and Dean So many uestions I need answered I guess I will just have to wait and see I recommend this book to all Lovers of Paranormal5 Stars