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Red Winter The United States of Vinland #2 Epub Ô 416 pages Download ´ ❰Epub❯ ❦ Red Winter The United States of Vinland #2 Author Colin Taber – Over a thousand years ago the Norse reached the Americas but never stayedWhat if they had?Following on from The United Over a thousand years ago the Norse reached the Americas but never stayedWhat if they had?Following on from The United States Of Vinland The Landing comes Red WinterEskil's dream of settling the newly discovered lands of the west to honour the Gods is under way Godsland and Lakeland are no lon Red Winter is a brilliant addition to what is proving to be an original and in depth alternate history series The story has exploded with a huge cast of characters all with competing interests in the new land With the use of omniscient point of view and multiple uniue characters we are able to closely follow numerous plot lines and viewpoints from many perspectives as they each converge towards inevitable bloody clashesThe story has introduced or developed some standout characters As examples Trion a leader with a bloodthirsty psychotic appetite is a recipe for unpredictable chaos Ineke is someone to sympathise with who eventually finds her strength with a promise of greater endeavours Tension is strong where it is needed throughout the book The scenes switch between the competing camps at a well seuenced and timed rate that the book becomes a page turner The tension during the lead up and opening scenes of the battle at Akrvan makes it one of the best battles I have ever read There are some fantastically described settings in this new world all delicately woven into the story to draw out deep emotions The opening paragraph of the scene with Gylla waiting outside the Hall of Ravens is to me the benchmark in linking setting with mood Whilst I wouldn’t have waited for the trilogy to be completed I would have preferred to read the series straight through as with the break I found some difficulty in following the various people and differing locationsSimilar to the first book the cliffhanger ending reinforces that this book is not just one story but an integral part of a large seriesI recommend this series for the original alternate history concept the huge cast of characters and the well crafted writing

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And a horizon stained with smoke Can the young settlements survive the challenge?But this is not the only trial the Norse of Markland will face Back across the sea in their peoples ancient homelands there are those who are jealous of the prosperity they see in the west War is coming to Markla In this one the slave Indians and half breeds rise up against the Lakelanders for their cruel treatment The Godlanders see and hear their fires and horns calling for held so so over to offer assistance They help kill off the Indians not knowing whether it is good or not but not willing to get into Lakelanders laws The Lakelanders start to struggle between their jarl who is starting to see the way of “ let’s talk things out” and his cousin that wants to kill whoever disagrees The Godlanders take in and accept everyone and flourish but everyone is getting Older How much longer will the jarl be there? In Iceland leaving on their own and claiming land comes to a head The jarl and his son are killed by The girls dogs for harassing her and she steps up to lead the group to Marksland

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Red Winter The United States of Vinland #2Ger alone as new villages grow and prosper in a world of fjords valleys forests and mountains all of it claimed in the name of OdinFor over twenty years factional rivalries have remained but the Hall of Wolves and the Hall of Ravens must face a challenge that comes heralded by crying war horns Mid trilogy book kinda okThis second volume puts the lie to the series title there won't be any united states since the whole trilogy is all about the founding and starting Norse colony in the americas that might have been It's set a generation after the initial book deals mostly with the Raven Wolf opposition and introduces plot threads but as often does not resolve any leaving us waiting for the last bookThis is a trend that I tend to hate and that is trilogies that are one book then two halves of the next bookThe series remain interesting because it deals with a different culture than we're used to and a good what if? very grounded foundation I suspect the reason the original Norse outposts in Vinland failed was that they did not set up a pipeline of colonists early leaving them too fragile and collapsing at the first major problem This book makes it clear this is not going to be the case in the alternate historyPS I still wanted the United States of not the New England of Vinland