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Washington County Murder Mayhem Book Ö 145 pages ✓ A. parker burroughs ✓ ❴PDF❵ ✎ Washington County Murder Mayhem Author A. Parker Burroughs – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk In 1907 a young girl was found dead in the Lyric Theatre leaving behind an unwanted pregnancy and an abuEred in a peck basket The Cannonball Express lived up to its name in 1888 when an open switch caused it to shoot off the track sending two cars flying Local journalist A Parker Burroughs resurrects these and other stories from s If you love historical murder and accidentsThese murder and mayhem books are like these hidden gems of obscure historical crime Well written and fast reads Recommend

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In 1907 a young girl was found dead in the Lyric Theatre leaving behind an unwanted pregnancy and an abusive lover On an otherwise uiet morning in 1891 a cartful of nitroglycerin exploded The remains of the driver had to be gath There is certainly some interesting history here However two of the six stories are just tragic accidents and have nothing to do with murder and mayhem Burroughs noted that Washington County averaged about 25 murders over the years Considering the title you would think he could have yielded some interesting murder and mayhem stories from a few of them to fill out the book and keep true to its title

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Washington County Murder MayhemOuthwestern Pennsylvania’s shadowy past From foul play at the Burgettstown Fair to the tragic murder of North Franklin’s Thelma Young follow the trail with Burroughs as he uncovers the crimes and intrigues of Washington Coun I do not normally read true life crime and mystery books but I picked this one up because I am from the Pittsburgh area and I wanted to learn a bit about local history I am sure glad that I did because this is one of the best reads that I've had in a LONG time I almost never give a book a 5 star rating but this one earned itThe true life stories of murder and mayhem all of which took place in Washington County and surrounding areas are brought to life by the author in such a way that one feels almost magically transported back to the past as if you were there in the instant these events were happening While it is sometimes difficult to grasp the realness of events that happened long ago the detailed way in which the book's events are relayed allows one to overcome this difficulty history is truly brought to life for me that's something to get excited about Conseuently this book was truly a page turner and kept me engrossed from start to finishI would recommend this book for everyone even those who do not normally like history or true life crime and mystery stories Additionally I do not necessarily think that you have to be a Pittsburgh area native to enjoy the book