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Free Man Disconnected kindle å eBook 9781846044847 ☆ Philip G. Zimbardo ï ❮Read❯ ➯ Man Disconnected ➳ Author Philip G. Zimbardo – Young men are failing as never before academically socially and sexually But why is this so? What are the impliAying havoc with these boys' cognitive development their ability to concentrate and their social development allowing girls to excel in the real world where social skills are a source of successBy illuminating the symptoms and causes of these gloomy trends Zimbardo and Coulombe shed light on how we arrived at this state of affairs and most significantly what the solutions might be I'm going to call it this is the most important book of the decade even though it may be another 5 years before everyone catches up to Zimbardo and Coulombe and figures that out Men are failing across the board boys have no decent male role models and there's no male euivalent of the feminist movement to help them along Anyone in education or raising children should read this and libraries should add it to their collections

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Young men are failing as never before academically socially and sexually But why is this so? What are the implications? And what needs to be done about it before it's too late?Philip Zimbardo and co writer Nikita Coulombe examine the modern meltdown of manhood and how this is manifest in the lives of young men today They consider such factors as absent fathers and legislation favo Only Zimbardo can write in a way to piss off both feminists and gamers alike in a world of snowflakes everyone is offended judging from the reviews of the book I read before beginning reading it It seems that the vast majority of those writing bad reviews never got to the conclusive part which is explaining rather well what should be done in this world regarding growing boys It is hard to understand the incredible hate in the comments about a book that is rather peaceful which is trying to find solutions to a problemI think the book is in a must read list for everyone raising boys these days and points out to serious problems going on around them There is definitively a need to address the issues mentioned by the authors Clearly the fact that Zimbardo is uite old and thus conservative can be felt in his style of writing but it is a natural generations gap and should be treated accordingly The fact that the authors analysed and explained these issues is great in a world where any book about males' problems is becoming a danger to feminists and useful because it is giving advices how to correctly tackle the issues listedAn interesting book that is definitively worth your time

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Man DisconnectedUring women which contribute to many men lacking social skills and direction in their lives Most controversially Zimbardo argues that readily available hardcore pornography and exciting gaming realities provide digital alternatives that are less demanding and far appealing for many than sex sports and social interaction in the real world Immersion in these alternative realms is pl I HATED this book Sure he had some good observations about boys wasting their lives on the internet and the harmful effect He enjoyed his research on porn just a bit too much The one lines about Porn I agree with is Why is taking your clothes off the only way for a woman to publicly communicate self acceptance? When we insist every woman is beautiful and encourage them to show skin as a form of empowerment we not only place even emphasis on physical appearance we devalue it This hit the spot with me especially as I have been talking with younger woman who have been telling me it is empowering to post nude photos YAWN But really why is it so hard for woman to use their brains to be empoweredThe authors sexism also rings out loud and clear So much so that I had to write comments in the columns as a way of disputing what he said He places much of men's decline in society with women's success and riseI kept checking his credentials which continue to surprise me but maybe since he is an older man I should not beAll in all his views were appalling