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Bably a little messed up in the head How could I not be after the life I’ve led The one I was born intoNow I’ve put her in danger dragged her into my world and I don’t know whether to push her away or hold her tighter Letting her go would be the right thing to do but every time I try to do the right thing I can’t I’m in too de. Brielle went to her suite at the Adagio and started packing her things Brielle went to see Mr Staton about a job She was planning to stay with Jake while she worked on the grants she hoped to get in order to start her work in Honduras She thought that it would be the perfect chance to find Jake a girlfriend While she was working she kept getting felt up by a man Criss showed up and punched the guy and carried her out over his shoulder Criss could barely drive the car because he wanted Brielle so bad He told her that he didn't want to leave him again He told her that he doesn't want her working anywhere where another man can look at or touch her Brielle and Criss kept getting into fights about Criss keeping secrets from her Do Criss and Brielle work things out Does Criss tell Brielle his secrets Brielle got a job at a club she can't stop thinking about Cristos She is a very talented person she was surprised that she still had a job after what happend with CristosMr Stanton is Brielle's new boss Alexis is Brielle's friend and invites her places Jake is Brielle's older brother doesn't like Cristos Cristos keeps messing up with Brielle He follows her or has her followed This is the second book in the series In Deep Kella McKinnon is an amazing author and I can't wait to read of her books I loved Kella's style of writing I loved that I was drawn into the story from the first page I also loved how well the characters were developed I also loved the story line I highly recommend this book to everyone

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In Deeper In Deep #2This is book In Deep PDFEPUB #228 of the 'In Deep' series which needs to be read in orderLife is damned short I know this I’ve seen it all around me for as long as I can remember People die for all kinds of reasons and some of them die for the bad choices they makeSome of them die by my handI was only living for one thing In Deeper PD. 40% another one bites the dust I can't take it any longer I'm not even going to skim to the end and see what happens All they have done is have sex and argue so far Every other page they fight and walk away from each other only later to be back so they can have sex I wish I could say it was good sex but it's not He just gets in and gets out Hahaha

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Summary è In Deeper In Deep #2 105 ↠ [Download] ➾ In Deeper In Deep #2 ➹ Kella McKinnon – This is book 2 of the 'In Deep' series which needs to be read in orderLife is damned short I know this I’ve seen it all around me for as long as I can remember People die for all kinds of reasons an This is book FEPUBone goal one endgame until I saw Brielle And when I touched her it was all over for me I just didn’t know it yet Yeah what I did to her was unforgivable I know that now Some part of me knew it then too but it didn’t matter I had to hold on to her I would have done anything to keep her and I Deeper In Deep PDF #203 did I’m pro. This is the second and last book in the series and I absolutely loved it We pick up right where we left off in the first book with Brielle and Criss coming back from Mexico Criss has let Brie go for her own safety but we know he will not stay away from her for long They are fated to keep going back to each other regardless of what has happened Brie keeps bouncing back to the seedy hotel a couple of blocks from the strip and Criss keeps pulling her back to the Adagio Kella writes these characters with such truth and honesty that it just draws you into the story and doesn't let you go until the very end I finally get answers for most of the uestions that I had about how he was involved with Brie's family and the death of her Father We also learn how he has been going about dismantling the Cartel from the inside out Sure some of his methods are extreme but I also believe that he is doing what he has to do in order to survive this nightmare that was forced upon him from a very early age Criss makes some stupidly arrogant mistakes that finally cause Brie to break things off with him but in the end he is that little boy that was never loved and he is trying to take care of what he has and what he now knows he wants in his life a forever family Criss is a very sexy alpha male but can he be big enough to show his vulnerability to Brie in time to win her back Sometimes even when we think we could never forgive a major hurt that has been done to us we find the strength to follow our hearts and do what is right for all involved You really need to take this roller coaster ride and see what all the fuss is about Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review