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characters é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Henry William Dulcken In this superbly illustrated volume the Arabian Kindle #212 you will find dozens of wonderful stories of genies and jinns those fantastic spirits that according to Muslim folklore inhabit the earth Tales of PDFEPUB or in various f. The I read user reviews of The Arabian Nights the convinced I am that people are just posting negative things to be contrary How can you not love this collection of stories Common complaints 1It's racist Yes the work itself by today's standards could probably be considered racist This work was originally written many thousands of years ago Keep that in mind and get off your high horse2 It's misogynistic I disagree That which would be considered misogynistic falls into the category of that described above Attitudes towards women were considerably different back then Get off your high horse Also the entire book revolves around a woman who outsmarts her captor Depicting a woman of such high wit and education is hardly misogynistic The stories themselves are full of women who outsmart the men who suppress them If anything the women in The Arabian Nights come off as being considerably worldly than their male counterparts 3 Too long It is true that the work is uite long I might have been better served breaking the book into chunks Read a few stories read something else come back to this so that I could read a few stories This strategy might have relieved some of my own tedium since the stories get considerably longer as the work progresses I read the whole work in one stretch Yes I got a little antsy to get to the end But it is a book of stories It can be split into sections The book's weight and heft should not be an excuse to pass this one byNot all of the stories are fantastic Not all of the stories are even interesting But this is a seminal work in the history of published writing and its influence is well earned Highly recommended

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Tales of the Arabian Nights Free read î 104 » ❴Reading❵ ➸ Tales of the Arabian Nights Author Henry William Dulcken – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk In this superbly illustrated volume you will find dozens of wonderful stories of genies and jinns those fantastic spirits that according to Muslim folklore inhabit the earth Es that have given boundless pleasure down through the ages which you too can now experienceThe wondrous illustrations are by the master Victorian artist engraver Thomas Dalziel whose uniue talent is displayed at its very best her. The Arabian Nights 978 1593082819I'm a bit of an Thousand Nights enthusiast I enjoy the stories immensely and I have four separate translations in my personal library Several friends have asked me to discuss the differences between the editions so I thought I'd present a four way comparison and then talk about which version is best for which audience For the purposes of the four way comparison I will draw text from the opening tale of the two kingly brothers in order to highlight how each popular version handles adult content and racial content The Tale of King Shahryar and of his Brother King Shahzaman Now there were in the King's palace certain windows that looked on to the garden and as King Shahzaman leaned there and looked out the door of the palace opened and twenty women slaves with twenty men slaves came from it; and the wife of the King his brother was among them and walked there in all her bright beauty When they came to the pool of a fountain they all undressed and mingled one with another Suddenly on the King's wife crying 'O Masud Ya Masud' a gigantic negro ran towards her embraced her and turning her upon her back enjoyed her At this signal all the other men slaves did the same with the women and they continued thus a long while not ceasing their kisses and embraces and goings in and the like until the approach of dawn Madrus Mathers edition The Tale of King Shahriar and of his Brother King Shahzenan One day Shahriar had started on a great hunting match about two days' journey from his capital; but Shahzenan pleading ill health was left behind He shut himself up in his apartment and sat down at a window that looked into the garden Suddenly a secret gate of the palace opened and there came out of it twenty women in the midst of whom walked the Sultaness The persons who accompanied the Sultaness threw off their veils and long robes and Shahzenan was greatly surprised when he saw that ten of them were black slaves each of whom chose a female companion The Sultaness clapped her hands and called Masoud Masoud and immediately a black came running to her; and they all remained conversing familiarly together Muhsin al Musawi edition The Tale of King Schahriar and of his Brother King Schahzeman Now the Sultan Schahriar had a wife whom he loved than all the world and his greatest happiness was to surround her with splendour and to give her the finest dresses and the most beautiful jewels It was therefore with the deepest shame and sorrow that he accidentally discovered after several years that she had deceived him completely and her whole conduct turned out to have been so bad that he felt himself obliged to carry out the law of the land and order the grand vizir to put her to death Lang edition The Tale of King Shahryar and of his Brother King Shah Zaman Thereupon Shah Zaman drew back from the window but he kept the bevy in sight espying them from a place whence he could not be espied They walked under the very lattice and advanced a little way into the garden till they came to a jetting fountain amiddlemost a great basin of water; then they stripped off their clothes and behold ten of them were women concubines of the King and the other ten were white slaves Then they all paired off each with each but the ueen who was left alone presently cried out in a loud voice Here to me O my lord Saeed and then sprang with a drop leap from one of the trees a big slobbering blackamoor with rolling eyes which showed the whites a truly hideous sight He walked boldly up to her and threw his arms round her neck while she embraced him as warmly; then he bussed her and winding his legs round hers as a button loop clasps a button he threw her and enjoyed her Burton edition For my money the superior volume by far is the Madrus Mathers edition The editor and translator have deliberately worked the translation to be as readable to the English eye as possible even making judicious choices about where to refrain from using diacritical points single uote sound points as in 'ain in order to ease the reading experience They've made a concerted effort to retain the adult content without being lewd the racial content without descending into offensive caricature the poetic content without overwhelming the reader and the entire content without condensing the text and losing material The Madrus Mathers editions comprise four giant volumes but the casual enthusiast will be than satisfied with just volume one and with over 600 pages of stories in the electronic edition the reader will have plenty of reading material availableFor children however the superior volume is probably the Muhsin al Musawi edition This edition is condensed but the editing was done with great care to maintain story structure and content The adult content has been toned down considerably the racial content has been handled tactfully the extra songs and poems have been almost entirely removed and there are interesting and attractive pictures in the electronic edition My biggest complain here is that the adult content has been excised to a degree that almost brings unfortunate implications when adultery is characterized as conversing the angry and jilted husband seems to be seriously over reacting Still if you want a sanitized version of the tales the al Musawi edition is almost certainly the way to go I do not recommend the Lang edition Lang's fairy tale collections such as the color fairy tale books are usually a delight but his Arabian Nights edition is thin on content and heavily paraphrased The stories are gutted to remove the adult content and shorten the tale length for children but in many cases the changes are not carefully glossed over and huge plot holes and unresolved threads are left dangling I've never met a Lang reader who didn't ask me what was going on in one tale or other because the translation is so poorly rendered Neither do I recommend the Burton version If anything the Burton version has the exact opposite problems as the Lang version Burton's edition lengthens the stories with extensively lewd descriptions and offensive racial imagery The edition was also rendered in the 1800s and the language within has not aged well there are all lot of forsooths and verilys that bog down the reading If you're interested in a historical analysis of how these tales have been rendered over the years by all means become familiar with the Burton version but if you're just looking for light bedtime reading give the Burton edition a pass I hope that this comparison will be helpful This particular listing here is for the al Musawi edition which I recommend for children Ana Mardoll

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Tales of the Arabian NightsOrms and exercise supernatural power of magic carpets Caliph Harun Al Rashid and the beautiful Scheherazade There are classics such as 'Sinbad the Sailor' 'Aladdin' and of the Arabian PDF #180 'The Seven Viziers' traditional stori. How can one fairly criticize a bevy of stories with such collective origin with such cultural momentum with such moral force I think you can only really examine the translation and your own reaction in such a case There were stories that horrified me bored me surprised me were engrossing mad wonderful and absurd At times I struggled through repetitive themes and actions of characters other times I couldn't believe what I was reading That type of resonating astonishment sparked within the reader can only be the mark of greatness in literature As for the translation it was melodic a beautiful compliment to the extravagance of the tales within this book I will say though the illustrations are very very poorly placed within the text as they often give away the story before you've reached a critical part Is this an oversight or deliberate carelessness