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Read Õ Ophelias Muse Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö ❰Epub❯ ❧ Ophelias Muse Author Rita Cameron – Ophelia's Muse depicts the passionate but doomed romance between the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood painter Dante Rossetti and his model muse and wife LiOphelia's Muse depicts the passionate but doomed romance between the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood painter Dante Rossetti and his model muse and wife Lizzie SiddalI'll never want to draw anyone else but you You are my muse Without you there is no art in meWith her pale luminous skin and cloud of copper colored hair nineteen year old Lizzie Siddal looks nothing like the rosy cheeked ideal of Victorian beauty Working in a London milliner's shop Lizzie stitches elegant bonnets destined for wealthier young women until a chance meeting b. Purists may have some issues with a few things in the book Rossetti never exhibited in the Royal Academy yet he does in Ophelia’s Muse and it’s a pretty big plot point Also he is only ever referred to as Dante when we know from contemporary sources that family and close friends consistently called him Gabriel So if dramatic license in Pre Raphaelite inspired fiction is a sore spot for you this may be a hindrance to your enjoyment of the bookPre Raphaelite fiction always holds the possibility of bringing new fans to this rich artistic movement I feel confident that Ophelia’s Muse will do the same and I’m thrilled that Cameron’s readers may begin their own pursuits embarking on the search for the artists their works and their models Speaking from personal experience the Pre Raphaelite circle pulls you in like the rabbit hole that led Alice to Wonderland It is a never ending delight

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Rings her to the attention of painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti Enchanted both by her ethereal appearance and her artistic ambitions uite out of place for a shop girl Rossetti draws her into his glittering world of salons and bohemian soireesLizzie begins to sit for some of the most celebrated members of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood posing for John Everett Millais as Shakespeare's Ophelia for William Holman Hunt and especially for Rossetti who immortalizes her in countless paintings as his namesake's beloved Beatrice The. 45 starsbut I might up it to 5 starsI loved this book Cameron's writing was so beautiful and descriptive I ended up liking both of the main characters for who they were Neither was perfect but they were written so well that they were like real people with both good traits and some uite bad traits I was curious if Elizabeth Siddal was a real person and like a dork I googled her and then read her wikipedia page I recommend that you do NOT do that I'll just tell you that everyone in the book was real and as far as I could tell Cameron told an historically accurate tale about them I don't uite know what it was about this book but it was just lovely and delightful The writing the characters the historical detailsbut maybe it was Cameron's take on what Lizzie and Rossetti felt and thought You could believe it all being true Anywaaays I really enjoyed this book and I'm now curious to learn a little about the characters and art movements from the book Totally recommend this puppy D

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Ophelias MusePassionate visions Rossetti creates on canvas are echoed in their intense affair But while Lizzie strives to establish herself as a painter and poet in her own right betrayal illness and addiction leave her struggling to save her marriage and her sense of selfRita Cameron weaves historical figures and vivid details into a complex unconventional love story giving voice to one of the most influential yet overlooked figures of a fascinating era a woman who is both artist and inspiration long gazed upon but until now never fully seen. Rating 3 starsThis debut historical fiction novel by Rita Cameron tells the tale of the romance between Gabriel Dante Rossetti and Elizabeth Lizzie Siddall Note Rossetti usually spelled Lizzie’s last name as ‘Siddal’ on his artwork but her proper last name was Siddall Lizzie had started to garner attention when she began working as an artist’s model in 1849 She was twenty at the time and was working part time in a milliner’s shop to help supplement her earnings as a model Rossetti wasn’t the first artist to use her but once he discovered her he soon became obsessed with herBy 1851 put a stop to her working with any other Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood artists and reuired that she only pose for him He reportedly made thousands of paintings of her over the course of their life together They married in 1860 Theirs was a tumultuous relationship as Lizzie worked hard to become an artist painting and poetry in her own right she never achieved the acclaim that Rossetti did Cameron tells a good tale and sets the scene for the era and the s of the time really well This was a well written book that I enjoyed and would recommend to other readers looking to learn about rarely told period in art historyThank you to NetGalley; Kensington Publishing; and the author Rita Cameron; for providing a free ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review