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Read & Download Jailhouse Doc ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú ❮Read❯ ➶ Jailhouse Doc ➺ Author William Wright – Dr William Wright gave up a suburban practice as an ear surgeon to become the doctor at Colorado’s maximum security prison After that running a medical clinDoc follows Dr Wright and his struggles with scamming inmates corporate bureaucrats and a sheriff who wants to be a doctorPeek behind the bars at the operations of a city jail and the daily battles to deliver medical care to a population on the ed. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review Starting to read this book I didn’t uite know what to expect but this turned out to be a fun book to read Do not get me wrong I know prison is no joke and medicine neither but put the two together and throw a doctor with a sense of humour into the mix and you get a real fun way of looking at a serious situationWritten with a tongue in the cheek style Dr Wright described a few situations between him and some prisoners that had me in stiches That man sure has a way to describe a scene so that one can imagine vividly To be honest he should have had a lot of patience and ingenuity because some of the tricks those people came up with was genius and the good doctor has outwitted them time and again My favourite part in the book was a chapter called Verbal Aikido Chapter 23 – with a female prisoner who apparently haven’t had a clue what a STD was but wanted one Oh boy that was so funny It is sad thinking that some people can really by that uninformedWilliam Wright MD is today the Medical Director of The Cheyenne Mountain Re entry Center but I am sure he still has a lot of stories to tell I will patiently await the next Jailhouse book

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Dr William Wright gave up a suburban practice as an ear surgeon to become the doctor at Colorado’s maximum security prison After that running a medical clinic at the county jail should be a snap right Oh brotherHoards of desperate people fresh fr. Warning this is a rantI thought this book would provide first hand anecdotes about life in prison it did I thought it would get into some of the moralethical financial and societal issues about jails and prisons barely What I was not expecting was a clearly racist and misogynistic author and I don't use those words lightly In fact I try to never use them about people I don't know personallyHowever when an author trying to come off as witty says something like it's hard to tell when Hispanics turn pale but Diego tried it pretty much discounts the rest of what he has to say Another gem when a patient accuses the good doctor of raping him Wright's response is nauseating I'm on Medicare I'm a little past raping age Whatever that means He is then presented with a photo of the accuser and uips He's not that good looking Do you think this is the best candidate I could come up with Gag Finally the cherry on top of the rape anecdote which he is cleared of is stating that at his age he guesses he should just be flatteredMy other large disappointment in this book was his generalizations that he refuses to back up with statistics or research Inmates are likely to be raped if they've been convicted of a sexual offenseif they succumb they are irrevocably marked as punksmuch like a woman who has been the victim of rape In your opinion And this one Not all jail inmates get out via suicide Oh really Thanks for that ground breaking tidbitI could continue but seriously don't read this book I can't believe the man is a twice published author

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Jailhouse DocOm the streets homeless addicts illegal aliens and gangbangers all ruled by a corrupt sheriff and his concubine sidekick made the supermax look almost pastoralTold with humor and biting wit by the best selling author of Maximum Insecurity Jailhouse. Enjoyed I enjoyed this book having worked previously in the prison world myself It was interesting to see it from the doctors point of view At times I laughed at what he had dealt with because it was so similar to things I had seen or dealt with myself