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#Nerd Author Cambria HebeN you're a victim of your status there is no room for anything real The rules are clear and simpleStick to your circleAnd never fall in love with anyone on the outside. 5 I LOVED IT stars This book may be like the typical YANA romances but I really LOVED IT It took me back to the time when I started my reading obsession When I read these books that makes you tummy full of butterflies or makes your heart hurt because of the angst so YES I really loved every minute of the story Do you remember Hermione from Harry Potter With her wild hair sassy attitude and big brain Well let's say that our heroine here is Hermione number two Rimmel I love her name is the nerd in Alpha U who needs to be a tutor of the biggest football star in the college Roman aka Romeo I love both of his names FYI She is clearly not thrilled about this idea but she decided to take the job and do what she needs to doTheir first encounter wasn't the best and they both thought that this whole tutor thing will be boring or frustrating But Rimmel was unbreakble with her rules of their tutor time and she actually wanted to help him in favor of course for her to end this thing earlier Romeo is the big star which goal is to go in NFL enjoy life and have fun with girls here and there and partying with friends he never thought that he would meet his tutor she will be a sassy nerd and that he would FALL IN LOVE WITH HER It all started with a little game but it became something bigger really fast When they started to talk to each other beside studying they felt the connection they shared They had fun together their sexual tension was unbearable but the most important thing was that they see through each other See the true person underneath the surface They weren't just The famous golden boy and The nerd they were just people attracted to each other wanted to explore things together to feel alive Rimmel was an amazing character Behind her glasses and baggy clothes she was so real honest and a little broken person She had been through hell in so early age but she managed to fight for her dreams but still feel alone Meeting Romeo unlocked something the both of them had locked for so long Their love was so sweet utterly heart warming and panties wetting They had passion they had motivation to be them selves with each other They brought the best of them when they were togetherWhen the things go down it may be a teeny weeny predictable but I still felt like I was the smartest person in the room knowing what is going to happenI was glad so glad that Romeo was man enough to fight for what is his and don't gave up They were so cute and adorableI really can't wait to read about them

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Liance doesn't even begin to cover Rimmel and Romeo's relationshipBut that's about to changeIt starts with a dare An initiation A challengeuickly it turns into But whe. ★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★ Where has this series been all my life Ok so it's nothing new hot jock meets nerd blah blah blah but I literally ate this book up It was just the perfect feel good book with lovable characters and plenty of college drama I didn't realise going in that it was an actual series but now I have had time to think about it I am glad that it is because not only were the two main characters so cute together but there was plenty of other stuff going on in the background that has the potential to be a really good ongoing storylineI highly recommend this to lovers of this kind of trope it was fabulous

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#Nerd Author Cambria Hebert Free download É 107 É [Read] ➵ #Nerd By Cambria Hebert – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Two people from completely different worlds are about to be thrown togetherIn ways than oneShe wants to keep her scholarship He wants to stay on the team An awkward alliance doesn't even begin to cove Two people frTwo people from completely different worlds are about to be thrown togetherIn ways than oneShe wants to keep her scholarship He wants to stay on the team An awkward al. #4 HELLCAT Starsimage error