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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK Alchemy xii New Years Eve Prologue ✓ ❰Read❯ ➯ Alchemy xii New Years Eve Prologue Author Tamsin Flowers – No one could ever accuse Harry Lomax of being a Dom's Dom Sometimes he even forgets to make his submissives call him Sir But he is the charismatic Prince ofArry spots Olivia Roux across a xii New Years ePUB #180 crowded floor he's under no illusions as to what she is and what she isn't A blond ian goddess Olivia's no ingénue She's a woman of the world whom he suspects might have a thing for kink if only she realized it One thing is for certain Olivia is nobody's bitchHarry knows that he wants her For his Alc 5 Bloody freakn brilliant stars Why five stars Let me spell out a few reasonsThe plot moved at a great pace not too fast not too slow The main characters were captivatingengagingThe sexBDSM scenes were believable erotic and smoking hotThe author didn't fall into first book syndrome and overwhelm the reader with introducing an abundance of characters The story didn't end with a cliff hanger the size of the Grand Canyon something I detest but was titillating enough to make the reader want to continue with this series IMOThe descriptive writing was perfect for me enough to paint a picture without being bogged down with unnecessary detailsThe story was extremely well edited no annoying errors If there were any I missed them And believe me I normally see them allI can't wait to read about these characters and hope better get to see of BelladonnaLastly this story restored my faith that some freebies are worth taking a chance on Go get a copy now

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Hemy xii training program that's for sure But for himself Harry will try anything once and Olivia's a woman who's got his name written all over herThis is the first episode in the Alchemy xii series You can follow the ongoing story of Olivia and Harry in further episodes which will be published monthly throughout Look out for Alchemy xii January on January This was an enjoyable short read focusing on an exclusive kink club for the wealthy Harry is a Dom and professional sub trainer He spots Olivia at a local club and decides he wants her as a trainee despite her lack of experience The bedroom scenes were nice but I was really put off by Harry smoking constantly Especially just before and after sex indoors without any windows open I find smoking disgusting in real life and to have steamy bedroom scenes interrupted by Harry's suicidal habit was very off putting and killed the mood for me The next installment is the beginning of Olivia's training so it'll be interesting to see if submission is for her or not as she seems of a pain slut than a sub so far


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Alchemy xii New Years Eve PrologueNo one New Years eBook #10003 could ever accuse Harry Lomax of being a Dom's Dom Sometimes he even forgets to make his submissives call him Sir But he is the charismatic Prince of Alchemy xii eBook #202 Kink at Chicago's most secretive and exclusive sex club where he runs Alchemy xii the club's prestigious year long training program for would be subsWhen H 125 rounded downThe Good This is perfectly edited with clean albeit very cliched prose However the typesetting with its freuent use of bold type leaves a lot to be desiredThe Bad We have millionaires Oh and billionaires And of course one of these totesy exclusive super duper clubs where the creme de la creme of BDSM swings their penes and tits We also of course how could it be else have Femdoms who are prostitutes Oh and we get trainee subs who train to become submissive prostitutes just because the money is passed around in the hiddenthey work for favours and physical goods doesn't mean you aren't a prostituteAnd we get subs who get trained because that is such a normal regular thing to happen in BDSM clubs and the lifestyle Because BDSM is some kind of bootcamp rolled up with school which needs some alphahole training all those poor beginners in Teh One WayThe domly Creepy Dom Harry needs of course no negotiation at all he is so fucking bloody cocksure of his superior sex appeal that there's truly no need of any of that stupid stuff Who could possibly cry rape in any BDSM book written as if assault and rape was automatic pleasureOf course the myth is perpetuated again that doms need to sub As if Bootcamp againAnd the subby sub decides to show off her BDSM predilection in a vanilla restaurant A posh one Where vanillas want to dine Not classy Actually a real dick moveThe Ugly We get the shaming of everyday kinksters who of course are either lewd offensive ugly cheap or simply too stupid to walk straight We get Doms switched on a girl in a percussion scene without negotiation When she protests she is hit into compliance Then he proceeds to scare her again without negotiation Oh lordy what a fucking arsehole And everyone just adores the idiot A uirt by the way isn't the same as a flogger and shouldn't ever be used as one from zero to full throttle A diamond pattern which means crossing welts and the potential for flayed open skin using a uirt is nothing you just spring on anyone eitherSmoking apparently by now is so taboo that it's eroticised in best Marlboro man manner again UghYou can use your safeword as if there was any time that a sub can't or shouldn't do thatBamboo canes are a no no Why They can splinter That's why educated BDSMers use rattan canes But Harry is such a super domly dom his bamboo cane never would do such a thing to him rightAdvil is an NSAID ibuprofen to be exact These little suckers have heavy adverse effects To just cite the most common ones nausea dyspepsia gastrointestinal ulcerationbleeding raised liver enzymes diarrhea constipation nosebleed headache dizziness rash salt and fluid retention and hypertension Lovely right I would suggest that BDSM play which necessitates dosing yourself with painkillers afterwards might have gone a mite too far especially for a first scene I strongly suggest that dosing subs with a drug which can have severe negative effects while they are still too far gone to think clearly is as good as playing Russian Roulette No idea how that started to being the in thing in American based BDSM Ditto arnica cream It is entirely possible to play slowly and cleanly enough to achieve a high pain level without any need for medicationAnd there I had hopesLast thought about this hot mess the writing was generic but above erotica average A pity that it was wasted I would have enjoyed this story had BDSM been completely left out of things Why mix up the lifestyle in something which is neither really SSCRACK nor acceptable social interaction Written as scifi for instance or some historical or even as a subset of prostitution and catering to the ultra rich it would have come across much better But as BDSM Nope Unfortunately none of the sexBDSM scenes were erotic for me either So even that couldn't lift this story out of the current rating