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#Hater author Cambria Hebert review Ç eBook or Kindle ePUB å ➾ [Download] ➾ #Hater By Cambria Hebert ➳ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk It started with unspoken animosity The bitter bite of jealousy And now its full blown hateIt was during my first football game that I first felt the first chill of hate IOmega and for the night he spent in jail He’s going to use anything and everything he can to get his revenge Including me As the weather on campus grows cold and the days become dark revenge becomes the center of someone’s life and the happiness Romeo and I worked so hard for is threatened I can’t help but worry that our love is going to be overshadowed by ha. 45 Haters gonna Hate StarsI think I love #Hater than #Nerd and I really liked #NerdI just can’t get over Romeo and RimmelI will be honest I was a little apprehensive in reading #Hater How many second books are good when the story continues the couple after they get together Very few Usually the author separates them or creates a crazy issue that can be solved with simple communication BUT Cambria didn’t do thatCambria delivered and I am so thankful for that She didn’t create stupid issues She didn’t make me want to pull out my hair or give me crazy angst I’m learning to like angst but it’s just not my cup of tea#Hater continues Romeo and Rimmel’s story This book picks up right where #Nerd left off Romeo and Rimmel are together yay But Zach isn’t going to go away easilyThe beginning is SUPER cute because Rimmel is slowly trying to get comfortable being Romeo’s girlfriend I like that she tries a little harder being girly but without losing herself I also like how she is proud to be Romeo’s girlfriend and stands up for herself just a tiny bit I also LOVE reading the second characters I love Romeo’s best friend but I’m starting to like Rimmel’s roommate and cross fingers that she gets a book tooOf course we can’t forget Zach He’s a villain I love to hate I love nasty villains and the crazier the better in my opinion I never know what he’s going to do and I never know how Zach and Rimmel is going to react It adds a nice mild tension to the bookWhat I love so much about #Hater is the fact that the couple don’t go against each other It’s about the couple verse the world I simply love these books I gobble them up like fudge cake on my birthday or during that time of the monthOverall I love this series I love how cute it is I love the characters I love that I’m not even tired of the characters and I’m ready for the next book I just simply love it If you are a fan of #Nerd you will not be disappointed with this one REVIEW | 399 399

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After it was gone Becoming a couple – becoming the other half of a campus celebrity wasn’t easy I let down walls guarding my heart and he looked past my glasses and accident prone tendencies Romeo and I are an unlikely match a nerd and a jock But we made it And we’re happy Zach doesn’t want us to be happy He wants Romeo to pay for getting him kicked out of. This series is like crackAnd DANGEROUSLY cheesy I just don't give a shit lol uotes or review to come For of my reviews please visit Come to me Romeeoooooooo #♥

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#Hater author Cambria HebeIt started with unspoken animosity The bitter bite of jealousy And now its full blown hateIt was during my first football game that I first felt the first chill of hate I looked it right in the eyes and felt its sticky tentacles reach out for me I’d never experienced something so cold and empty beforeThe effect of that look lingered like an unspoken promise long. I was into her and it was creating some kind of war inside me A war between the guy I was and the guy everyone wanted me to be It never used to be a competition I was happy to be that guy The player the football star the charmer I was those things But I was #Hater is book 2 in the Hashtag series and starts off right where #Nerd takes off Romeo and Rimmel are together and happy Rimmel has come of out her shell some she hasn’t made any huge changes but she is a little confident and changes her style a bit but she’s still that lovable #nerd we loved in the first book And Romeo is still the same charming sweet and swoony guy He makes it clear to anyone and everyone in Alpha U that Rimmel is his girl and nothing will change that As the story goes on you get to see their relationship grow Then someone out for revenge has to throw a wrench in it Zach from the first book is out to get Romeo and he will do anything to achieve that goal And what better way to hurt him then to go after the girl he loves #Hater had one of those endings that makes you want to start the next book asap thank goodness it’s out