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characters å Disappearing Act ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ➮ [Read] ➪ Disappearing Act By Dayle Campbell Gaetz ➺ – At age twenty Leena O'Neil walked away from her old life Anything to avoid becoming a lawyer like her mother and older sister Georgia Three yearsLogy and investigative strategies Leena considers herself almost a private investigator and she sets out to uncover the truth Disappearing Act is the first in a series of mysteries featuring rookie private investigator Leena O'Neil. Leena O’Neil dropped her past life three years ago just like she dropped her born name of Colleen and enjoys her uiet life that’s a ferry ride away from the rest of the world Leena considers herself to ‘almost’ be a private investigator since she’s a legal assistant and has already taken some online courses in criminology and methods of investigationOut of the blue Leena’s estranged sister Georgia shows up needing her help Georgia claims that her separated husband has attempted to kill her three times however news reports uickly reveal that Georgia may be lying since it’s her husband who has ended up murderedCan Leena’s burgeoning detective skills figure out what’s really going on with her sister or will there be another murder in the family before the truth is revealedThis typical Rapid Reads novel for reluctant readers is an entertaining mystery with a reading level of 42 First in a new series

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An divorce her Reluctantly Leena agrees to help But the stakes go up when Georgia’s husband Mark is murdered Now she wonders if the person who killed Mark is out to get Georgia as well Armed with several online courses in crimino. The Disappearing Act is a book about a girl named Lena who considers herself as a private investigator and changed her name a while back to start her life over One day she gets a call from her estranged sister Georgia who also changed her name saying that she was in danger and needed a place to stay Georgia is afraid that someone is after her and she believed it was her husband The next day her husband was found dead This is a good book that is very suspenseful and it keeps the readers at the edge of their seats

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Disappearing ActAt age twenty Leena O'Neil walked away from her old life Anything to avoid becoming a lawyer like her mother and older sister Georgia Three years later Georgia contacts her convinced that her husband is trying to kill her rather th. I liked this little book It's no War and Peace and at this time in my life a little book suits me just fine It really is a novella rather than a novel I enjoyed that it was small and easy to carry around so I could read it when I had a few minutes without it weighing down my purse Sometimes a uick easy read is just what you needThat story isn't very deep since the book is short but I found it enjoyable It centers around Leena who had walked away from her family and disappeared a few years ago That idea intrigues me because I think it should be hard for someone to just disappear As it turns out she really didn't disappear and her sister finds her easily enough when she needs her Leena is almost a private detective having taken classes on line to be one I found that interesting too As Leena investigates for her sister the story moves uickly but I found the atmosphere to be believable and the characters to be likeable which is important to me I'll be happy to read in the future about Leena and I won't mind if they are short like this one or full length I received this book through Librarything's Early Reviewer Program