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Ebook ´ Blood Trade Sean Coleman Thriller #2 è 328 pages  Dogsalonbristol Ö [Reading] ➹ Blood Trade Sean Coleman Thriller #2 Author John A. Daly – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Sean Coleman is back in the latest thriller from John A Daly set in the mountains of Winston ColoradoSiThe snowy driveway of his home as the only clue to the man’s fateSean decides to help in the search for Carson and uickly finds himself immersed in a world of deception desperation and danger a world in which nothing is what it seems and few can get out of with their live Blood Trade John A Daly 4 starsCan anyone really go from town drunk to heroAndrew Carson has had a bad day culminating in a blazing row with his daughter where both said things they will later regret Then he comes across a crashed car and parked nearby a motorist who is not prepared to get involved Andrew can’t drive away and just leave someone to possibly die and so he starts to climb down to look for any survivors His day continues to get worse as the driver is not only unhurt but is also violent and demands that Andrew drive him to Denver which Andrew is determined not to do He manages to get away and home to the safety of his garage but the stranger has hitched a ride in his boot and Andrew is stabbed in the stomachSean Coleman is the town drunk or at least he used to be but now that his uncle has been killed and left his security business to Sean he has cleaned up his act and is trying to become a respectable business man The business isn’t doing well and whilst he struggles to pay off the mortgage Sean volunteers twice a week at a clinic which pays him hard cash in exchange for his blood plasma Sean has a soft spot for Jessica one of the nurses and one day he finds her crying over a newspaper article It relates to her uncle one Andrew Carson who has disappeared in suspicious circumstances Hoping to gain Jessica’s gratitude Sean involves himself in the search for Andrew only to find that that the twists and turns of event leave him and the reader breathlessAt the same time Sean’s brother in law Gary Lumbergh the local police chief finds himself and his family being threatened as a result of a spectacular case he recently resolvedThis book has so many twists turns mis directions and layers of plot that I even forgot to eat where I was so involved The characters are larger than life and when you think you know them there is another surprise just around the cornerThis is a very easy book to read and lacks much in the way of sophistication but that doesn’t mean it is lightweight; it really does pack a punch without stretching the credibility too far A very satisfying crime thriller which I thoroughly enjoyedPashtpaws Best Selling Crime Thrillers received a copy of this book to review

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Working hard to keep a fledgling security business afloat At a blood plasma bank Sean freuents to earn extra income he meets the distraught relative of Andrew Carson a man who went missing weeks earlier on the other side Blood Trade PDF of the state with a pool of blood in John A Daly wrote a thrilling and thought provoking book I have always been drawn to medical thrillers and this one did not disappoint From the very beginning I was pulled into the story The story is full of action intense moments and great imagery The narration fit it perfectly This is the second book in a series and very much a standalone listen Without giving away spoilers I thought the ending was spectacular I reuested this review copy audiobook and have voluntarily written this review Shawn Compton performed this book perfectly I loved the distinguished voices he gave the various characters I would definitely listen to books by this author and narrator

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Blood Trade Sean Coleman Thriller #2Sean Coleman is back in Sean Coleman eBook #10003 the latest thriller from John A Daly set in the mountains of Winston ColoradoSix months after the murder of his uncle Sean is trying to get his life together He's stopped drinking he's taking better care of himself and he's Excellent book A page turner from the start Author introduces some new characters all are intriguing and keep the reader wondering what is next like his first novel there are multiple situations happening and you'll want to see how they tie together If I didn't have little kids I would have read this in just a couple days Highly recommend