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FREE READ Linesman 107 ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Linesman Author S.K. Dunstall – First in a brand new thought provoking science fiction seriesThe lines No ship can traverse the void without them Only linesmen can work with them But only Ean Lambert hears their song And everyone th First in a brand new thought provoking science fiFirst in a brand new thought provoking science fiction seriesThe lines No ship can traverse the void without them Only linesmen can work with them But only Ean Lambert hears their song And everyone thinks he’s crazyMost slum kids never go far certainly not becoming a level ten linesman like Ean Even if he’s part of a smal. Actual rating 375 stars And a half Yet another wondrous MacHalo Buddy Read Well I'm um you know assuming it was wondrous and stuff Back when it happened and stuff Because I'm um you know a little late for it and stuff Not much though Just um you know a couple of years and stuff Pretty insignificant when you're nefariously immortal like me reallyBut anyway This Linesman business Let's get the negative stuff over with right away shall we The book is sloooooooow paced Well it is at first It's kind of a wonder I didn't DNF actually Okay so I did temporarily DNF it the first time I gave it a try you know back in the days when you were all toddlers in 2016 But I am strong and resilient and reasonable now meaning I no longer give up on books because I'm slightly bored No I don't Certainly not Okay where were we Oh yes the pace of the book is as hypersonic as a burned out sleep deprived barnacle BUT There is something about the story that makes it worth slightly nodding off for the first half of the book What something you ask Wait and see Young Padawan wait and see The big fascinating reveal shall come in due time Okay let's not get too over excited here my Tiny Decapods The big fascinating reveal in uestion isn't that earth shattering either But hey I appreciate the enthusiasm and stuff Another thing that's kinda sorta off putting at first is the main character It's not that he is repulsively unlikable and stuff it's just that he kinda sorta comes across as a little whimpish at first Ugh and stuff Also he is kinda sorta hard to warm up to Nothing as terrible as the much dreaded Unemotional and Flat as a Herd of Ironing Boards UaFaaHoIB™ type of character thank fish but still a bit you know well not easy to warm up to and stuff Besides he turns out to be uite the uaint endearing little guy because reasons to be undisclosed later you're welcome so all is good and yayThat's it No negative stuff to talk about Both pretty impressive and fairly painless huh Please allow me to pat my little self on the exoskeleton for a minute to celebrate this momentous event Thank thee kindly Like the interlude Good I'm gladOkay nerve racking suspense time is up time for the big fascinating reveal I'm getting really soft in my old age I should have dragged this on for hours maybe also made you beg for it and stuff Sigh I've become disgustingly kind if you ask me Please hold on to your pincers you might never recover from this one Ready Get this the story is refreshingly original I kid you not I know this is a lot to take in but please don't faint Okay so I don't read much SF but I'm pretty sure this line thing is a pretty novel idea I'd tell you what it's all about but I'm feeling lazy as fish so please go and read someone else's review to know about it You're welcome Oh bloody fish I seem to be in a most lenient mood today so I'll be super friendly and kind and stuff and tell you this the lines are a sort of Sentient Alien Technology Thingie SATT™ that make space travel possible Every spacecraft has a set of lines and stuff The puny humans in this world don't really know how or why they work but hey work they do so who gives a shrimp as to the how or why really And that's where Ean our Difficult to Warm Up To Yet uaint and Eadearing Main Character DtWUTYaEMC™ comes in He is a high ranking Linesman His job is to you know service the lines and stuff Meaning he fixes the lines and keeps them in tune mentally That would be all fine and dandy and super cool and stuff only Ean is kinda sorta the autistic genius kind and pretty much everyone thinks he is a freak He sings to the lines to fix them you see And that is just not done in his um line of work I'm hilarious I know and stuff Also he takes showers LOTS of showers Which you have to admit is REALLY weird I mean taking a shower once a year is strange enough but taking as many as this guy does here That can't be a sign of good mental health if you ask me See Even Toasty the Cat finds Ean's shower obsession repulsive That's saying something right thereAnyway I have to say Ean is a pretty cool character despite his disgusting sanitation habits He is delightfully uirky and pretty sharp and not nearly as fruitcakey as some people will have you think and he is pretty complex too and I like him so thereAdd to that a Most Glorious Cast of Ass Kicking Take No Bullshit Secondary Female Characters MGCoAKTnBSFC™ an exuisite bunch of duplicitous bastards and assholes both of the male and female variety thank you very much tons of deliciously cunning political machinations and you get your shrimpy little self a bloody shrimping enjoyable read and stuff» And the moral of this I Might Have Waited Two Bloody Fishing Years to Not DNF this Book but Wait that Long to Read Book Two I Shall Not Because I am Now Ancient and Wise and Tenacious and Stuff Crappy Non Review IMHWTBFYtNDNFtBbWtLtRBTISNBIaNAaWaTaSCNR™ is this book It is not entirely crappy HA· Book 2 Alliance ★★★★★· Book 3 Confluence ★★★★★ Pre review nonsenseLinesman Crash Course LCC™ lines singing insanity then again maybe not heart attacks lines pew pew pew Don't ask➽ Full Hey I'm Only Two Years Late for this BR Go Me and Stuff Crappy Non Review HIOTYLftBRGMaSCNR™ to come

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Nes of energy and a defense system that once triggered annihilates everything in akilometer radiusThe vessel threatens any linesman who dares to approach it except Ean His uniue talents may be the key to understanding this alarming new force and reconfiguring the relationship between humans and the ships that serve them forev. 45 starsI really liked this one a lot The worldbuilding was so interesting and since the main character Ean isn't all that worldly himself the reader gets to learn about it pretty much at the same time he does It is very well written for a debut novel and I definitely get the sense that things will only get smoother in future books The way the lines responsible for a ship's functioning in this world work also make the ship a sentient being linked to the emotional health of the Captain and crew This reminded me very much of the way the sentient AIs such as those used on ships and stations were portrayed in the Imperial Radch books by Ann Leckie Those AIs definitely identified with their people and did better when there were people around for them to look after It was very similar here with the lines forming strong bonds with the crew except that until Ean comes along people generally scoff universally at the idea that the lines are sentient I liked Ean as a main character He was so kind and obviously unprepared for some things but his lack of preparation in a lot of ways seems to ultimately be the key to his success in working with the lines He is intelligent although uite naive in many ways when it comes to politics both large and small but ultimately a very open minded and accepting person which made me sympathetic to himThis story has so many places to go in future books and I'm really looking forward to seeing things develop

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LinesmanL and unethical cartel and the other linesmen disdain his self taught methods he’s certified and workingThen a mysterious alien ship is discovered at the edges of the galaxy Each of the major galactic powers is desperate to be the first to uncover the ship’s secrets but all they’ve learned is that it has the familiar li. 45RL is a bit much and I couldn’t concentrate on new books Therefore I just picked one of my favourite titles and relaxed into it 0 This one is so good a treat really —— You know the feeling when you start a book and from the first line you know you're not going to be able to stop reading Well this is exactly what happened here First the truly compelling main character Ean is your typical fish out of water protagonist deeply empathic and skilled at what he does but totally without a clue when it comes to politics and social rules around him There is a little of the autistic savant to him or is it the fairy tale the ugly duckling turning or rather having the potential of becoming the most magnificent swanSecond is the notion of ships controlled by lines of power each its own function characteristic and sentience Ean's interactions with them through singing linked art and science in a fascinating way And this is where the novel shines I couldn't get enough of theseThe authors also created a complex universe full of waring factions and political machinations even if sometimes a little confusing with several interesting characters such as Radko Abram Michelle Sales and Rossi The latter one shares the narration and seemed to provide the counter balance to Ean but without the charisma I can't wait however to find out about all of it