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read Doctor Patient Confidentiality The Confidential Series #1 reader ↠ ebook ☆ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Doctor Patient Confidentiality The Confidential Series #1 By Eme Strife ⚣ – Two very different people One scandalous proposition Endless possibilities My feeExy and captivating unconventional romance story Each installment will keep you strapped to the very edge of your seat and constantly guessing on one hell of an emotional roller coaster You'll never think of the phrase“Doctor Patient Confidentiality” in the same way ever again once you read thisThis story unfolds over several volumes IT IS NOT A STANDALONE This is the third bookRated This series contains mature and adult content nudity graphic sex and strong language Because of its explicit nature it is intended for mature audiences only Reader discretion is advis Arc was kindly provided by the author This volume starts with the unexpected appearance of Dr Hot ugh upps I meant Dr Frost but I won’t spoil you I have mixed feelings about this volume I lost the second one especially the examination part I understood that she needed money for her treatment and for her Gran but I wished there would be an other way than what she did but sadly that’s reality and necessity Although I was not very content with that I choice I could understand However it was necessary to get into a situation that is fundamental to our story It of course ended with a cliffhangerAfter all it was not my type of love story but I have hopes for that series

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My spine and I know it's not because of the onslaught of cold wind now blowing over me Icy blue eyes keep me paralyzed and mute for several moments and I swear my voice just left with the last gust of wind that came my wayI feel my eyelids stretching themselves to the point of discomfort in an effort to accommodate the uickly widening eyeballs within them I'm even unable to blink as I behold the tall imposing man standing at my grandmother's doorstep Feast your eyeballs and fall absolutely head over heels in love with Eme Strife's edgy sizzling intriguing incredibly s As if being poor is not enough Ramona discovered her Gran was in debt Because of this she was forced to make the decision of becoming a call girl That’s essentially what this book is about—talking herself into it because it is the only way to make fast money and at the same time constantly asking what exactly she had gotten herself into It is a little disappointing as there aren’t proper explanations to some issues For instance it was not fully explained why her grandfather left a huge debt for her Gran after his death What’s the deal with Dr Frost and Liam If Ramona was curious about Dr Frost why didn’t she try to find out There was also no mention about the abdominal pain she experienced before And the most unsatisfactory part was the little interaction between Ramona and Dr Frost It becomes predictable towards the end as each volume always ends with the unexpected encounter with someone with a pair of icy blue eyes Nope you can’t use the same trick over and over again using this as a cliff hangerI just hope the next volume would be better A free copy was given in exchange for an honest review

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Doctor Patient Confidentiality The Confidential Series #1Confidentiality The eBook #9734 Two very different people One scandalous proposition Endless possibilities My feet are instantly frozen in place Doctor Patient ePUB #8608 almost as if they've been physically cemented to the floor My legs feel foreign like a pair Patient Confidentiality The ePUB #10003 of oversized ice blocks their weight suddenly too heavy for the rest of my body A surge Patient Confidentiality The Confidential Series PDFEPUBof ice shoots through them and flares throughout the rest of my body making an especially notable impact as it slithers through As traditional with this series episode three picked up where two left off Ramona at her Grandmother’s house after the memorial service for her Grandfather Family secrets begin to surface and soon Ramona realizes her Grandmother is in deep debt because of choices her deceased husband had made Knowing that she can’t let her grandmother suffer for those choices the only solution now is to take that job that will risk her dignity Making the call was hard but her interview sent her in to a world she never knew existed Ramona is about to encounter the harsh reality of what her life has become but as soon as the debts are paid and her medical costs are covered she is out of there Little did she know secrets will be discovered and the old phrase what you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to people begins to be very obvious In the end while trying to get away from a creep she comes face to face with the intense blue eyes and this is where you are left With each book I find I am and invested and not willing to put the kindle down As she draws you in with each scene she is also increasing the suspense and tension between Dexter and Ramona leaving us with uestions than answers