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REVIEW Caged Sanctuary 107 Ì [Read] ➵ Caged Sanctuary By Tempeste ORiley – Kaden Thorn a dental surgeon who lives a uiet life has no hope of finding the love he craves A vicious gay bashing cost him the use of his legs and confined him to a wheelchair He has given up hope of Kaden Thorn a dental surgeon who lives a uiet life hasMeets the younger dentist he sees past the chair and finds a sweet submissive man who than piues his interestKade's fears and demons continue to haunt him challenging Deacon to use everything he's learned as a Dom to earn Kade’s trust and submission Deacon's determined though willing to battle all of it to have Kade by his side and at his fe. A review by The Blogger GirlsOh boy was I excited for this one I love reading about damaged characters overcoming and finding the right person That definitely happens hereKaden is really sweet He pretty much has his life together – he is a successful dental surgeon with everything set up to accommodate his disability He seems to have as best as can be expected come to grips with his situation He is in a wheelchair legs paralyzed after almost dying at the hands of his homophobic attackers But it’s only his legs that don’t work Before the accident he was a sub; after nobody wanted anything to do with him But he was determined that he could still be a good sub even given his limitations Luckily he eventually meets Deacon a dom who sees Kade’s potential right from the get goDeacon isn’t like the other doms He isn’t so much into the club scene instead looking for someone to have a relationship beyond the domsub aspect although not 247 He is mature and even a bit formal but these guys seem perfect for each other almost too perfect Deacon bends over backwards to make accommodations for Kade anticipating his needs finding new ways for him to submit etc I loved this aspect of the story and watching it all play outThese guys move fast but under the circumstances I thought it was understandable Kade was longing for a dom yet was afraid to even step foot back inside the club where so many turned away from him Then Deacon comes along a guy who is not only interested but seems too good to be true in all other ways That said I didn’t enjoy how uickly they jumped into the roles of “boy” and “sir” as it just felt a bit over the top so soon in their relationshipI had a lot of trouble trying to picture how Kade did things Aside from not being able to see how he performed surgery while sitting in a chair he often moved around in ways I found disbelieving for someone who had no use of their legs His biggest issue was his self worth and his ability to submit to someone as well or in as satisfying a way as other fully functional subs I would have liked to have seen about his dealing with his disability how he mentally overcame what happened as it felt as though we missed a very important part of his recoveryOne other aspect that bothered me a tiny bit was how much time was spent with Kade worrying about Deacon getting tired of accommodating him That Deacon would dump him before long etc While certainly a plausible worry it just came up too many times not to become tiresomeHowever this was a really sweet story that had many refreshing aspects to it especially concerning the BDSM As I said earlier it was great to see the various ways Deacon found to make their sessions work He did everything possible to make it physically easier for Kade to submit They even play with Kade’s friend and fellow sub Jake and his dom Sam which I absolutely loved in this instance It was all a part of healing for Kade from renewing his friendship to allowing other people a dom specifically to see him submit now that he is different These scenes were very well doneI’m a bit picky at this point when it comes to my BDSM stories and while I didn’t have any issues with the BDSM aspects of this one the other things didn’t wow me But if you’re new to the BDSM readership I think you will most likely love this story

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Kaden Thorn a dental surgeon who lives a uiet life has no hope of finding the love he craves A vicious gay bashing cost him the use of his legs and confined him to a wheelchair He has given up hope of finding a Dom or even a nonkink partner to love him When his best friend practically forces him to attend a dinner party the last thing he expec. I'll admit the main reason that I wanted to read this book because the MC is a dental surgeonThat's not the only reason I swear How could I resist a BDSM book with a wheelchair bound main character I couldn't I read my fair share of BDSM and this book just called to me I really wish this book deliveredTo be fair this book had some nice aspects I really like what it tried to do which is show a disabled Sub still playing actively in the scene being attractive to others and finding his perfect Dom It was well meaning I'll give it that I honestly feel like this book should have been a historical It was very the duke sweeps you off your feet feeling Deacon is an oddly formal Dom with an old fashioned very billionare esk way about him This book had a strange prince vs pauper vibe which is really not on the money because oral surgeons make bank like we are talking 200 400K or a year where I live I think in a historical setting where Deacon was a wealthy land owner and Kade his butler or something it would have fit but in a modern setting it just felt off In addition this was insta trust which I don't love in BDSM Kade and Deacon moved at lightening speed with each other going from intros to my boy in three seconds flat I didn't enjoy the speed of their relationship and I didn't think it fit in with the story In terms of the characters I didn't love how PERFECT with a capital P both of these guys were Deacon was understanding and patient to a fault and wealthy as sin besides Kade volunteered his time helping at a dental clinic and was the eager never misbehaving Sub There was no playful banter between Kade and Deacon no room for errors This book and these men took themselves seriously I much prefer bratty Subs and impatient Doms to these pictures of BDSM perfectionIn terms of the dental content well it's lucky that the author kept it to a minimum because I was finding errors left and right I'll spoiler tag my dental musings for those not interested in minutiae I doubt that other readers care if everything is factually correct but I didview spoilerTo start it is ORAL surgeon not dental surgeons They are not called dental surgeons ever In fact you should and can call them by their full title oral and maxillofacial surgeons In addition oral surgeons practice exclusively oral surgery That means that they don't see patients for anything else and they don't have hygienists like this one did People don't get cleanings at the oral surgeon's office I'll let that one slide a little because Kade said he had a partner that practiced general dentistry and so it is possible Katie worked for him though Kade indicated otherwise Also Kade would be on call some of the weekends that he was playing with Deacon and also at night which would make it unlikely that he would be free every weekend and at night for BDSM action I would have liked some mention of call schedule or something of that nature They also mention that Kade is 30 and has been in practice for 5 years something that is 100% impossible if he was an oral surgeon After college there is 4 years of dental school and then 4 6 years of residency just to get your oral surgery degree which would put him at 30 32 when he starts and that is if he didn't take any time off between dental school and college Finally I have never heard of an oral surgeon who is wheelchair bound Not that it is impossible but it would be very hard Almost all oral surgeons practice standing because you need a lot of traction and leverage to extract teeth The angles are difficult and sometimes you need to be almost on top of a patient's body to access a tooth I sit while doing the majority of dentistry but I always stand while doing surgery It is simply very hard to manage while sitting and that is with complete range of motion I would have been really interested to hear about the logistics Kade's practice hide spoiler

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Caged SanctuaryTs is a strong Dom who can see beyond his wheelsDeacon James is an architect and a demanding Dom but he has spent the past couple of years without a sub or partner When an employee invites him to a dinner party to meet his girlfriend Deacon smells a setup but agrees anyway He prides himself on being an excellent judge of character and when he. As a surgeon Kaden is calm confident and in control Refusing to let a wheelchair prevent him from achieving his professional goals was easy; facing those same challenges in his personal life and accepting his value as a submissive not so much While his soul cries out for a Sir he can trust and serve the rejection Kaden experienced upon returning to the BDSM scene after his injuries have forced him to give up on his dreamDeacon has been without a boy for uite some time preferring to wait for a relationship than spend his time chasing one night stands He is immediately drawn to Kaden's sweet smile and the warmth that radiates from within his eyes but uickly discovers that convincing the sexy submissive of his attraction is easier said that doneTold primarily from Kaden's point of view CAGED SANCTUARY is a sensual romance with vividly written scenes that bring the BDSM elements of this story to life More importantly it paints a stunning image of rebirth as Deacon and Kaden's relationship begins to unfurl like a rose as it opens its petals to the sun Deceptively fragile in appearance their connection turns out to be unexpectedly strong but even the most beautiful roses still have thorns As demons from their pasts emerge they must both face their fears in order to take a chance at finding love The detailed storytelling captured my attention the characters uickly won my heart and the depth of emotion brought tears of both sorrow and joy to my eyes CAGED SANCTUARY is a story I would highly recommend to any reader who love well written and realistic BDSM themes interwoven with real life romance I couldn't put it downMy OFFICIAL REVIEW written for Carly's Book Reviews